Polye Is But a Sounding Cymbal:

I will highlights some very important personal views below and I hope nobody will take my view as political gimmick...well if you do so, it's your right as well as my right of freedom of expression.
Firstly , we must know that Ignorance is one of the master killer of life's fabric of connections and survival. Below are some of Polye's ignorances that matters most to us the people that he boostfully represent and connections to his style of leadership (People's Connections to Polye's Leadership)
For transparency sake, and as far as I know, let me tell my readers that few of the services delivered by our local MP are devalued and DSIP and Ministerial money were less used and I don't know where DSIP money most went...He was the minister all these 10 donkey years and nothing is shown in Kandep...If Sam Basil, a opposition MP can change Bulolo, whats wrong with our MP...!!? There is nothing that Justifies Mr Polye's existence in Kandep.
We speak from our hearts so that we can remember what we said so we can deliver. Polye speaks so many things but he doesn't remember them. He doesn't deliver any of the promises he makes. Let me lecture you all in bullet form:
1. He copies many things. Things he says are all not from his heart. He just blablablas from hear says. Full of meaningless rhethorics. Over his reign I have never recorded a profound statement like many innate leaders like Nelson Mandela or JF Kennedy, etc did.
2. He's a failed civil engineer. We thought it's a shame when a civil engineer could not fix little Kandep with roads and bridges but let's pity him because he is a failure...failing his little Kandep big time!
3. Our local forces have not been utilized when he was in good position in the country. Most of our highly qualified engineers, economics graduates , accountant and surveyors who are sons and daughters of Kandep were doing nothing and roaming the streets... Hon. Don Polye should have used them in the development and services delivery in Kandep to build and boost the local capacity. To make the matter worse, he even gave contracts to people outside of Kandep and employees foreigners to oversee the projects. if Polye should have built and raise our very own Kandep, like Somare did to his Sepiks , all his dreams would come to fruitation. Polye has intentionally ignored our very own amd now he alone stands in the Battlefield fighting to be a PM ..all the best I would say!
3. He was never raised properly in a home in Kandep to understand Kandep and it's people including its cultures. A serious frost in 1972 forced him and to settle in Avi in WHP. The harsh environment he went through makes him so harsh. Hence, many killings under his leadership. Such killing has never been in the history book of Kandep but Polye created history when directly hired guns to kill his very own people he boost to represent.
For argument sake, let me say that how can a poor Kambrip buy those highly sophisticated weapons....by looking after pigs? Goodness sake! It's ridiculous to say that a poor Kambrip is financially equipped to buy such machines by looking after pigs. Who is behind ? Definitely Polye! Our good and proclaiming next Prime Minister is a monster and a killer!
4. Polye is very clever at "Hull and Division tactic". He create disunity amongst and within the family, clans and tribes and even friends. The incumbent will tell different things at different places and times to create disunity amongst our very own family, clans and tribes. He know that at the end of the day, both opposing parties will say 'yes master' to him. He played very smart that those who believe him will believe him with and by their bone, blood and soul and he targets only the illiterates in Kandep...total and mean ignorance!
5. He does not know that he is a custodian to Kandep people's money. He just wants to grab anything as long as there is an opportunity. This is because he was a prisoner. You know Australians do that because they are convicts from England. They have no regard for the legitimate land and resource owners.
6. He has very prideful heart, hence his eyes are floating in the skies that he doesn't see the suffering people under his nose, the ones he boost fully saying he represents.
7. The number 7 is a symbol of danger in Enga so let me stop there to warn you that your noisy days are over.
You can't deliver but just a big noise, a Sounding Cymbal (musical instrument) because of the above facts, are true i also feel for you and with due respect can you please step down from your Kandep seat willingly to end your political career in a high note. (I know you would never dream to willing step aside but just suggesting as I do in my first post).
If you don't want to step aside, I wish you all the best in the coming election.
Thank you all for taking time reading my personal views and to rebut, please rebut my points. ..not personal attacks .
Cheers all!!
Stanley David Kus Pake
Manda Aimbrep-Kikil Tribe
Pindak Village, Kandep


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