Let us travel the lanes of another Pundari corruption web.

TAGE PIMANA YAKAIN INVESTMENTS LTD (1-63724) was registered and incorporated on the 30th  May 2008. That is 8 months after John Pundari was elected the MP for Kompiam Ambum under questionable circumstances. The company used by John Pundari to legally funnel public money to build his kingdom.

A brief background on the relationship between John Yongamen and John Pundari is that, during the 2007 national election campaign, the front man of the company Yongamen gave K20 000.00 in cash to John Pundari as a show of support and loyalty. This was done in public. As expected, Pundari had to pay back if he wins. Well, he won so the company was formed for possible business opportunities. The directors of Tage Pimana Yakain Investment are one Besakali DEGEN and John YONGAMAN. They are from the Lair tribe in the yakan tambukin tribe. Unfortunately, the shareholders are names from their tribe, although only 5 are real names: Besakali DEGEN; John YONGAMAN; Kaipu MAGAU; Philip Pilipan ENOKAU; Leane KONEAL; Kairas DEGEN; Imbuni LUIO; Degen PUPURI; Warao ALBERT; Angela BALAKAU; Sakare SIKI; Yongaman PUPURI. At the time, John Yongamen nor Besakli Degen were an well to do people. They were mere ordinary citizens, Yongaman a IT graduate who couldn’t find a permanent job for a while hanging around in port Moresby and Degen a grade 10 drop out working as security guard for Millennium security. From nowhere, came 2009 civil construction machines and number of support vehicles flooded the little Kompiam road. Instead of widening and improving the existing Kompiam road, a new parallel road was constructed cutting through the heart of the company owner’s tribal land. The road leads directly to John Pundari’s house where it joins the main Kompiam economic road. From 2008 to 2016, this part of the road was maintained at a cost contracted basis to this company. The existing Kompiam road and Ambum road have deteriorated.  The Company has no civil engineers, surveyors, and other technical professionals one would expect to see in a normal civil construction company. The company had no previous experiences as it was only formed in 2008 and the directors were only “street boys” in Waigani living at the mercy of wantoks. Anyways, one might wonder if these directors were mere beggars, how did they manage to secure so much within a short period of time to buy very expensive machineries and equipment? If they had the experience as they claimed to have, how come they haven’t been successful in winning contracts or sub-contracts elsewhere in Enga and PNG? A joke? Or was it a perfect public money siphoning channel? Well, here is the catch! Check it out.

All the machineries and equipment used by Tage Pimana Yakain Investments Ltd belonged to  Kaipal Investment Ltd, previously known as WAIM NO. 79 PTY LIMITED. So basically, Kaipal Investment Ltd assets were hired by Tage Pimana Yakain Investments Ltd. Therefore, technically, the chunk of the money is funneled to Kaipal Investment banks accounts. Interestingly, Kaipal Investment Ltd is registered to the Pundari Family. According to IPA, John Pundari holds 99 bundle share, while her first born daughter, Gloria Pundari, now Gloria Kiuk, has 1% share. The directors are John Pundari and Doris Pundari. Doris is Pundari’s legal wife. More fun, instead of registering the company under one address, they registered using two different addresses:

Doris Pundari
Section 90, Allotment 7, Korobosea,
Po Box 1213, Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

John Pundari
Section 231, Allotment 41, Varo Place, Tokarara,
C/- Po Box 1648, Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

If this company was paid K4 million per year for the last 9 years to maintain the parallel yet uneconomic road leading to John Pundari’s private house in his village in Meraimanda, the poor shareholders and the other director Besakali Degen, had never seen any money as dividends. Besakali unfortunately is employed by Pundari as a supervisor in his Millennium Security company. He is a director to a very rich company yet no car or property under his name. No complain, he is satisfied given his educational qualification, K400.00 per fortnight was adequate for a grade 10 drop out. However, Besakali got enlightened when Prime Minister Peter O’Niel made a K32 million commitment at Monokam village in Ambum sub-district to upgrade the Takawas (Kompiam Ambum junction) to Londol stretch of the Ambum road. That was late last year 2016 and contract signing ensured swiftly thereafter without proper tender. Guess who was awarded the massive contract? Thank corruption in the name of SDA gods, Tage Pimana Yakain Investments Ltd. Besekali took legal actions against Tage Pimana Yakain Investments Ltd. At this time, IRC was on Tage Pimana Yakain Investments Ltd and Pundari got all worked up. Pundari quickly took it to the media, appearing on EMTV and started advocating for SME businesses?  So for the last 20 years of MP, what was his position on SME? NOTHING. NIL. He was actually peeing himself freaking out IRC might dig out all lot of worms in the sand pit where Kaipal Investment ltd exist. Besakali took out the court order and asked all machinery, equipment and bank accounts frozen and audit carried out and his shared paid out. Unfortunately, Besakli was massaged with monetary, goods and materials to drop his case. Besakli held up to his part of the deal and withdrew the litigation challenge. We don’t know yet if Yongamen and Pundari will live up to theirs. Maybe, by then, Besakli might wake one morning loosing his Directorship and subsequently his shareholder rights. Who knows anything can happen. And IRC too has went cold on that case athough official request was lodged. We believe as usual officials must have given their trap zipping money.

Besakali now works as a supervisor for the Millenium Security Company, the static guard company owned by John Pundari.
Also, unknown amount of money tuning to millions have been spent on the road from Wakumale to Pokera Mares. Also, it was found that the MP of KA spent K4m every year to upgrade road from Pokera Mares to Aiyumares which is Pundaris tribal land boundary.

Meanwhile, John Pundari has been cornered by young leaders like Chan Evara, Lucas Neah, Patrick Balone, and Peter Yakos. The Wali Tarua LLG is a no-go-zone for Pundari. He was warned after a fight erupted claiming many lives. But smart and cunning as he is with the advantage of having stacks of stolen money at his disposal, his cronies are up on foot for the battle. He has successfully seduced and bought off old time political whores in the likes of Dickson Maki, Leo Mandeakali, Cornelius Kakale, Titus Usukin, Norbert Tanda, Jacky Nayeap Kangu, Michael Mangala and John Yoko into his dirty back pocket. Old have fallen to his demise and new decoys are fed in the game. Those contesting as decoys for Pundari are, Joe Kandamain Krammer, Rex Kipong, John Kamen, Lucy Peter Wallus, Simon Nanaokali, and Linda Yombon. Those supporting these candidates are the same people seen supporting and feeding off Pundari for a long time since 1992. For the regional seat, Pundari is funding former governor, Jeffery Balakau to challenge Sir Peter Ipatas. The 2002 political soar is still fresh although thought it died a natural death. Pundari and Ipatas relationship had turned soar as we have come to know lately. In the Kompiam Ambum district, if you support Pundari, by default you support Jeffrey Balakau. Stupid Jeffery Balakau is used again by Pundari like he did in 2002. Polye and Pundari have now joined force to oust Ipatas. Pundari playing it from inside PNC camp, and Polye from the outside. Poor Polye is also hooked to Pundari’s game as his mission is to remove the traitor Peter Ipatas from the regional seat. In the Kandep district,  Pundari is sponsoring Peter Yaki Mission while Ipatas and PNC sponsoring Alfred Manase to go against Polye. For the last 4 weeks since writs opened, Pundari was seen in Port Moresby meeting intending candidates contesting in other electorates and provinces for the 2017 election. Maybe he is up to something or is he the real deal for PNC in the guise of his SDA networks and Johns Foundation good wills.  Unfortunately, politics is such an asshole. Pundari is very confident of winning having in place his key people like Sergeant Robin Bore in charge of security in the district, George Kakas as PPC,  Beto Pokael as ARO and others as polling officials. So the stealing will continue.

My questions.
1. Where's the annual budget for over 10years while John Pundari was MP?
2. Why not they award the Takawas to Londol road construction to another reputable civil constructing company apart from Tage Pimana Investment?
3. Why awarding K4m every year to upgrade a few distance road parrellel rather than constructing roads like keman, alakuli, lapolam and many other remote places?

Please people make wise decisions Vote out PNC - Pamuk Naked C**ts


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