Nothing much has changed about the Character and nature of Peter  “ O’Steal” O’Neil  and Mr Jimmy “Gimme” ( or else I will screw you up!) Maladina, Philip “ Ever Elusive” Eledume, except a few grey fringes and receding hairlines.

Perhaps a little older and a little wiser , in the art and craft of deception and stealing from the public purse, a little smarter at using public offices for private gain. Same old dancers in their same old shoes.
The recent PNG Blogs article about Peter O’Neil  appointing Brian Pebo, his cousin as Administrator to Western Province was and is and will remain a subject of bad humor. Brian Pebo is from Pangia and is a cousin to Peter ONeill. He is named Brian after Peter ONeill’s own father Brian O’Neill. Peter appointed cousin Brian to look after the Western Province loot so that they can in the pretext of good government and administration loot the whole lot, or at least most.
Well, why not? No one is looking, and what people don’t know cannot hurt them, can it? That being the logic the same trio from NPF days in Jimmy Gimme Maladina, Peter O’Steal O’Neil and Philip “ Ever Elusive” Eledume, team up once again for a swan song at the expense of the people of Western Province before the fate of the government at the polls ever known.

What has been revealed by PNG Blogs is nothing short of breath taking. It shows a typical Jimmy Maladina operation, wherein the bureaucracy in Shadrack Himata and Daniel Rolpagarea are happily compromised by promises of more cash and trips to open the golden doors to the loot, only for Gimme Jimmy to carry it all away...of course not too far away, because standing and hovering right above Size 29 Gimme Jimmy and monstering everything in his trademark innocence is the ever distant Peter O’steal,  waiting for the lion’s share of the loot. Why? Because he is Prime Minister!
O’Neill has taken enough from the people of Western Province. He has taken full control of the massive Oktedi  Copper-Gold mine. He has taken over most of the lucrative contracts that he could easily lay his hot sticky fingers on. In the pretext of fighting PNG sustainable Development Company Limited over off-shore funds, he deported Dr Ross Garnaut and took over and politicized this massive mine for his personal gain.

Peter O’Neill was even prepared to turn a blind eye to the massive stealing that was taking place in Western Province revealed by PNG Blogs in around April 2014 under the caption “Massive Corruption in Western Province”,  simply because Ati Wobiro was his own Party man.
 Finally it took a no nonsense cop like Mathew Damaru to prosecute Wobiro, May and Dr Gumoi, and send them to jail.

What is more revealing about that PNG Blogs item by Tugiri Reida is that the people involved in that massive corruption in Western Province, reported in detail included Mrs Ruth Undi and Mr Wroxon  Undi of Ialibu Pangia,  and Mr Lohia Samuel of HanuaBada village, who, between them stole more than K7 Million from the people of Western Province. Tugiri Reida asked the question then in 2014, will Peter O’Neill prosecute Mrs Ruth “ Missing tooth” Undi and Mr Wroxon “Smiley” Undi, his relatives or protect them?

Well it has become clear the PM made up his mind not to take Ruth and Wroxon to court or hold them accountable for  Trust Funds they corruptly stole . He would probably say its not his job. Its the Police who are supposed to do that. A fair call?
Really??? Who exactly in the Police Force?  Mathew Damaru and his mob who were part of the “Sweep” Team? They were the team who successfully prosecuted and jailed the former Governor and his Provincial Administrator. 
 Damaru’s guns have been silenced in the process. The arrest warrant against the PM has been buried in unholy compromises. Everyone involved got paid out.

Word on the Street is that Wroxon Undi and Ruth Undi got to the Police Force with bags of cash to save themselves and one Mr Lohia Samuel from ever being prosecuted as a logical flow on from the jailing of Wobiro, Gumoi and May. If Wobiro Gumoi and May are in jail for corruption involving certain public funds, part of which went to the Undis and Mr Lohia Samuel, then Wroxon Undi, Ruth Undi and Lohia Samuel should be in jail too. There is no reason why these people would run around free while Wobiro Gumoi and May who are part of the same looting operation are in jail. It makes no sense.

Be that as it may, the compromising of the Police was an absolutely necessary development for Gimme  and  O’Steal  to set the stage, and clear the way for the next move, which was to rip off the Non CMCA Trust Funds under the Department of Mines and Shadrack Messach and one bloody bad Negro called Himata!

But where the hell are the Jettys Jimmy, his wife and Philip Eledume built in Western Province?
Answer me Jimmy Maladina, as you go to the polls in Milnebay Province, holding yourself out to people that you are a worthy candidate for Leadership of this country, tell us voters, what Jetty did you and Philip Eledume build in Western Province, say in Oriomo?

There is NO Jetty there Jimmy!

 So how can you demand Millions and Millions of Kina of money (over K51 Million) belonging to the poor people of Western Province be paid to you, your wife Janet Karl and Philip Eledume as outstanding contract dues for some fictitious Jettys and fictitious jobs done?  You deserve to go to jail and stay in jail Jimmy! Haven’t you people done enough damage to this country already?

You ,“Gimme” Jimmy, Ever Elusive Eledume and Peter O’Steal have stolen so much in NasFund, and got away with it. Thank God for Warner Shand Lawyers ( Counsel for Inquiry) and Sir Hugo who made it possible for the Inquiry to effectively cover up for Peter ONeill’s role in stealing from Nasfund.  Yes Prime Minister, we know what you did and who you paid off to cover up for you, and shift the blame to few hapless amateurs.  Dont worry your secrets are safe with us.

So Peter,  are you, Jimmy and Philip so determined to use Brian Pebo to screwed the welfare and future of the people of Western Province up once again for Millions of their money?
You turned a blind eye while Ati Wobiro was stealing.  You failed to prosecute Kerenga Kua whose law firm stole tens of Millions from Western Province, only because he was in your Cabinet.
You have now failed to prosecute Wroxon Undi and Ruth Undi  who stole millions from the people of Western Province to start an airline and insurance company because they are your relatives from Ialibu Pangia.

Mr Prime Minister, have you no shame? You are the conductor orchestrating the stealing of TRUST funds and covering up for past corruption.  You pay lip service about corruption, but it seems you should take a good look at yourself.

Tell me, why should this nation of 8 Million people trust you, and make you Prime Minister again?
How can we the people trust you with our and our children’s future Prime Minister?
No matter how the politics play out in a few weeks, the fact of the matter, known as the TRUTH, will stand out in the minds of all Papua New Guineans is that YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS NAMED HERE ARE NOTHING BUT COMMON THIEVES!

If you wish to differ from this view offered, then you are free to explain or respond with a counter perspective for the sake of the readership. However, be assured, that from what I have seen you will never change my mind.

You Peter,  Jimmy, Philip, Rolpagarea, Himata and even Lohia Samuel; the 8 million people of this country do not deserve you  slimy slithering snakes!  Call yourselves leaders? My very black fat arse!


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