Powes Parkop went to Sydney on On Friday 12th May 2017 and returned late afternoon Sunday 14th May 2017, while in Sydney he met with Susan Merrell to plan on the upcoming elections. Merrell is by now a well known surrogate who has made a living crafting skills in doing hit pieces on opposition parties she is paid to destroy.

Within the walls of  NCD Governor's office and the City Hall staff offices there is now a growing air of suspicion that there is an ongoing love affair between Susan Merrell and Governor Powes Parkop. Whether this is true or false it is only shared by a few privileged ones including a source very close to Governor Parkop. So far as our source can recall, Susan Merrell started visiting the Governor's Office early this year.

She was given a lot of time and space to be with the Governor and was given a fully armed body guard to be with her on call 24 hours while she stay up at the Stanley Hotel suites.

Our source recalled several times seeing Mr Parkop and Merrell privately his in office, our source reveals the meetings were centered around her role to be a spokesperson for the Governor and was also seen was pushing her luck to become the Public Relations Guru and the face of his cleaner/safe Port Moresby campaign initiatives.

As one commentator put last year:
The woman who loves ridiculing PNG anti corruption fighters and anti corruption efforts is in Port Moresby helping to boost the growing unpopularity of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
Using the issue of Violence Against Women as their launching pad, they have all of a sudden taken their eyes away from the nation's treasury chest long enough to notice that they have lost touch with the people and their issues close to their hearts so they need an issue close to the people's hearts to reconnect with the people.
Who is Dokta Susan Merrell or Powes Parkop for that matter in this fight?? I have Never seen or heard any of them being vocal about this issue.
The issue of Violence against Women in PNG is real but these people making noise now are FAKE with their own ulterior motives.
Dokta Sue Merrell is probably running low on Christmas Money so decided to come "butter" and "grease" PNG Pollies for some "Krismas Koble".
Meanwhile Powes Parkop is using this as another election gimmick and political propaganda. Even the West Papua Issue has all of a Sudden reemerged on the Governor's list of issues. He has not been vocal on the issue on the floor of Parliament at all, except Governor Gary Juffa.
Please stop using genuine issues affecting our vulnerable people to cover from your own little personal agenda. Leave our issues to the people who truly have caring hearts to take the lead in addressing them.
As a politician Powes has failed to take a stand in the fight at the policy level inside Parliament. Now he wants to come out and make noise and put up a public show because 2017 is around the corner and he needs the votes of PNG women. His recent media attacks on the Community Development Minister are a shallow sideshow and very typical of someone wanting to ride the latest popular and hot issue for selfish popularity gains.
This is a tried and proven method of Susan, she baits leaders who are vulnerable and exploits them to the fullest. Case in point the former Government Minister and now opposition MP, BELDEN NAMAH whom she baited  to use him for money and when Namah found out what her tricks were he dumped her.  She has never met Belden Namah in person. She only spoke with him over the phone and exchanged texts and emails in the hope of getting a job at 250 thousand dollars per annum ($250,000.00) which was rejected.

However she has seen success defending the Prime Minister after finding new friends in the likes of Peter O'Neill Foundation Chairperson and PM's unofficial 2nd wife/mistress Lady Yumei Ni Cragnolini and Prime Minister's lawyer Tiffany Twivey. Tiffany never liked her from the beginning, she (Susan) hated Tiffany she made this known to a friend on Facebook,

“Her legal practices, set up with Maladina, I believe could be a front for laundering money through her trust account. The amounts that it's mooted she was paid for her advice is far too high. It's a way of getting money, supposedly legitimately, out f (sic) government coffers. Maladina is a very shrewd and crooked politician (sic) (great shame, I've met him and liked him a lot) Had a drink with him one night in POM when Tiffany had left for Lae. (She'd introduced me.) Didn't know then about the affair - found out the next day when she returned. But the private date had obviously been playing on her mind. It was moses idea and was perfectly innocent apart froma bit of harmless flirtation.”
“At a guess, I'd say he's hanging on to the relationship because he's using her practice to extort money. Just a guess.”
“Oh yes. Her appetites are legendary. That's why I'm wondering why Moses is putting up wit (sic) it. Can only be money.”
“I'd also like to get back at Twivey, but I feel she's a diversion. She's selling herslf (sic) to whoever will give her sex. And, to quote that saying again - she's the hole and not the doughnut.”
“Seems so. She's obviously frightened of you. People are sending me info about her. Unfortunately, everyone knows things but no one is willing to go on record or provide any verification and I won't publish unless I'm sure.”
“It was the PNC fundraiser last year. I was still talking to Namah at that point and he told me she publicly grabbed his bum and he lost his temper with her as he had his reputation to think of. LOL”
“I do know that. That's what frightens me. She is a first-class bitch but I'd hate her to be chopped to pieces.”
“I think she has really stuffed up her life as she knew it - badly. She's made so many enemies. I doubt whether she'll bounce back from this. I predict Moses is using her practice to launder money and that's why he stays with her because apparently she has a voracious sexual appetite and will bed anything on two legs - and that is something I know.”
Both Susan and Parkop discussed in closed doors. Also the details of their initial few meetings is not known by our source and others. But in a casual drinking session between work colleagues sometime around early April 2017, it was revealed by the Governor's close associate (someone who is close and has unlimited access to the Governor's work desk) that despite the buai ban (affecting all of Governor's base votes in the settlements) and the hatred poured out in Facebook and social media against Powes Parkop, he will still win back his seat. The close associate went ahead and mention something like the power of information in today's day and age can be utilised to divert attention, discredit good people and used to achieve desired targets. This was further revealed in the early campaign weeks, when the same close associate mentioned to our source and others how Powes will win this election. The associate said, there is a plan we are currently working on with some media and IT consultants to fight back some of the governors strong rivals.

All these events seemed unrelated to our source but when Susan Merrell went on Social Media posting screenshots of Facebook chat conversations between different NCD candidates, that's when our source realised what was going on all this time.

Powes Parkop placed all bets on her to come good after we now confirm she was paid a hefty sum of money to rally women support behind the Orange Shirt Day March.

Susan Merrell used some article she wrote back in 2010 about the clandestine operation by PNGDF Air Wing to fly fugitive Solomon Islands Lawyer Julian Moti out of PNG. to claim prominence. In her own circle of friends she has the PMs unofficial 2nd wife and mistress Nii Cragnolini, PMs Lawyer Tiffany Twivey and Powes Parkop's mistress and Yoga queen Fazilah Basari all available at her disposal. For her services to arrange the Orange Shirt (Violence Against Women March) she was paid a hefty sum. She was brought in as a consultant and paid over $160K.

She is a media whore and those who pay for her services are happy clients.

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