1. Introduction.
My first piece was focused on public funds being covetously diverted to one big bowl. This second piece covers a wide range of alleged fraud now under investigation by relevant public authorities.

2. K8m paid to Tage Pimana Yakin Investment Ltd during the eve of this election.
Reliable sources from the Departments of Treasury, Finance and Works had revealed that about K8m was recently paid to Tage Pimana Yakain Investments Ltd 1-63724 (TPYIL). This K8m is one-quarter of the K32m that the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had allocated for upgrading and sealing of Ambum road from Takawas to Monkam in the Ambum LLG, Kompiam-Ambum Electorate, Enga. The Prime Minister publicly announced this in September 2016 during a public gathering at Monkam. Despite directives issued by the Ombudsman Commission (OC) to the abovementioned Departments not to release public funds meant for public services and infrastructures, this money was paid out under the guise of mobilization fund. This is a new project that is not even started as yet and it is not an existing or ongoing project. Thus it contravenes directives issued by OC. The money should not have been paid out during the eve of this election.
On this token, no one person should be stupid enough to tie a rope around his own neck by dishing out this public fund to voters to lure votes.
(a) Why TPYIL was formed.
TPYIL has 12 shareholders. Regrettably, the shareholders are poor uneducated grassroots from Lait clan of Yakain tribe from Yarulam village in the Ambum LLG of Kompiam-Ambum Open Electorate, Enga Province who do not even receive one bit of dividend from TPYIL. Sad enough, they do not know that they are shareholders to TPYIL. The financial record (Bank Statements) will leave no doubts that these poor shareholders had received nothing since TPYIL was formed.
(b) TPYIL is not worthy to be awarded the K32m project.
The K32m road sealing project was given to TPYIL. TPYIL was only formed on 30th May 2008 and it has only 15 shares. It does not have time-proven business record/reputation. It does not have machines and equipment capacity. It does not have technical or qualified professionals. It does not even have a steady main office. The tendering process was highly politicized and greed-driven.
Latest statements had confirmed that the cheque for K8m mobilization fund had just been deposited into TPYIL’s account.
(c) WS No: 203 of 2017-Besakali Degen vs John Yongaman & TPYIL.
Mr. Besakali Degen is another shareholder of TPYIL having 3 shares. Because he was paid no dividend, he took the courage to sue Mr. Yongaman and TPYIL claiming his unpaid dividends and shares. The proceeding was styled WS No: 203 of 2017 (Waigani National Court). Mr Degen through Manase & Co Lawyers took interim orders freezing TPYIL’s account. The orders were to the effect that no single business transaction (withdrawing, depositing, transferring, etc) should take place until the substantive proceeding was determined. That Court order was a blockage. It prevented the depositing the K8m into TPYIL’s account. Therefore, Mr. Pundari suggested Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the matter went through mediation. At the mediation, parties basically agreed to settle the matter at K300 000. Those mediated terms were to return to Court on 6th June 2017 for endorsement and the Court ordered accordingly.
I reiterate that it is important to note that Mr. Pundari is neither a director nor shareholder of TPYIL and was therefore not a party to the court proceeding. Nevertheless, his heavy presence and active roles undertaken during the mediation tells the rest of the story.
(d) Kaipal Investments Limited.
Kaipal Investments Limited (KIL) is wholly owned by Mr. Pundari family. He and his wife Mrs. Doris Pundari are Directors. It has 100 shares, 99 owned by Mr. Pundari and 1 owned by his daughter Ms. Gloria Pundari. KIL is no doubt a friend of TPYIL.
3. Massive cheque withdrawals from Conservation & Environment Protection Authority.
Mr. Pundari is had been the Minister for Environment & Conservation for the last five years under O’Neill-Dion Government. During his tenancy as Minister, the Managing Director Mr. Gunther Joku and the Chief Financial Officer Mrs. Nancy Kavu of Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) did cheque withdrawal of substantial amount of money meant for CEPA operations. These funds need to be audited properly by an impartial auditing team.

4. K5m paid to individuals under ghost coffee project.
Bank statements have revealed that a certain K5m had been paid from the Department of National Planning & Monitoring into the Kompiam-Ambum District Trust Account some eight years ago. From the District Trust Account, four separate cheques had been raised and paid to known individuals one of whom is now diseased. Only one of these living beneficiaries had actually done a coffee project in his place in Kompiam. Law has now stretched its long hand and seized the “lakaups” of the other beneficiaries and the same will be castrated in the due course.

5. Meraimanda Health Centre Project.
Meraimanda Health Centre is has only about 8 buildings in total within relative a small area of land measuring about 0.3 hectares. It does not cover a huge area. However, the amazing fact is that the cost of feasibility study was K4.3m. Who exactly did the feasibility study? Which consultant company? We suspect the K4.3m may have been ejected to South Pacific Builders Ltd (SPBL) and is a matter for further investigation.

6. Proposed Youth Centre Project.
It is believed that there was a substantial amount of money being paid out under the guise of this project. We believe a company was formed to which the money may be been paid to. Once we have the company name, investigations will soon commence and culprits will be answerable to law.

7. Koekam Alluvial Gold Mining.
Sections 48(1) and 38(2) of the Mining Act 1992 states in clear terms that alluvial mining lease for sole purpose of mining alluvial minerals such as Koekam Alluvial Gold can only be held by:
(a) a citizen who principally owns the land over which the minerals are found; or
(b) an Incorporated Land Group who owns the land over which the minerals are found
(c) a company in which at least 51% of the ordinary shares is beneficially owned by citizen(s); or
(d) an unincorporated joint venture in which at least 51% of the interest is beneficially owned by citizen(s).
When Mr. Pundari was the Mining Minister under Somare led-Government, some Asians used their company’s machines and equipment to do the Koekam Alluvial Mining. Clearly, that agreement fell under paragraph (d) above, i.e., unincorporated joint venture. It can also fall under paragraph (c). Whichever the case is, the question is, who beneficially owned the 51%? 51% is the least, meaning it can be more than that.
It belongs to the landowning people or clans around Koekam. They cannot be deprived cunningly by a huge greed whilst they are shedding each other’s blood over what is customarily and legally theirs.

8. Abusing vehicles both by public funds.
Following are vehicles bought by District Support Grant (DSG) and District Service Improvement Program (DSIP) fund which are registered under Kompiam-Ambum District Development Authority (KADDA). The vehicles are bought with public money and are therefore registered under this public statutory body (KADDA). They are not bought with Mr. Pundari’s private money. Hence Mr. Pundari is not entitled to use these vehicles for purposes of his election campaign such as loading his supporters, putting up his posters and the list goes on.
Nevertheless, the reality is extremely otherwise. These vehicles are used by Mr. Pundari’s purely for his election campaign. This is seriously unfair and wrong. It amounts to grave abuse of public assets for private benefit which is a bad or corrupt practice This is also a serious breach of Leadership Code (at the instant he is not a leader subject to the Code).
The descriptions of the vehicles are:
(a) Land Cruiser (10 Seater) White Reg/No: HAT 305,
(b) Land Cruiser (10 Seater) Blue Reg/No: HAT 306,
(c) Land Cruiser (10 Seater) Blue Reg/No: HAT 307,
 (d) Land Cruiser (Utility) White Reg/No: HAT 324,
(e) Land Cruiser (Utility) White Reg/No: HAT 384,
(f) Land Cruiser (5 door) Blue Reg/No: HAS 087, and
(g) Land Cruiser (Utility) White Reg/No: HAS 576.
In addition, the vehicle described as Land Cruiser (Utility) White Reg/No: HAT 950 is owned by Kompiam-Ambum Women’s Business Group and is also bought with public money.
Importantly, please take note that five more “Land Cruisers” driven by Mr. Pundari’s supporters are using fake number plates. The number plates are for different vehicles owned by different people or entities. These fake number plates are:
(a) HAT 342, is for a ken-worth owned by MMK Transport Ltd.
(b) HAO 926, is for a Grader owned by Anitua Mining Services Ltd.
(c) LBO 320, is for a Messy Ferguson Tractor owned by Ramu Sugar.
(d) LAX 575, is for a Daihatsu Truck owned by JT (PNG) Ranu Construction Ltd.
Should the true number plates are placed, then the public could have known whether these Land Cruisers are bought with private money or public money. But because of the apparent illegality, anyone can presume that they are bought with public funds. One substantiating truth is the Land Cruiser (10 Seater) BlueReg/No: HAT 307 was bought by District money and registered under KADDA but its genuine number plate (HAT 307) is now illegally removed and replaced with ZGA 400 to give the false impression that that is a police vehicle. The vehicle belongs to KADDA. This is a criminal offence tried on indictment. It is in sharp contravention to definition of stealing under Section 365 of the Criminal Code Act 1974. The relevant provisions read:
(1) In this section–
“owner”, in relation to a thing, means–
(a) the owner or a part-owner of the thing; or
(b) any person having possession or control of, or a special property in, the thing;
(2) Subject to the succeeding provisions of this Code, a person who fraudulently takes anything capable of being stolen, or fraudulently converts to his own use or to the use of any other person anything capable of being stolen, is said to steal that thing.
(3) The act of stealing is not complete until the person taking or converting the thing actually moves it or otherwise actually deals with it by some physical act.
(4) A person who takes or converts anything capable of being stolen shall be deemed to do so fraudulently if he does so with intent–
(a) to permanently deprive the owner of the thing of it; or
(b) to permanently deprive any person who has any special property in the thing of that property; or
(c) to use the thing as a pledge or security; or
(d) to part with it on a condition as to its return that the person taking or converting it may be unable to perform; or
(e) to deal with it in such a manner that it cannot be returned in the condition in which it was at the time of the taking or conversion; or
(f) in the case of money, to use it at the will of the person who takes or converts it, even if he intends to afterwards repay the amount to the owner.
(5) In the case of a conversion, it is immaterial–
(a) whether the thing converted is taken for the purpose of conversion, or is at the time of the conversion in the possession of the person who converts it; and
(b) that the person who converts the property–
(i) is the holder of a power of attorney for the disposition of it; or
(ii) is otherwise authorized to dispose of it.
(6) A taking or conversion may be fraudulent, even if it is effected without secrecy or attempt at concealment.
(7) When a thing converted has been lost by the owner and found by the person who converts it, the conversion shall not be deemed to be fraudulent if at the time of the conversion the person converting the thing–
(a) does not know who is the owner; and
(b) believes, on reasonable grounds, that the owner cannot be discovered.”.

9. Conclusion
The above are truths but were it is based on belief, it is expressly so stated. (Please rebut my post based on facts to discredit my post at a matured learned level with your identity exposed, don’t attack me (whether under fake or real name). But if you do, do it to the worst).


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