by Taunamo Badira,
The people of Ialibu Pangia Electorate will deliberately choose to be deaf dumb and blind. They will deliberately choose to be the stupidest people in PNG, and in fact in the whole world. It is a level of fanatical stupidity no none has ever seen if they vote for Peter O'Neill.

Why is that so?
They will be going to the polls either today or next week to elect Peter ONeill once again to be their Leader and MP.
To them electing a leader is not about truth, honesty, uprightness, integrity, visionary, strength of character, compassion, etc. To them it is a matter of blind fanatical pride. Pride that one of their own has made it to the top office against every other leader in the country. To have him as Prime Minister, even though he broke the Constitution to steal that office from Somare, was a dream come true for them, albeit unexpectedly.
They are prepared to honour a thief of public office. They are prepared to honour a thief who amassed so much wealth using his public office. They are prepared to become the laughing stock of the whole of PNG, and the international community, by voting this man back into public office again.
Why? Is the question the rest of PNG watching would be asking today? Why would the intelligent people of Ialibu Pangia do that?
What is pride without substance?  Even in the Ialibu Pangia villages, a man who rapes another man’s daughter or mother wife is not patted on the back and told to go back and do it again. A man who steals another man’s  sugar cane is not rewarded with more of the garden to reap from. A man who steals another man’s pig is usually not let off scot free.
So what in the name of God is going on with the people from Ialibu Pangia?
This man Peter O’Neill is someone the whole nation of Papua New Guinea DO NOT WANT AS LEADER OR AS PM. He is a CURSE upon the nation.
The reasons are becoming all too clear from the most revealing analysis done by the publication in this blog by PNGi with diagrammatic illustrations and tables  revealing all the companies and wealth that has been amassed by Peter ONeill using public offices, and most as straight forward fraud and stealing.
What PNGi has published is just the tip of the iceberg, and it is hardly the full story. It is not a patch on the reality. The amount of K280 Million Nett worth estimated by PNGi of Oneill is totally unrealistic, when you take into account both Jimmy Maladina and Peter ONeills cash take on the UBS deal alone exceeded USD $300 Million ( See Dr Patrick Onguglo’s analysis on this blog on the UBS Loan transaction).

No one is perfect. Every human being have their good sides and their bad sides. But  Peter Oneill is infact a very evil man. His bad side totally outweighs any good that he may have or done for the nation or his electorate.
What has Peter ONeill done?
1.      Peter ONeill started by stealing from NPF thru Jimmy Maladina.  He escaped because his wife Cheryls sister was married to Hugo Berghausser , and hugo was very close to Warner Shand lawyers who were Counsel in the Commission of Inquiry, and thru Hugo Warner Shand got paid off. The Key witnesses in Maurice Sullivan and the other expat Manager of PNG First Real Estate were never compelled by the Inquiry to come back to PNG and give evidence that would have seen ONeill put behind the bars. The Inquiry simply passed over that minor detail. Peter ONeill has since learnt that money can buy anyone and anything in PNG.

2.      Peter ONeill used his position as PNGBC Chairman to give Johnson Tia a loan so that his Cousin Wandi Yamuna ( whom ONeill placed as MD of Investment Corporation) could sell ANG House to Johnson Tia to be owned 50/50 with ONeill. Johnson Tia agreed, took the loan, and refused to give 50% of shares to ONeill. You would never guess that the Sale price was less than K2 Million.

3.      In the Pratley ONeill days Peter ONeill was accountant to the Donalds who actually owned a company called Hunter Real Estate 100%. ONeill convinced them Real Estate was a 100 % reserved enterprise for locals under the old IPA rules and therefore  they needed him to hold 51% shares in trust for them. Well that was a mistake, for as the business grew to be a sizeable level from the Donalds pumping in their precious retirement fund, Neill one day just took Hunter real estate away lock stock an barrel. He just got his mate Mattio Rabura at Immigration Office to declare the Donalds persona non grata while they were on holidays on the Gold Coast. They could not return. He got a warrant of arrest waiting for them for he was the “51% owner “ who had been defrauded by this  old (trusting) English couple. What a story that is that can only be told by persons like Andrew Donald and Mel Donald of their parents nightmare with Peter ONeill at that time.

4.      From those early days he catapulted himself in business using every public office he held from PNGBC under Bill Skate to being Minister for Public Service. Most of his ill gotten gains in questionable deals were washed through his wholesale business in Goroka and his real estate company. In the Position as Public Service Minister, he set his mate Freddie ( Sir Frederic Reiher) up in a public servants housing project  worth over K40 Million. Less than K5 Million was accounted for, over K35 Million went missing, believed shared between Freddie and Petie. Not a single house was built.  Later when this became public knowledge, Petie and Freddie ran around making public promises to return the money. K35 million was never returned. They kept it. And look where Petie put Freddie now? Chairman of Air Niugini! What a joke!

5.      What about when Peter ONeill told William Duma ( the Chairman of PNG  Harbours Board) to put K4 Million as investment in RIFL ( Oneills finance company) just before the 2007 elections. Just on the elections, the money disappeared into the pockets of Duma Haiveta and ONeill to fund their campaigns. No one went and investigated and recovered the public moneys.

6.      I can fast forward and talk about all the fraud going on in the National Tenders Board which Jimmy Maladina and Peter ONeill have been orchestrating and controlling who takes what contract and what their cut is from almost every tender of K5 million upward. Before every tender is opened these two men already know who will get the tender. I am talking about the public procurement process has been absolutely compromised.  The massive kick backs every major construction and other industries are paying is mind boggling. They have facilitators and collectors both in PNG and overseas where they collect and park the cash. We have seen unprecedented levels of corruption never ever seen before in PNG under ONeill. He has insatiable appetite for cash like pouring water on an exploding volcanoe.

7.      The UBS loan was a classic example of greed over national interest. Peter ONeill is a smart guy who knew very well the nation had nothing to gain but was going to be plunged into a nightmarish debt crisis by this loan. Yet because of what was personally offered to him, and what he could gain in kickbacks both from Interoil and from OIlsearch, he put the nation’s neck on the chopping block. Peter ONeill sacked Don Polye and William Duma who were going to be stumbling blocks to his ultimate prize. PNG did not need to buy 10% shares in Oilsearch Limited. OSL is a public company listed in Australia. To get a loan and put the nations interests at risk to buy shares in a speculative industry subject to world commodity prices is stupidity of the highest calibre. In other countries, the public would call for an Inquiry and publicly hang such leader.  Someone in OIlsearch should do an ethical check and governance audit on that company and the conduct of its Board and CEO. Today PNG is bankrupt literally because of Peter ONeill. ( Once again read Dr Patrick Onguglo’s analysis on this blog on the UBS loan).

People of Ialibu Pangia need I go on and on about this one single man who has plunged this nation into debt crisis and make PNG bankrupt? There is more misdeeds to tell but to what gain and glory  than what has already been said.

The whole nation does not want ONeill to come back to Parliament or even become PM. He is a curse and an abomination upon this nation.

Pastor Charles Lapa where are you? Can you go and Counsel your son and sort him out? The nation of PNG don’t want Peter ONeill, the biggest thief ever to walk into Parliament.

Give us another Leader Ialibu Pangia. Surely you have not run out of decent men or women who respect this nation and its people and their property , and who believe that every one of us must advance and succeed. Surely there must be someone other than Peter ONeill who could lead the people of Ialibu Pangia out with pride that is borne out of substance?

Show  the rest of the nation people of Ialibu Pangia that you have not completely lost your marbles, that you still believe in honest upright and visionary leadership with integrity that knows how to share and care for this nation, and every child of this nation can be given hope for a brighter and better future.

But we humbly appeal to you never send Peter  Oneill back.  Dont send back Luciferian ONeill. This nation does not deserve him and he does not deserve this nation.


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