Have you ever wondered about what our children (or their children) down the line will look back at our generation of citizens of this beautiful country, and our generation of leaders, and say? What verdict do you think they will pass? Just ponder on that for a while.
After you have so pondered, also ask yourself what the children will think and say if we vote the current leaders back, or set up PNC Party to win and make Peter O’Neill the Prime Minister again?
The next generation, and generations thereafter will desecrate our graves, and those of our current Political Leaders, and that of Peter O’Neill definitely!

WHY would generations and generations of our future children do that you might ask?

1.      They would desecrate our graves because in the year 2017, we made another monumental mistake and as a nation voted PNC back into power.

2.      Because we did not learn from 7-year history of open stealing and corruption of public offices by Peter O’Neill and his Merry men. A good seven-year history of O’Neill Prime Ministership has enriched one man, Peter O’Neill, and impoverished the whole nation, bar Jimmy Maladina, the Constantinous and Cragnolinis.

3.      Because we did not learn from Peter O’Neill single handedly through the dubious UBS loan, bringing the Country’s Financial system down to a standstill. He fucked the economy up big time like no the Prime Minister ever did. O’Neill makes Billy Skate look like a saint. O’Neill personally benefited from that Loan deal to the tune of over USD$300 Million. The kickbacks were paid by both OilSearch and Interoil (independent of each other) through offshore third Parties. Jimmy Maladina was the middle man in that deal having spent several weeks in the US (New York and Asia (Singapore) stitching up the deal before the UBS team hit town.

4.      Because Peter O’Neill, single minded and singlehanded, smashed and mocked the Constitution, the Supreme Court, Parliament, the Police Force, the Ombudsman’s Office, the Public Prosecutors office, and just about every other public office with any constitutional independence, and walked away, laughing all the way to the bank.

5.      We have allowed Peter O’Neill to pretend to be Prime Minister but spends his days and nights scheming with his close knit buddies on how to churn the public coffers and make the nation’s public business, into his private profits.

6.      Because we have allowed Peter O’Neill to put and channel public government business through his own companies like Remington Group, Wild Cat, Global Construction, South West Air, Insurance Partners, Pacific International Hospital, Black Swan Security Company, L& A Brick Layers and L&A Group of Companies, etc. Most of these companies are substantially owned by Peter O’Neill through proxies. We all know in Port Moresby what Peter O’Neill owns. What we don’t know is a matter of time. Perhaps we will never know how much he has stashed away in offshore accounts.

7.      Because all the elected leaders in 2017 knew, and know that Peter O’Neill was a greedy selfish down right thief, using public office to muzzle them while he stole to his heart’s content, but they could not do anything about it. Why? Because they lacked the guts, integrity, principles, strength of character and leadership themselves, and given the same opportunity, they would have done the same themselves.

There are many more reasons why Peter O’Neill’s grave will be dug up and turned into a public toilet which we can go on and on about. But just for laughs, remember how he when he first jumped through the toilet window and assumed the Prime Ministership (illegally) he said he would sell the Falcon Jet for wasting public moneys. Well did he? Liar!

How about one drunken Airways night he worked on, brainwashed, instructed and challenged Belden Namah to go smash down the court House and drag the Chief Justice out and lock him up in prison. Then he immediately jumps on the Falcon and flew out to Honolulu on the Falcon Jet leaving Namah to execute the O’Neill plan and also take the blame for it. Cunning little bastard!

What about the Free Education Policy that is being funded by money meant for hospitals and medicine in hospitals? Well it’s okay to die for lack of medicine, as long as our children go to school? Heck it was reported recently even the Ialibu Hospital where the Prime Minister himself comes from does not have any medicine at all! The Free Education Policy is also a failure due to lack of funds.
The Public Hospital system and Public health care is a failure due to lack of funds. People are dying from curable deceases every day through no fault of their own.

Papua New Guineans need to realize that they have been marginalized and left behind while the rest of the region has marched on, ticked the boxes on the UN Millennium Goals with better Health care, better Education, better housing, better infrastructure, better food security, better business and job opportunities for their citizens, control of corruption and providing fair opportunities for equal distribution of a nation’s benefits for all people.

This marginalization has happened in the last 20 years especially.  The main cause of this has been due to poor leadership at political level. There has been no vision by any leader to drive this nation to be on par with our Asian neighbors.

PNG’s future is with its Asian neighbours and its neighbours are its role models. Heck, we are part of Asia, with half our Island speaking Bahasa and being part of one of the most progressive communities in the world.

Instead of driving this nation forward in terms of wise management of the national resources and creation of a fairer society through building up a strong educated middle class to create jobs and more opportunities for our people, through equal distribution of goods and services, we have built up a culture of corruption from the top down that is eating up this nation, leaving no hope and no future for our children.

The lack of medicine in the hospitals and the reason why many of our dear ones have died in the last 12 -18 months has been due to the greed of two men, Peter O’Neill and Jimmy Maladina.  These two men are murderers! Let me explain that bold claim.

They connived and singlehandedly pushed every public process (including sacking Ministers Polye and Duma) and kicked down every door in the house (including that of the Central Bank Governor) to approve and borrow USD$1.3 Billion from the Swiss UBS Bank largely to buy 10% highly speculative shares in OilSearch Limited.

The deal with Peter Botten of OilSearch was that OilSearch would use that money to buy Interoil Shares in ELK & Antelope, which they did. In the process these two men pledged for the loan the State’s income/share of profits from the Exxon LNG Project for its 19.5% that are now going to repay the UBS Loan, and not into schools and hospitals.

To make matters worse, the Oil & Gas prices have more than dropped hundredfold. The O’Neill/Polye Governments budgets predicated on then current Oil & gas prices before the UBS loan have been blown out of the water.

 So what’s the 10% interest that Peter O’Neill bought in OSL worth? I wouldn’t say Fuck ALL, but certainly not USD$1 Billion! In the meantime, there is no or very little dividend from OSL to alleviate our Free Education and lack of medicine woes.

Meanwhile Jimmy and Peter are enjoying their private Millions with their families laughing at the rest of the PNG Families who have to attend another Huascar because some other relative dies from lack of medicine, they and their families can jet off to Brisbane any day and obtain the best health care in Australia!

Peter made over USD$100 Million and Jimmy over USD$20 Million from the UBS Deal. They made more cuts from other service providers involved like legal services and Merchant Banking service providers who had to share commissions with the two.

So the question arises: Are Jimmy Maladina and Peter O’Neill mass a murderer?  Hell Yes!
The test is, if Peter and Jimmy didn’t commit PNG to the UBS Loan (for their selfish kickbacks) would the nation have afforded the stock of medicine our hospitals needed to save those lives, and a decent education for our children?  Yes, because we would not have had to pay well over K500 Million in UBS loan and interest repayments every quarter. That K500 Million per quarter would have saved a lot of lives by now.

I feel so sorry for our people who are dying in hospitals due to lack of medicine just because of the greed of two men.
PNG is at the Polls at this moment. I hope that the people of Ialibu Pangia and the people of Esa’Ala will think very carefully, not with their necks, but their hearts before they cast their votes. Think what the next generation of our children will think of you, if you vote these thieves and mass murderers back in?

I hope that for the sake of PNG, and for the sake of ourselves and our children’s future, men like Peter O’Neill and Jimmy Maladina never be given keys to the nations coffers again. It is like giving count Dracula the keys to the blood bank, and I can assure you, Peter and Jimmy are worse than Count Frankenstein of Transylvania. They do more than drink people’s blood. They have already drunk the nation dry.

If you want to prove me wrong, vote them in and see what destruction (for more personal gain) they can do.

If Peter O’Neill and Jimmy Maladina or anyone else feel that what I have said is not entirely correct or you have better information, or you beg to differ, I invite you to contribute and shed more light or even debate with me on this blog.


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