Who is George Kakas in Pundari and Ipatas' 20 years of political reign?


Untangling a piece of the puzzle; Peter Ipatas, Pundari, George Kakas and the realm of regional, national and local politics.  We will examine the current Provincial Police Commander, Sup George Kakas in a huge maze puzzle.

In 1997, George Kakas used policed issue gun and shot his cousin brother Joe Krammer Kandamain at point-blank. The latter a contestant in Kompiam Ambum.  Kandamain was then a deputy commissioner at IRC. Thank Miss lucky luck the next day he was airlifted direct to Australia. That traumatic night, Kakas was providing security escort for Pundari’s hijacked ballot boxes to wabag town.

Kandamain and late Nere were providing logistics for the failed onslaught ambush that night. Kandamain was supporting his cousin brother Augustine Kunuman Kyakas, brother of former Enga Election manager Henry Kyakas. FYI, Kyakas, Kandamain, Pundari and Kakas are blood cousin brothers. Anyways, PPC George Kakas was suspended for many years due to this incident. Using political muscle, Pundari strategically placed Kakas at fraud squad for covering up his dirt. Kakas also cleaned Ipatas’ many fraud complains too. He was hanging in the pimping corridors until Ipatas got him appointed as acting PPC at the right time. 

Well, what could be a perfect timing for Pundari through his close friendship with PM O’Niell to confirm Kakas as the permanent PPC. A perfect compensation for Kakas for all his dirty work and now a good storyboard when dust settled. In 2012 general election, Kakas was the main person directing the helicopters airlifting ballot boxes in remote Enga. The places that require boxes airlifted are Maramuni LLG in Wabag district, Hewa Paela in Laiagam Pogera district and Wali Tarua LLG in Kompiam Ambum district. The results were obvious.  

The same has been done in 2017 and same results are expected. One wonders what Kandamain feels when he sees his scares in the shower room. Does Kakas and Kandamain ever have nightmares of their brother late David Pundari when they talk to John and Johnson Pundari because obviously, a chair should be empty and there has to be a reason why. Well, anything can be traded for money these days, including underage daughters. The sad thing is, our earlier article http://www.pngblogs.com/2017/04/critical-tasks-for-next-few-remaining.html”  forewarned what was expected for the so called "rigged" election. Sadly, no one candidate took it seriously. Off course, this was expected because it was never published by the two mainstream newspapers. We hope they will read again and pick up for 2022 election. We hope people like Jeffrey Balakau and Polye can see now how things are played at grand level – you were forewarned too http://www.pngblogs.com/2017/05/white-snake-pundari-sledging-public.html. Kakas was hand-picked and installed as PPC in Enga by Ipatas and Pundari because the former PPC was an ally to Polye.

Furthermore, Kakas and Pundari were also key players on the downfall of former Enga Governor Jeffrey Balakau and late Danley Tindiwi in 1996, and rise of Peter Ipatas. Since Ipatas did not return Pundari’s favor, he was challenged in 2002. The myth of Ipatas lobbying against Pundari was farce. Every core team member in Pundari’s camp knows it. It was himself who sold for money just like he did to join Ipatas’ party after their blood-bathed 2002 election - the scares which are still fresh and changed the course of political culture in Enga. The whole parcel of a dark political and socio-economical suppressing network is surpassing. They are Interna economic-hitman’s handyman. 

The external economic-hitman sponsored the death of many great leaders that are not written in any school textbooks. They will never be written about as long as these tyrant tyrannies run the country through the proxy puppet MPs. The deaths are of Iambeaky Okuk, Malipu Balakau, Peter Waeing, Robert Lak, Paul Pora, Louis Ambane, and other transformational leaders who short-lived. If one can dissect the caliber of these assassinated leaders and their level of passion for the country, they are all the same. By killing these people, they were killing the country from developing and progressing. Warrior spirited leaders like Gary Juffa, Bryn Krammer, Don Polye, Andy Bawa, Mannaseh Makiba, and others of the same caliber of the current generation must take extra precaution. We can’t have another long decades of vacuum where Judas in disguise savior MPs continue to package and sell off our country to foreign conglomerates piece by piece.

We hope those who sit in the dark rooms and plan and execute evil will one day reap what they are sowing today. May your children and their generation be cursed!! Royal palaces in the long history of human existence shows that they collapsed and do badly. While you discuss the contents of this article, remember that the earth has two magnetic poles that it rotates around and not some mortal person. Let you be reminded again that some have passed on untimely, others are at the mercy of syringes and blood transfusions. We all harvest what we sow.

It is also true that the people love socialism and democracy so much they don’t even understand what it is now. We treat our public figures like royalty, carrying them around on our shoulders, calling them Grand this and Honourable that. While we have our heads bowed before their gold glittered chairs “surrendering” our souls, they (grand thieves) reach into our pockets and take our children’s future and our happiness.  Let Abraham Lincoln’s famous words -  "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth” - resonate and echo in your sub-consciousness. Maybe, just incase, just maybe, incase it would help resuscitate your numbed conscience. Some people will have happy ending and others will have unhappy beginning.

Next article, we’ll look at how Polye was made and is thrashed. To give you a hint, Polye’s right-hand man Rex Paki’s wife is PPC George Kakas’ sister. Rex Paki is connected to the Paga Hill development scam. Kakas uncle Paul Kurai ditched Polye and is with Ipatas. Good luck Polye for now.


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