DIRTY PHILLY: How to make fortune from the dead, Porn Actress, Seductress, Gold Digger, Con Woman and the List goes on.


The internet is a small place in PNG, back in the late 90s and early in 2000 onwards, Philly Kelegai was a household name, she was the first PNG to register herself as Papua New Guinea on Facebook and was requested to remove herself after TPNGA sent her numerous request to do so, so why all the fuzz about this nobody, well earlier this week she went on to taunt the member of the PNG Opposition, she specifically targeted the new Governor for East Sepik, ALAN BIRD MP. 

Part of what she posted was this:

Philly J Kelegai (mountain kaukau) on Gov. Allan Birds postWhen I see people giving accolades to some of these members who say they sleeping on a floor somewhere, "doin it tough" for the people.........mate, do that for all 365 days and then some and ill believe you....... lol.One hit wonders.....lol"

She can be forgiven if she was someone else but she is a "fake" media personality on EMTV and has a program running weekly that deal with issues of importance. As a "fake" or wannabe journo the traits to being a successful one is to keep your personal opinions to yourself and let the guests do the talking, she went on as far thus making a whole lot of enemies.  We know a thing or two about this Philma Kelegai here we put out what is public knowledge. She was involved in a pornographic film in early 2000, contents if the video is still floating on the internet sites, she has a thing or two for married man, she is a gold digger from all accounts.


There was a incident involving sorcery in Hagen ,a woman was accused of practicing sorcery was set on fire to ashes in Hagen town.

This case triggered Philly to quickly set up a funding association to help the family of the deceased woman, and also to help those who were accused of sorcery and were abused. 

This association quickly attracted elites and businesses given the objectives it aimed to achieve was something worth donating money to. TO HELP Women who are suffering from abuse and help Victim's family who lost their daughter to angry hageners acussinging her practicing sorcery.
However, so much money flooded in that she turned a blind eye on why she started the association and she ran off with the money to Brisbane.

The family of deceased saw NO toea of the funds,NO women was helped through that association Philly established. She mislead people into donating, she used a deceased woman's case and she fled with the money .

A couple of professional people(not going to name names) have came together and orchestrated a brilliant idea of hosting a fundraising to help women and kids who are victims of domestic violence and child abuse. The event would feature modelling agencies to display their collection of fashion and live bands. Modelling and fashion was at a fast pace growing rate in Port Moresby around that time so the idea seemed perfect to attract people and organisations to attend and donate to a good course. The event was planned to be hosted in Lamana Gold Club.

Apparently,the event was bound to eventuate a few years after Philly fled with the money she made from her Fake association therefore she was an experienced Con artist by then.

When Philly heard rumours that few professionals and elites had come together to host such event to raise funds, she quickly worked around the clock to get into the circle of the group of people who came up with the idea. A wolf under sheep skin, she convinced those people that she's got good connections with prominent business men and women and businesses through her Fake association she established.She guaranteed those elites that she can bring in bums to fill the seats, people and businesses who can donate and help the good course. 

She was appointed to be in charge of donations and funds, she was responsible for money coming in and how about to collect pledges made by businesses and donors.
This position was a icing to the cake, she knew she was going to have her dirty hands on the money. As the event unfolded, the seats at lamana were fully booked and donations and funds flooded in. The elites who have put the event together achieved an amazing result. They knew they were going to rescue so many lives after that night.

Shock news! Philly ran off with all the funds and donations AGAIN! Well the next day to be precise.ZERO toea went to the course. She fled to Brisbane. She collected those funds from people and businesses who pledged that night without her colleagues knowing after she tucked away cash money and checks handed to the fundraising that night in her account.Dirty Philly at it again. People who were responsible of the event were embarrassed and shocked that she left PNG with all the money the event brought in that night. When they followed up, she played mind games and told them lies till they given up.

As you might know her from all these modelling agencies she established and publishing companies she claims to own are funded from her Fake association and money she stole from that fundraising event.
She has established one to many companies and association with different aims and objectives,mainly to Save or Help people suffering.

Lies! It's for her own personal gain. She used a dead woman's case to establish a association that no one benefited but herself, she ran off with money that supposed to help suffering women and children so what makes others think her recently initiated "associations" and "organisations"will benefit anyone??

These are fun facts about Philly Kelagai. I will ask permission from other sources to publish more dirty tricks this circuit clown masterminded to steal from people. Check for editing when I add more facts after permission is granted. I will also reply to my comment to provide names of of associations and certain information if anyone ones to know.

I have not provided dates of above events due to the fact that I hold responsible of identity of people who's reputations were damaged by Philly after fleeing with money that was supposed to help suffering people of PNG.

You can share these facts and they are raw and authentic secrets of Dirty Philly. 


1.      She is not halfcast but an albino Ialubu local. Born and bred in Lae, PNG until her teenage years when her father took the family for studies in Australia.
2.      her family lived under refugee status until recently got PR & citizenship. Her father lied that he was wanted and will be killed by his tribesmen and tribal warriors if he returns home.
3.      Well, she stared in quite a few porn acts back in PNG in the early 2000s.
4.      In Australia, she struggled through with finance so she had an alias name called Parish in the sex workers industry. A former MP bumped her at kingscross flats hence her name became public. She would frequent Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane and cairns were home –base. Every PNG tycoon that travels to Brisbane and cairns would know her shape and size in those hotel rooms from the high rolling casinos. lol
5.      She is now married but the poor hubby stays in Brisbane and she comes over to PNG. Has been seen with few partners – MPs, bureaucrats, businessmen, rich spoilt kids who are into older women and few rugby boys. Philma, you should apologise to your poor husband/hubby and his family.
6.      Philma tried to hijack the Tuff Tumas DJ/event group. A Solomon island/Vanuatu DJ/music/event company’s marketing/promotion thing. They told her to fuck off and not to push her dirty nose into their music and events business again. That was 2007 – 2009. Those in QLD/australia would recall the events.
7.      She then hijacked the PNG Haus Krai concept and commercialized it using the late Leniata’s horrific incident. She was never there in the initial stages as we know it was headed by PNG based women and men. It was an emotional period and she hijacked the good intentions calling her money making organisation Leniata Legacy. They create websites and facebooks spaces for marketing purpose. She made huge money doing parades in Australia across different states. PNG business houses and govt agencies bought into it too because of the connections the other 2 ladies had in the political cycles. While she was parading around cashing on these gender-based issues, the poor Leniata’s tortured body was still in Mt Hagen hospital morgue. Thanks to a Mt Hagen based human rights/women activists woman in organizing the christen youths and churches to give late Leniata a decent burial. Where was Philma and her gang of girls with their rich Leniata Legacy cheque books?  Where were you cunning Philma? You should die in pain and agony you thieving opportunist bastard of an undignified whore.
8.      Because of you Philma, the whole innovative Haus Krai concept died. The hardworking ladies broke up because with your sweet talks you created divisions among the ladies who were spearheading this movement. When they were split, you executed your evil plan and registered Leniata Legacy in Australia and defrauded peoples money. You never included any of the ladies who were on the ground doing the actual dirty and risky work in your community. Why because it was all for money. You are a fraud. The hardworking business & professional PNG based women’s efforts, resources, dreams etc on this course have been watered down. How dare does this idiot of an albino thinks she can now protrude her arrogance with some piece of shit TV segments.
9.      Are you the same Philma Kelegai who shameless assaulted Noreen Pisa, a world beauty pageant who broke ranks and barriers on her own? Bloody lowlife envious pig. You couldn’t even respect her although she is also from the same place as you in Ialibu, Southern Highlands? Now you seem to copy-cat the fashion/beauty concept Noreen contests and parading all bunch of naked PNG girls on stage. You should be shame of your low pathetic self.
10.     Anyways, what is your profession again? Can you provide a profile either than too many CEO and founders in so many unaccounted fraud companies?

Bottom line is:
Philma, you are a dumb. Dumbs aren’t creative nor innovative. They only have arrogance has a defense mechanism. Dumbs are thieving bastards who live on borrowed pants. In Brisbane and Sydney, we know who you are. Stop acting as if you are someone. Fake accent with no professional profile. You live in Australia doesn't mean you are some kind of superior woman. There are 4 generation PNG girls who respect their womenfolks back home. Yu aste tasol kam lo protection visa. stap isi na traim respectim ol mama, susa na aunty lo ples blong yumi PNG. Sapos yu respectim ol, em bai yu respectim ol man, pikinini and leaderman blong ol tu.  Hope you have a conscience to have some kind of guilt and go get some real job that fits your profession. Oh better still, go back to your old profession – Sex worker. You are a fraud!!   Never talk down on our elected leaders who represent hundreds and thousands of people. Most of them – alliance – are self-made men unlike your pathological liar uncle Peter O’Neil.

Tania Nugget, you are lucky PNC continues to hold onto power. Your turn will come and you will have your day in the sun. Meanwhile, we’re digging on who you are. Sorry the pathetic Theo Zurnouc had to be smashed at poll. They only for you know is to cry to Charles Abel’s and Justin Tackencho’s willies. You girls started. We are only warming up.


Unknown said…
What's the title of her porn video? Any links?

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