Port Moresby has not seen many American designer automobiles on its streets for a very long time, not since the Jeeps of Second World War. One of the first Hummers to enter PNG was meant as a showpiece and clever marketing gimmick by a soft drink company, somewhat reminiscent of the Red Bull flare. The energy drink XOX franchise was owned by two friends, then Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Belden Norman Namah, and his friend Greg Shepherd. Namah being ex-military always liked the look of the Hummer in Desert Storm. So here it was.
At the launching, the Hummer took center stage specially painted with the effervescent energy drink colors, pink champagne corks were popped with appropriate pomp and aplomb, amidst the razzle-dazzle of the usual entourage of young nubile bodies gyrating to the techno beats blaring out of the Humming machine. Above the colour and noise of the sweaty Moresby crowd, the combined BO would have launched several rockets to the moon, no one noticed slithering out the backseat down the caverns of the undercarriage, and winding its way out was a deadly stowaway, a cobra of Indian extract.

That’s how one ANU YADAV, alias, the Indian Cobra, sometimes passes,  as the privileged son of a very wealthy and well connected ( business and politics)Brahman Indian Family from Mumbai, other times as a brave Tamil Tiger in exile from the stories he tells, and even other times as a post-graduate law student to starry-eyed young girls at the Illusions Night Club in Port Moresby  which he frequents.
If Papua New Guinea never knew Anu Yadav existed. It will now.
Why is Anu Yadav so important that we would even talk about him? I hope you will answer that question yourself at the end of this exposΓ©.
Anu Yadav was a poor struggling student in Sydney in his early 20s when as fortune would have it, he met Belden Norman Namah at the Star City Casino. Anu was an underprivileged Indian student sent by his maternal uncle to go to school in Australia. Instead of studying, he willed his days away at the Casino where he met Namah,  and instantly, the Cobra became canine, wagged his tail non-stop and did everything he was commanded, including playing “fetch” for Namah.
Namah was a little crude those days and the things Yadav was asked to fetch were sometimes far-fetched, but to Yadav nothing was impossible. Namah and Yadav became friends, or more like Yadav became Namah’s errand runner and go-to boy. Yadav called him “Boss”.
Over the years Namah has done several projects in which Yadav is still to date the front for Namah. Yadav holds many secrets for Namah and is very loyal to him. The title Boss has now slowly evolved to a more comfortable “Bro”. During the crazy impasse days, Yadav was running errands between Jimmy Maladina and Namah and spent many nights in the car keeping watch while his boss entered several houses in the city that he frequented in early hours of a night, and God only knows what he was doing inside.
Yadav set up several freezer containers and a secured yard opposite the Dem School/ In-Service College just adjacent to the Stadium in Gordons. He once operated a frozen meat business for Namah there, has an office, runs many small enterprises, and lives in the other facilities there.
Recently,  when the results of the last elections came in, Yadav was by his Bro Belden’s side in the Opposition camp, was working his two phones hard, tried to get as many Candidates to join Namah, Kua and the now Opposition to form the government. When Yadav realized they didn’t have the numbers to form the government, he quietly slithered away from Namah and (now) opposition camp, and under cover of darkness crawled right back into ONeill camp. No one noticed.

Before the last elections, Yadav identified half a dozen MPs and started cultivating them to form a block within Peter ONeill’s PNC Party. This was the Momase Block, formed around Yadav promising mainly then current sitting MPs and Ministers funding for the elections with a common goal to get the numbers, hold the balance of power, and to dislodge Peter O’Neill.
To facilitate this and to gather a war chest of fighting funds, he got various Ministers and the Chairman of Tenders Board to give him supply contracts, resources licenses, Timber Permits, Fishing Licenses etc. He then took these Contracts, Licenses, and Permits to Malaysians, Chinese and Indian middlemen and corporations, and started conducting fire sales. He proudly boasted to potential investors that he was quietly confident that his team would dislodge Peter ONeill and his “Bros” Belden Namah, Sam Basil or someone of his choice within PNC like Nixon Duban and his Momase faction, would be at the helm.
Personally, YADAV was always quite envious of the role and the part Jimmy Maladina often played in the O’Neill- Namah, and later the O’Neill-Dion governments. Jimmy always got what he wanted. That often pissed Yadav off, but it was more envy building up to full-scale jealousy than anything else. When Jimmy went for elections this time, it was Yadav’s turn to play and become the new Jimmy. But he couldn’t do it without numbers, so the creation of the secret  Momase faction to dislodge O’Neill was his idea.
Believing Yadav’s promises, many groups, two, in particular, one from India and one from Malaysia, did come good and parted with several Million Dollars each as upfront good faith/mobilization payments. Transactions were negotiated and preliminary agreement reached with both groups separately in Singapore just before last elections. Yadav ended up with a total of over K17 Million upfront payments promising Government supply contracts, Timber, Fishing and Oil & Gas Licenses to these two groups.
Yadav became a Millionaire overnight. This was what he had been waiting and sweating on for all this time. But truth be told, during the elections, he only used less than K2 Million on the faction members and pocketed the rest.
He even went and physically campaigned for Nixon Duban in Madang, but deliberately declined to give him all the financial backing that was critical for a win. Little did Nixon Duban know that despite the many nice promises Yadav had made, when the critical moment arrived, he gave many excuses, and had no intention of keeping his word for a fair distribution of sums of money.  What a way for Duban to discover the truth! They say there is no honor among thieves.

Yadav grew up as a young hustler on the streets of Mumbai (Bombay). There are thousands upon thousands of such creatures at every airport, every train station, hotel entrance, public square and street corner of every major Indian city.  Friend, you have never been hustled until you have been hustled by a Bombay Hustler! Papua New Guinean politicians are no match for a seasoned Bombay Hustler like Yadav. Once compromised by Yadav, he can literally demand from them the keys to the Central Bank vaults, and they cannot say NO.
Yadav plays the PNG Politicians very well. He knows the political dynamics well too so he plays all of them against each other. He gets information from one Politician and goes and sells it to another where he feels he will gain more. Except for Belden Namah, with whom he has incredible loyalty to, Yadav buys and sells all the politicians all day, every day, even the PM.
Yadav knows the 2 most important ways to get into the confidences of the Politicians; money, and women. Yadav pimps for politicians and will play fetch for them. He will pay top dollar to get foreign prostitutes and even procuring married women in Port Moresby for Ministers, Chairmen, and CEOs of State-owned enterprises. He is the cause of several marriage breakdowns already in Port Moresby.  He gets State Minister's women and money, and he slithers into their confidence first, and once there, he starts demanding what he wants, and they cannot say NO.
When they don’t give him what he wants he goes and spills the beans on what he gave and to whom.
For example, recently a certain Chairman didn’t give him what he wanted, so he started spreading the word that he arranged a beautiful Indian prostitute for the Chairman when he visited India, and began to mimic the Chairman’s behavior on the day after, to the hilarity of his listeners. In his wallet, he carries a wad of passport sized photos of prostitutes he uses to bait the poor hapless PNG politicians.

Yadav name drops a lot. He says to Departmental Heads like the Secretary for Finance, Treasury, DPM, Foreign Affairs, State Solicitor etc, that Minister so and so wants this done urgently. Often he would pay K1000-2000 (no more than K5000) to such officers to get them to sign his pre-prepared letters for him.
Sometimes, Yadav says the Prime Minister wants this or the Prime Minister wants that. He would telephone Department Secretaries and start commanding and directing them in the name of the Prime Minister to do his bidding.
Once he directed a certain Minister to sack three senior public servants because apparently, the Prime Minister wanted them sacked. The Minister smartly asked for written instructions signed by the Prime Minister, and Yadav’s bluff was called.

Somehow, in recent times, Anu Yadav has wormed his way into the Prime Minister’s confidence. He was seen in Honolulu with the PM a few months ago. He was in New York recently with the PM when PM attended UN. He was seen being wined and dined by Peter ONeill and flown all over the world on the Falcon Jet with Prime Minister ONeill’s entourage.
The PM does not take kids from the streets of Boroko on the Kumul Falcon Jet on any given day. But he chooses to take Anu Yadav the kid from the streets of Bombay on the Kumul. Why? He is not even part of PM’s official staff. The PM needs to explain the nature of his relationship with the Hustler of Bombay, the slithering Indian Cobra.
Papua New Guinea is entitled to wonder, what is it between Peter O’Neill and Anu Yadav? Is it money, or is it women? Or is it both?
The greatest leverage that Anu Yadav successfully employs over PNG State Ministers and other Politicians is their need for absolute secrecy concerning their murky business deals and personal lives. The Bombay hustler knows how to cultivate such windows of opportunity to the max promising heaven on earth to those unfortunate to fall prey.
Financially successful politicians, ambitious politicians, absolutely corrupt politicians, all have one thing in common- the need for absolute secrecy. They don’t want anyone else, especially another Papua New Guinean, to know what they are stealing and whose wife they are screwing. So they all come to this innocent boyish looking Anu Yadav, who knows how to lure them into his clutches and make them feel important. Once he has compromised them and has special knowledge of their misdeeds, he becomes like a pest or disease that is so hard to shake.  When the Minister or Prime Minister is climaxing on one side, he must know, somewhere Anu Yadav is also climaxing. Everything has its price.
Little do the poor Ministers and even the Prime Minister know, their secrets are no longer absolute secrets. To curry favor with next Minister, or next foreign investor, the Bombay Hustler shows pictures on his phone of himself and the relevant Minister, or even the Prime Minister in Hawaii or New York to hustle his way in. He does the same to Heads of Departments to get them to give him what he wants.

Anu Yadav has no proper work Permit and work visa to come to PNG and remain in PNG, let alone work in PNG.  His last expired work Permit he has says he is “Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister”.  Anu Yadav was not an advisor to Leo Dion former Deputy Prime Minister. He is not an advisor to Charles Abel, or is he? Charles Abel can answer that.  I doubt it. It’s just a bogus Visa/Permit. Someone like him who lives and works here should have proper work permits and work visas.
It seems he has been working and traveling in and out of PNG on false pretenses, therefore he is an illegal alien, and has cleverly eluded detection by the Chief of Immigration and his team. He is a prime candidate for expulsion or deportation.

Not only did Yadav bring in foreign prostitutes for certain Ministers for certain favours, but there was a time he got close to the then Defence Minister, Fabian Pok, and he quietly embarked upon the idea of bringing in Arms and Uniforms from India to dress and arm the PNG Defence Force.
Cabinet and Defence Council Submissions were prepared by Yadav to effect this. Yadav was convinced in his mind that the Minister was his “Bro” so he could at any time ask him to walk away from existing Defence Agreements and Arrangements with Australia, bring in Indian arms and Military advisors and totally revamp the PNG Defence Force the Indian way.
After all, the Indian Military tradition is essentially British, he would say. Pacific Island Regiments of PNGDF were modeled after Scottish Regiments, and Yadav would say the Indian Regiments were more true to the British and Scottish traditional regiments and colours than the Australian army.
 Yadav got into a flurry of activity dealing with arms dealers and middlemen going between the Indian army suppliers and himself, cutting deals both sides for himself. However, the Manumanu deal controversy surfaced and Yadavs plans had to be shelved.

In Anu Yadav’s yard at Gordens, there is one container that holds certain supplies of pharmaceutical boxes, kits, and drums of chemicals. It is believed this could be the operational beginnings of a Meth factory to manufacture amphetamines for the Australian and New Zealand market.
Yadav has Muslim friends and investors in Sydney whom he has been negotiating with to secure supply contracts, shipping, and security arrangements. The stuff would be manufactured in his secured yard in Gordens by Indian workers and shipped out.
What they have been to unable to agree on is payment structure. Anu wants to be paid through India and 50% upfront. But its a matter of time and they will settle.
Its a good little earning business humming away in a backyard container in Gordens. Meantime, all Customs Clearance lines have been secured to bring in finished products for the limited PNG market and for sale in small quantities in Australia and New Zealand.

Since Independence, Papua New Guinea has witnessed so many mercenaries, misfits and carpet baggers year in and year out, twisting the national interest of this country in their personal favour, and corrupting our duly elected leaders many times over, whilst laughing all the way to the bank.  At this point in time, Anu Yadav seems to fit the bill of being one.  However, he is young, smart, street savvy and the level of deals he is getting into is very sophisticated and he has seen a lot of money, lot more than he is used to on the streets of Mumbai. He is a new breed of desperate Indians trying to curry favour and compromise PNG leaders and take business opportunities away from citizens of PNG.
ANU YADAV has already compromised the national interest. He has compromised so many Political leaders. He has embarked upon arms trading, drugs manufacturing, and it goes without saying, money laundering, in this country.
He has been laundering large sums of money in and out of this country, Australia, and Singapore without proper reporting and clearances required under the laws of these countries.

I have a small axe to grind because I thought I was his friend, and we worked many other projects together. He made promises but he never delivered. Later I discovered he had betrayed me. He broke up my family by pimping my family to his Politician mate. I am one of his victims, and I know what I am talking about. This guy does not have any boundaries of decency.
If Anu reads this he will also know who wrote this. But he must also know, I am a national and citizen of this country. I will expose THE TRUTH on even more stuff on him and his Politician friends, what they have been doing, and their criminal connections relating to the shooting murder of prominent Papua New Guineans. More graphic stuff with transactional documents, agreements, money laundering footprints, money tracking and payments with names of Politicians will be published.
The Authorities both in PNG and Australia should investigate this person and never allow him to enter this country again. He is not a good person, and he is not good for PNG.
It is best ANU YADAV packs up his little bag of tricks and return to the streets of Mumbai, where he belongs, than to remain here, and make a laughing stock of us and our Leaders and mess up our country.


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