Many will criticize and crucify me for this piece. However, I am convinced it must be written because the truth is the truth and we must all know the truth in order to make up our minds as to what we do next. It is not that long and it is intended to get you thinking about and making your own decisions on potential outcomes based on actual events that have already transpired and are documented facts.
Many of us hailed Bryan Kramer as the long-awaited savior of PNG. And YES! I was one of those gullible fools! We BELIEVED Kramer would restore accountability, transparency and good governance and those who have been manipulating and subverting the system through acts of corruption and theft would be removed. Well, we believed wrong. So I implore all rational and thinking Papua New Guineans to read this through first and decide afterwards. As they say, the devil can come in many forms…even that of the Savior.

In the months since the transitioning of power with the elevation of Kramer from opposition member to the powerful Ministry of Police we have seen …. what? Exactly! What have we seen? Arrests of high-profile figures? Gamato - a small fish. What happened to O’Neil’s dual citizenship? What happened to the Manumanu saga? What happened to the many other cases that he was so vocal about? N O T H I N G ! ! !

The attempted arrest of Peter O’Neil was a fiasco. It was publicized before being attempted! I mean, who the hell kind of stupid policeman does that? No professional cop would ever do that. For us to expect Manning to arrest O’Neil is like wishing for the sun to rise from the West! Was Kramer aware it would be done? Of course. So how does this demonstrate the capability of someone to be police commissioner? You decide.

I am informed that the appointment of Manning as police commissioner was made in breach of established procedures and protocols. As such, the appointment can be said to be illegal. Police minister Kramer DEMANDED in Cabinet and essentially shouted down the Prime Minister demanding stridently that David Manning to be appointed as Commissioner. And he shocked the other members of Cabinet and got his wish after the Prime Minister backed down. So now PNG knows why the long delay in appointing a permanent police commissioner. As I wrote some time ago, this unduly long delay was to give time to Kramer to justify the appointment based on time served in the acting capacity. I am informed also that this demand and open defiance of the Prime Minister was so blatant that it shocked many Ministers there. I am also informed that there were a couple of Ministers there who supported Kramer. Their backgrounds should give the PM food for thought. Remember that Kramer did not even vote for Marape to be PM.

The facts are simple: (1) Manning did not fulfil all the requirements set out in the advertisement for the position of Commissioner (2) Manning had already been eliminated from the shortlist sent to NEC by DPM. (3) Only two names were sent to NEC. (4) Manning was not one of those two.
Other information is that Fred Yakasa, the fore runner to the Commissioner’s chair, was to be arrested on sight. The grounds for this arrest are not clear but the intent is – to remove his eligibility for the post.

So why did Kramer demand Manning be appointed? Is it because of their personal relationship? I’m informed and it has been admitted by Kramer himself that they have a long childhood friendship. Is it true that they are also in-laws? Are these prerequisites for appointing persons to senior positions in government? This looks then like cronyism and cronyism is corruption.

As we now see and know, this man Kramer is NOT the anti-corruption fighter we believed him to be.
I believe that this is all part of a sinister plan for Kramer to become PM after the 2022 Elections.
My conclusion is based on the fact that Kramer will abuse set procedures and processes to further his own intentions and desires. This was well demonstrated during the appointment of the police commissioner. It does not bode well for the Prime Minster and I hope he takes time to assess and consider what comes next.

First, Bryan Kramer is neither a fool nor a person who will do something like this without a very good reason. And that reason is simple. Kramer intends to be the next Prime Minister of PNG. And he will do all he can to ensure that Marape and those supporting him do not return after 2022 Elections. Do you think I am deluded? Well consider these facts:

(1) Bryan Kramer is a very intelligent and brilliant thinker. He has also shown himself to be an outstanding strategist who can think long term and act immediately to ensure his plans and visions are realised.

(2) Kramer has now created a huge cult like following of gullible Papua New Guineans. These masses take all his utterings as gospel. They do not think beyond or analyse what Kramer says rationally and allow their admiration and worship of Kramer to cloud their decisions.

(3) Kramer is a one-man party in Parliament. To become Prime Minister, he will need more members in his party. In order to achieve that, he must go into the upcoming elections with more than just rhetoric and words – he needs some way and means of pre-determining the outcome of the elections. In this, he has learnt the lessons of history well. Peter O’Neil also went into the 2017 elections with the national budget behind him, many shady backers, the Electoral Commission and the police force.

(4) Marape and many others in Parliament are a threat to Kramer’s ambitions. Now that Kramer has his commissioner appointed permanently, what makes Marape and any others believe that they will be immune from being arrested ad charged on many of the allegations against them from the previous terms of government if they do not toe the line?

This is a scenario that is all too possible! So, I hope those ministers and members who have questions over their involvement in certain deals do sleep comfortably knowing that there is a sword hanging over their heads on a very thin thread. I hope the PM has not deluded himself into thinking Manning will obey him because he is PM! Manning will obey Kramer – period. Manning knows who voted for and against his appointment. If any orders are given by the PM which are not in Kramer’s interests, I can assure you that there will be a way found to delay, obstruct or hinder execution until executing it will be useless and cannot serve the intent.

To win you must neutralize and then eliminate your opponents. You need more than good policies, rhetoric and plans. You need to have the ability to neutralize your opponents, incapacitate them and then eliminate them – preferably permanently. You need a plan that is achievable. And you need public support. Kramer already has all these or the ability to acquire them immediately available now. He has public support, he has an achievable plan, he has the ability to neutralize and eliminate his opponents using the police force to effect arrests against opposition (or threat of same), and the justice system to eliminate them from the equation.

In my estimation, an assessment of the opposition has been made and they have been found wanting and lacking in backbone because of their own uncertainties (real or perceived) and lack of inherent strength.

Prime Minister James Marape. As a Papua New Guinean born of the stock of this land, I am just like you and advise your Sir, that with all due respect, you have a wild dog in your pig house.
That wild dog has everyone running scared and in circles. He has befriended you but make no mistake in that he WILL erode your positions of strength and eliminate those strong enough to stand with you creating divisions and uncertainties until he can undermine you and take control of the pig house. Please refer to George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”. The analogy is clear. What will you do about it?

You have already surrendered too much ground to him and clearly allowed him to undermine your leadership and position as the protector of that pig house. How many more pigs are you willing to sacrifice before you act?

You are the duly elected Prime Minister of this country and the Chairman of the NEC. You are a traditional Papua New Guinean tribal Chief among your Hela people. You own lands and have traditional wealth as your birthright. You have people who have looked up to you for leadership and decisiveness, demonstrates strength and leadership and will not back down in the face of threats. As Papua New Guineans, I ask you to heed this as your people wait for you to act now as our leader and not allow others to dictate terms to you.
So now we sit back and wait for the next move. And I am certain it will not be long in coming.


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