THE SHADOW HUNTER: The Tale of a young CEO

by Therow Zuaru
Once there was a young executive working for a company. After years of serving under the company, he finally got appointed as the 8th chief executive officer of the company. During the inauguration, his adrenaline was so nerve wrecking, because after 17 years he was finally bestowed to that position. But he failed to throw in an official excutive board meeting to acknowledge the stakeholders, boards and international partners who has been playing a pivotal roles for company's 44 years of existence. Instead he became obsessed, turn ballistic on them and pledged rhetoric political chit-chats against them;
▪️ Accused the previous CEO to be the sole person responsible for the company's huge accumulated financial debt of K27 billion.
▪️Demand Australia immediate closure of Manus detention camp. Pledge that security contract is for locals and not foreign companies. Set up Manus as tax free haven.
▪️Put foreign companies on notice, pledging to change laws in the resources sector and “take back the economy”. Told them that they either accept it or ship out.
▪️Set up COI into UBS loans used to buy Oilseach share and improper tender and procurement of consultants in relation to the borrowing. Pledge that not only individuals but also companies involved will be prosecuted.
During 44 years of company existence, it entirely depends on many players within quantum of the business ecosystem. However, the young CEO ejaculating statements did not go down well. So, the big brother was called in to bring him out from his sleep walking dream and redirect him to the path of reality.
The young CEO was invited by the big brother on a pre plan state visit. During his tour around the big brother backyard, the young CEO was given mutual opportunity to openy express his emotional day-dreams, this includes;
1. Take back PNG from foreign companies
2. Make PNG Richest Blacks Christian Nation
3. Banned all imports and make PNG a agricultural export hub in Asia
4. Make 100 PNG millionaires in 10 years
5. Make PNG to become economic independence
6. Put hold to foreign aids and financial loans
Towards the end of his tour, he was invited to watch a rugby match. From there the key message would be whispered to him through sport diplomacy by the big brother. The use of sport as a means to influence diplomatic, social, and political relations. At the end of the football politics, the young CEO got the big brother message vividly, and admitted;
"Mr Marape remarked at the end of the game he'd had such a good time he might become a Sharks supporter" ~AFP
Before the young CEO returned home, the Big Brother thrown in a banquet to commemorate his first visitation, and he shown him all the economic and political treasures under his disposal. During the orgy, the big brother grant him a wish on anything he wishes to ac. The young CEO went down on his knee and bagged him for "dinau moni" to refinance the company. The big brother granted his wish, thus gave him a substantial sum of money plus 12 wisemen to accompany him home.
The money will be used to fund the company budgets while 12 wisemen would be advising the CEO and his entire executives on what to do. Upon a agreement that the young CEO will literally continue his rhetoric dreams on his emotionally isane followers but with no practicality. But will play by the set of rules to ensure the regional interests of Big Brother within the quantum of business ecosystem.
So what was the big brother interest?
" To Secure Neo colonialism"
While back at home the young CEO continued to play "cat and the fiddle" amongst his company's executives but failed to persure his own dreams.
He think that debt has to be seen from the perspective of previous governments. And ignored to accept the fact that, debt’s origins come from colonialism’s origins. Those who lend us money are those who financially colonized us. They are the same ones who used to manage our state and economy. These are the colonizers who indebted Papua New Guinea through their brothers/cousins(IMF, WB, Exim, ADB), who were the lenders.
Debt is neo-colonialism, in which colonizers have transformed themselves into “technical assistants" (Ausaid, EU, etc). They present us with financing, with financial backers. As if someone’s backing could create development. We have been advised to go to these lenders. We have been offered nice financial arrangements. We have been indebted for 44 years. That means politicians have been forced to compromise our people for over 44 years.
Under its current form, controlled and dominated by neo-colonialism, debt is a skillfully managed reconquest of Papua New Guinea, intended to subjugate its growth and development through foreign rules. Thus, each one of us becomes the financial slave, which is to say a true slave, of those like, big brother who had been treacherous enough to put money in our government with obligations for us to repay. We are told to repay, but it is not a moral issue. It is not about this so-called honor of repaying or not. debt cannot be repaid. Debt cannot be repaid, first because it's all about neo colonization.
Neo colonization is real. In the future we will have to fight it the same way we fought for our independence from colonialism. This time we have to make sure we are truly political and economic independent. In the meantime we cannot achieve our own dreams because already "those who feeds us, controls us." So, let us consume what we produce, utilize our little resources for economic growth and social change. Marape's Government may only be political shadow hunters, hunting for shadows to TAKE BACK PNG.


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