In politics… never retreat, never retract… never admit a mistake. Those were the words of a tyrant named Napoleon Bonaparte.

The recent revelation regarding several Whatsapp messages among our Honourable Prime Minster, James Marape and his Pangu Party cohorts have stirred up so much anxiety amongst Papua New Guineans whilst also reinforcing blind faith in those that see him as a stainless demigod. Amidst the eminent threat posed by the Corona Virus pandemic, such a leak has been modulated by the government and the Prime Minister. Even educated Papua New Guineans do not wish to comment on the issue for varying reasons.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and we all must embrace the fact that there is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed.

Only a fool would believe that Pangu Party members weren’t promised anything for their loyalty and their support for the Prime Minister. Only a fool would believe that all the governments formed, both past and present have never employed this tactic of recruiting members in exchange for favours, cash or in present instance, land title. This is the modus operandi of all governments formed past and present. It is nothing unusual per se in Papua New Guinea.

A women or man who is cheated on, or is hurt once in a relationship and loses everything will never want to believe anything against their new partner in a relationship when they find new love. They fear the worst and they will always defend their partner even to death. We call these people, fools!

Papua New Guinea was almost mutilated to death by O’neil and his cohorts like James Marape to the point that PNG does not want to embrace any fault on their new found love in Prime Minister James Marape. They want everything to be perfect. The belief that the Prime Minister was heaven sent.  This ideology is even clouding the judgment of a handful of religious clergymen and women. Napoleon once said that “religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich” and that “religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet”.

Despite all the rebuts, non-admissions and unapologetic tone taken by the Prime Minister and his cohorts, let us read from the facts and be the judge ourselves. In order to settle this squabble once and for all, let us answer the million dollar question:


This is not an extensive enlightenment and therefore it is indicated in its simplest term. Try it out yourself and you will prove the following points.

The names/number on the fake messages of the contacts created all appear in one colour whereas in a real conversation, the colours of the names/numbers will be different.

For example: From the leaked whatsapp messages, I will now sort out the colours for the participants in that whatsapp group. All the colours are generated and classified by the application itself.

James Marape – Sky Blue
John Simon – Lavender Purple
Jimmy Uguro – Mustard Yellow
Sasandra Mathuvel – Police Strobe Blue
Solan Mirisim – Emerald Green
Wera  Mori - Dunkles Magenta Purple
Win Daki – Blush Red
John Rosso – Shamrock/Emerald Green
Saki Soloma – Latte Yellow
Kevin Isifu – Mantis Green

The above colours are generated and programmed in the application and are not prime colours and are all different for every contact and identity. This does not happen in a fake whatsapp group.

2. When you create a Whatsapp contact, you are required to fill in your name (optional), if you do fill in that section, that name is not your  username or pin, however, that name will be visible to your Whatsapp Contacts.

It is practically impossible to add a person’s name in a fake whatsapp group chat. This is the name that appears on the far right side of the contact.

For example: The Pangu Party member who exposed the messages did not have contacts for the following people.

+ 675 7270 6705 – Win Daki
+ 675 7430 9531 – Hon. Saki Soloma
+ 675 7924 8511 –  TAY (whoever that member is)
+ 675 7192 6868 – Sasi ( Sasandrah Muthuviel)

When you look at the far right hand side of the messages from the above numbers, they have the above names visible. That name cannot be created in a fake whatsapp group. It is impossible.

If you have John Roso’s number and wish to see his name, then delete his contact and you will see the name he has. That name cannot be added to a fake whatsapp group created but only the number.

3. In a fake whatsapp group, the description for the time will always appear in am/pm whether or not if the clock is on a 24 hour set or 12 hour set.

Example: The MP who took the screenshots had a 24 hour set clock. That is why there is no pm or am at the end of the time the message was sent. In a fake whatsapp group, whether its a 24 hour clock or 12 hour clock, the message will still have the time as am or pm at the end.


Based on the above FACTS, the messages are not fake and the messages are from those said MP’s.

It is nothing new, all that is required is for the Prime Minister to live up to his name (Humble Huli) and humble himself and admit and apologise. We all know the necessities and promises required to form government which involves cash and material wealth.  It is nothing new. I encourage you to man up and apologise and say that the messages are true and let us focus on them later on as we have an invisible enemy coming our way.

You have encouraged people and the nation to stand by 2 Chronicles 7:14 so it is time you practice what you have been preaching and be the first Prime Minister in our history to admit and say sorry.

We are all behind you. If you do not admit this. You will not return as Prime Minister after the 2022 elections.

Prove that you are better than a tyrant!


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