by JAMES MARAPE MP, PRIME MINISTER To all PNG miners (those in both operations and explorations) we will not change goal posts in between. PNG is a robust democracy that honors all agreements to the text and spirit, congruent to our mining act. Major amendments to the resource law regimes we doing will be effected post 2025 and will not affect those agreements secured under present regimes. You can have that comfort. However Pogera is a special case and is an exception because Barrick’s lease expired on 18th August 2019. My letter to Barrick is on it’s way and will explain this and also allude to formal and legitimate processes of government including MAC’s deliberation that refused application for lease renewal. I have my country’s 8million shareholders including the people of Ipili, Pogera , Enga, environmental footprint areas plus present mine workers to look after. Now that your lease has expired, the legal process is there for Barrick to comply so you can maintain your operation until an agreed exit time we both secure at negotiations when mutual obligations are retired. My letter will ask Barrick to continue operating the mine when we go through this phase, but if you sabotage or close the mine, you leave me no choice but to invoke orders to take over the mine for the sake of land owners and provincial government who should be getting bigger equities, plus the employees and contractors who are presently working with the mine. Don’t fight me ( I am in my country and I lose nothing), work with me for your ease of business during this transition and exit phase ( you never know, negotiations may buy you extra mine operation time). To all PNGeans bear with me, short term pain for long term gain, don’t be cry babies and pessimist. The world will not end if Pogera closes. Don’t just dream and write concept papers and paper proposals in fb and all over the virtual world. Live In the real world, this is 2020, not 1975, no one else will work for you or us PNG, we have to do it ourselves. Go back till your land in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, that’s where our ancestors lived and ruled and our future continues to remain in. PNG and the world need organic healthy food, need coffee, copra , cocoa, vanilla, livestock’s, fish etc. We have food we can produce to feed ourself and supply the world. If you can’t go back home and mobilize your land for agriculture and other business, yet waiting for free handouts then don’t bother commenting on porgera , that is my job to do, giving back to my cousins in Enga what is their just due as well as getting more for the country. We are in partnership with BSP ( 5% for 15 years, Kina Bank and NDB ( 4% for 20 years) offering cheap financing for business. Utilize that, Government will find your market .Let us all work the hard yard in tough times instead of dreaming and praying for miracles, God has already blessed us with intelligence and other land and sea based resources and not just gold from Pogera. I am not a PM who want to baby feed our citizens with fake free education, free health and good easy promises but I want to get you citizens to work hard to become millionaires in your own land by working hard. PMJM. ( thankyou Governor R Agorobe for mobilizing food from central to supply Port Moresby and Minister Sam Basil for the vision of freight subsidies for outside of Port Moresby farmers).


  1. Sensational work PM well done. The genuine citizens of this country are totaly with you on this keep up the fine work.We need to reclaim our rightfully rights of we are to take back PNG and this is the path.Keep it up and let's go all the way. We are with on this.

  2. Sensational work PM well done. The genuine citizens of this country are totaly with you on this keep up the fine work.We need to reclaim our rightfully rights of we are to take back PNG and this is the path.Keep it up and let's go all the way. We are with on this.

  3. Why was K92 Mining put on recession.

    There are underlying reasons but only one can be explained and that is evidently visible. The only road leading to the mine impacted village Bilimoia, is in a very bad state. This road is about 5km from Kainantu town. Because of politics this road has been neglected for 30 years until the time when Barrick took over from Highlands Kainantu and with the assistance from the former member for Kainantu late Sailon Beseo, the road was upgraded in 2008.
    Even though this road is under the district's care this road was neglected for another 15 years after Barrick Kainantu Limited left the mine in 2010, when there was a landslide causing death of 10 people.
    The mine was under care and maintenance until K92 Mining Limited took over in 2015. After a year and a half of service and rebuilding K92 begin full production in 2017.
    As expected K92 embraced the idea of "divide and rule" causing factions in the landowners association.
    Grievances were raised in meetings between the landowners and their association which includes the support from the LLG, K92 and the executives concerning sensitive issues;
    - Disbanding the devided association
    - Land Title Commission decision
    - MOU review
    - Employment
    - Business Contracts
    - Community Projects
    - Landowners interests
    Out of these only two were addressed by the company only after the first incident with the landowners regarding employment. The second was business contracts.
    The other issues are still pending, and will cause disruptions in future if not addressed.

    Statements received from landowners indicates all of the issues above.
    But as stated the current issue is the upgrading of the road. Questions are being asked;
    - when is the impact villages road be upgraded,
    - is there a tax credit scheme between the company and the government in place for the upgrading and maintenance of this road?

    These are laid before the state the company and the landowners association to resolve.


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