William Duma- Reminding you of your Roots!

Our forefathers were the first celebrated people on earth to have toiled the land and farm the upper Wahgi Valley. We have survived without any resources apart from our land from which we cultivate and propagate our fresh vegetables and green coffee beans.

Those legendary men and women were among the prominent Highlanders to embrace the ‘white men’ during the wave of civilization. They were classified as the first known primitives who were hospitable and capable of forging lasting relationships with the Europeans. Our people were classified as permanently rich in culture and abundantly wealthy by the first Europeans.

A Catholic Missionary had this to write about our people;

“The Hagen people of the Wagi raised pigs in abundance and at times, they would even slaughter up to a thousand in a day for their neighbors or allies to celebrate or mark their relationship”.

During the migration epochs after the onset of the Leahy brothers, we had more than a few coffee plantations up and running with businesses popping up like mushrooms with the rise of the Legends, Paul Pora, Walter Perdacher, Rotep Wak, Goimba Kot and other coffee growers who worked hard to build their businesses and build Mt Hagen. The emergence of the pioneering Pipilka Development Corporation and the model followed by the Komkui Group of Companies and the Nambuka Melimb Business Group and their subsequent buildings earned the name ‘Third City’ of Papua New Guinea.

Homegrown Businessman like PuNui Family, Max Kumbamong, Simon Norum, Glen Kundin, Pat Dougworth, Paul Ruing, Alois Yupanga tirelessly built Mt Hagen when all the big businesses left when lawlessness started to skulk into our beautiful township. These named individuals built the city even when all the educated wealthy millionaires like you and all our elected MPs invested elsewhere in the country.

For the grassroots’ businessmen, it was all possible to dream big! We had world renowned companies based in Mt Hagen and we had people from all over the world and the nation living among us. Hagen was always paradise until it became a memory in the new millennium.

Our forefathers were big men with many wives and wealth more than today’s average millionaires. We had and still have a more organized society where common criminals had no place in our society because all men were equal in wealth and blessed with land. Those that stole pigs were the only known thieves during those days.

Our waterways and scrubs provided enough wild protein nourishment for us all. We have always been proud people and have always protected our name. Our name, our integrity and our pride was nothing to be messed with and everything to us. To any Hagener, our name must never go down at all costs! That was the spirit. We wanted to be known to be pioneers and course charters. We wanted to be effective in everything we did.

I am a Hagener and I am proud of my roots and heritage.

The only thing that provokes me to condense this 20 Chapter book in only 2 pages is to remind you of your great Hagen people. The level of scrutiny you are getting yourself into is forcing all of us to bow our heads in shame.

I am mystified as to what kind of household you come from! I suspect you are a son of a common criminal through several genealogical levels down the line. Your ancestors may have been common pig thieves for you to end up like this and give a collective corrupt name to us, ALL THE TIME, time and time again.

We have enough wealth and enough food to feed our families. Why do you have to give a bad name to us all the time?

You are among the people we chose to represent us. You came out best through the electoral process through whatever means that was used!

Regardless, we have always been proud of you because you were the first Hagener to make Partner in an international law firm.

You were the first Hagener to become Chairman of PNG Harbours Board; you were one of the few to graduate with an Honors Degree in Law and a Masters in Law.

We trusted you regardless of whether we voted you or not because you have been a Minister since the day we elected you.

Our people still have hope in you because you continue to win in these electoral processes where the majority rules. You are still our leader, but you continue to shame, embarrass and make us look like common thieves and criminals.

If all the allegations, even if any of it contains any element of truth from the DSIP funds misuse to the foul play elections, to the bribery scandals, down to ManuManu to Elevala then, please!, spare us some dignity. For the love of your people and for the love of Papua New Guinea.

Do the honorable thing and change, admit, resign etc…etc….

Enough is enough!

Concerned and proud Hagener!

Son of my father’s father. Son of the forefathers…

Hope this one reaches you by chance! I am a proud Jiga and Hagen man and I refuse to be labelled.

Before you criticize me, I am not a vagrant who sits down to write stuff against our MPs and politicians. This one is a first for me because I cannot take this anymore. My Businesses in Mt Hagen are affected and I am struggling because of some people like you and the likes who are busy fighting innumerable allegations!


  1. Everyone of us, as PNGuineans are proud of our heritage.....but it should be for the right reasons..don't you think so, Hon. Duma?


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