By: Parliament Staff

The Speaker of National Parliament and Member for Manus Open Mr. Job Pomat and his syndicate must be arrested following the arrest of their political master Peter O’Neil yesterday. Misappropriation of K59.396 million belonging to the National Parliament was detailed by a brave and courageous former staff of the Parliamentary Services. The report was comprehensive one with all evidences attached including expenditure vote summary, copies of contracts, copies of invoices, copies of cheques and other related materials substantiating all allegations made in that complaint.

It was a Formal Complaint laid against the Speaker of National Parliament and his crime syndicate for Conspiracy, Abuse of Office and Misappropriation of Parliament Funds. The Crime Syndicate consist of the following:

1. Mr. Job Pomat (Current Speaker of Parliament)
2. Mr. Vela Konivaro (former Clerk of Parliament),
3. Mr. Richard Whitchurch (Acting Parliamentary Legal Counsel),
4. Mr. Kala Aufa (Acting Clerk of Parliament),
5. Mr. Basil Kambuleagin (Acting Deputy Clerk of Parliament),
6. Mr. Hillary Malai (First Secretary to Speaker – now Director, Finance and Admins),
7. Mr. Robert Kimai (Acting Secretary, Parliamentary Tenders Board),
8. Mr. Johnson Douglas (Chief Finucane Office),
9. Ms. Sheila Malai (daughter of Mr. Hillary Malai, Machinist, Cheque print room),

Mr. Job Pomat took Office as Speaker of Parliament in August 2017. Shortly after, in April 2018, Mr. Vela Konivaro was reinstated by the National Court as Clerk of Parliament. From there on, the duo Constitutional Office Holders have colluded with very weak and corrupt Parliamentary Legal Counsel, and systemically defrauded the Parliament with Millions of Kina and Parliament assets. Both leaders, in collaboration, aided by their Lawyer (Legal Counsel), have grossly abused their powers resulting in squandering of large amounts of Parliament funds for political, family and personal use, including receipt of kickbacks from awarding of contracts to wantoks including corrupt deals with motor vehicle dealers.

Nepotism (Conspiracy)

Five (5) experienced, senior substantive position holders were removed from their positions within the Parliamentary Service’s Corporate Wing (Finance and Administration), namely;

(1) Mr. Danny Puli, Deputy Clerk, Corporate Services (Finance and Administration)
(2) Mr. Maurice Kwadogi, Secretary Parliamentary Tenders Board,
(3) Mrs. Madi Rei Kariko, Chief Finance Officer (died immediately after replacement),
(4) Mrs. Shirley Wowok, Senior Accountant/Machinist and,
(5) Mr. Marawa Goroba, Manager, Human Resources

The above officers have all been respectively replaced with his relatives and political staff namely;

(1) First Secretary Mr. Hillary Malai (Director Corporate Services),
(2) Second Secretary Mr. Robert Kimai (Secretary, Tenders Board),
(3) Research Officer Mr. Douglas Johnson (Chief Finance Officer),
(4) First Secretary’s biological Daughter Ms. Sheila Malai (Senior Accountant) and,
(5) Manager Human Resources. Mr. Tim Bonou (Clerk Konivaro’s close associate)

The first four (4) on the above list are Speaker Pomat’s relatives/political staff from Manus Province, who have no administrative experiences, very poorly educated and possess nil institutional knowledge. Mr. Bonou is a crony of the former Clerk, Mr. Konivaro. Such an unprecedented level of “nepotism” consequently has created a very weak administrative environment for accelerated proliferation of high-level corruption, never known in 40 years.


The employment of wantoks in key finance and administrative positions, are directly linked to an unrestraint indulgence in squandering of Parliament funds. All experienced administrative system and process managers have been effectively removed, thereby creating a tightly control and, very weak and sick administrative system managed by Speaker’s cronies. Consequently, the Speaker has siphoned, both directly and indirectly, large large amounts of Parliament funds to his electorate in Manus including purchase of vehicles and awarding of contracts to wantoks with inevitable kick-back benefits. Subsequently, the Parliament Administration has fallen prey to a well-connected syndicate of predators, ripping the Parliament apart. The summary of available data supporting the allegations (facts) are listed hereunder. Please note that:

1. Lead information and evidences presented in this complaint are for the period between April 2018 to May 2019. (Detailed audit needs to be conducted for this period to validate the allegations presented hereunder).

2. Information and evidences not included in this complaint are for the period of August 2017 to March 2018; and May 2019 to current. (New and additional revelations of misappropriation are expected to to be uncovered by an audit).

The complaint is set out in Two Parts. Introduction and the background are presented in Part 1 and Part 2 lays out the actual allegations and further provides lead information with available evidences.


In November 2019 a brave and courageous senior Parliamentary Services staff laid complaints against the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Job Pomat, MP and a group of very senior management including the Clerk of Parliament and the parliamentary Counsel. He formally laid complaints against;

(a) the Speaker of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea, Mr. Job Pomat and;
(b) his (Speaker’s) administrative executive management and political (wantok) staff (hereafter shall be referred to as his ‘Crime Syndicate’), namely;

1. Mr. Vela Konivaro (former Clerk of Parliament),
2. Mr. Richard Whitchurch (Acting Parliamentary Legal Counsel),
3. Mr. Kala Aufa (Acting Clerk of Parliament),
4. Mr. Basil Kambuleagin (Acting Deputy Clerk of Parliament),
5. Mr. Hillary Malai (First Secretary to Speaker – now Director, Finance and Admins),
6. Mr. Robert Kimai (Acting Secretary, Parliamentary Tenders Board),
7. Mr. Johnson Douglas (Chief Finucane Office),
8. Ms. Sheila Malai (daughter of Mr. Hillary Malai, Machinist, Cheque print room),

The complainant did so in his capacity as a former senior executive staff of the National Parliamentary Services. He was the Acting Deputy Clerk, Corporate Services (designated Secretary, Parliamentary Services) until he was maliciously and without cause, removed by the out-going Clerk, Mr. Vela Konivaro in June 2018 for his rigid stand against corruption. He served the Parliament for nearly 7 years, commencing on the 3rd of August 2012 until his removal in 16 June 2018) and replaced by Speaker’s relative. Therefore, he laid the complaint as a directly affected staff and a citizen of Papua New Guinea.

He also represents the directly affected Senior Staff who have been replaced by Speaker’s Political cronies and Clerk’s wantoks. Furthermore, he represents over 300 employees of the National Parliament (who’s in fear of losing their jobs and cannot not be able to speak out) and more importantly the 110 Members of Parliament, who are directly affected as a result of diversion of funds for purposes other than the core functions of the National Parliamentary Services. Therefore, the authority of this complaint is firmly established.


Two (2) distinct categories of allegations of corruption, perpetrated by the Speaker and his syndicate, are presented in this part. These include Nepotism and Fraud which amount to Abuse of Office, Misappropriation and Conspiracy.


The Speaker Job Pomat has forced, coerced or allowed an overly corrupt Clerk (Vela Konivaro, who was charged by a Tribunal on 4 grounds of gross misappropriation and abuse of office) and an ill-educated and unqualified Acting Clerk (Kala Aufa) who has nil administrative experiences, to appoint his (Speaker’s) relatives/political staff to senior Parliamentary Service positions, replacing experienced senior service staff. These positions are key administrative positions, which directly control Parliament funds and projects.

The Parliamentary Legal Counsel (PLC) Mr. Richard Whitchurch, who was promised the Clerk’s position by the Speaker, in return, has provided twisted and tainted legal advice, tailored to help the Speaker achieve his intended outcome. The PLC has effectively misled the Speaker to approve illegal practices of not only nepotism, but also caused a poorly educated Speaker to commit fraud (stealing of funds) at an unprecedented scale.

The collaborative acts of the “Speaker’s Syndicate” to appoint his political/electoral staff and relatives to key finance positions, is observed to be a highly calculated and conspirational move to take full control of the Parliament Finance, which he is effectively executing.

It is now up to the Police and Ombudsman Commission to test the strength of this allegation (nepotism) against the details presented below and serve justice on the perpetrators.

1. Executive Director, Corporate Services

The Speaker's First Secretary, Mr. Hillary Malai, has taken up duties of the Executive Director - Corporate and Support Services which was held by Mr. Repe Rambe. Mr. Malai is now, actively performing the task as the final authority to approve all payments. This makes it very easy for Speaker and his syndicate to access Parliament funds without restraint.

2. Secretary, Parliamentary Supply & Tenders Board

The Speaker's Second Secretary, Mr. Robert Kimae, also from Manus (relative) has been appointed to Secretary - Parliament Supply and Tenders Board, heavily compromising the tender awarding processes. He is facilitating and awarding Contracts without proper Board’s approval, most of which are awarded to wantoks.

3. Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

The Speaker's Research Officer, Mr. Douglas Johnson, also from Manus (relative) has been appointed Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of the Parliamentary Services, leveraging Pomat's direct access to Parliament Funds. He is taking regular trips to Manus every fortnight carrying speaker’s cheques to Manus.

4. Senior Accountant (Deputy CFO)

The Speaker's First Secretary (currently Executive Director, Finance & Admin) Mr. Malai’s biological daughter Ms. Sheila Malai has been appointed Senior Accountant (Deputy CFO) in the Accounts Division, headed by Mr. Douglas Johnson. She is the Cheque counter-signing Officer under direct oversight of her father, Mr. Malai as Head of Finance and Admin and Mr. Douglas Johnson (CFO).

5. Human Resource Manager

Mr. Vela Konivaro’s relative and associate was appointed Human Resource Manger, replacing experienced HR Manager Mr. Marawa, who is facilitating appointment of Speaker’s relatives.

2. GROSS MISAPPROPRIATION = K59,539,300.86 (Between 4/18 & 5/19)

After appointing relatives/cronies to key finance and administrative positions, the Speaker is hastily squandering Parliament funds without administrative restraint, aided by top executives Vela Konivaro, Aufa, Whitchurch and Kambuleagin. These top executives including the Speaker’s political cronies/relatives who now hold key finance and administrative positions constitute, what is clearly a ‘crime syndicate’!

Revelations of high-level corruption, especially gross misappropriation of funds belonging to Parliamentary Services for political, personal and family use as well as for the benefit of the members of a crime syndicate, is staggering. The key point to note in this section is the visible link between “Conspiracy and Misappropriation” of funds, few of which are tabulated below whilst more can be obtained and substantiated through a formally sectioned investigation.

The allegations that directly involve the Speaker are set out in Section 2.1 to 2.4. Section 2.5 sets out allegations involving directly involving the Executive Managers under leadership of Clerks Vela Konivaro and and Kala Aufa (Refer to supporting evidences, annexed to each of the allegations).


Allegations Involving Speaker Directly

1. Misapplication of Funds for Electoral Purposes

Speaker IS NOT ENTITLED to divert Parliament Funds for his Electoral programs. He has DSIP funds for electoral purposes. In this case, Mr. Pomat has “misapplied” K2, 335,300.86 Parliament Funds for his electorate. Available records indicating misappropriation of these amounts are summarized below.

1.1 Since January 2018 to December 2018, K958,000.00 and since January 2019 to May 2019, K829,850.00 to SDA schools and churches in Manus. The total amount misapplied from January 2018 to May 2019 stands at K1,787, 850.00. (Appendix A)

1.2 Speaker misapplied K36,842.00 (payment date; 05/02/19) and K62,608.86 (7/02/19) for school fee assistances for Manus Students studying in colleges outside of Manus in different Institutions. Total Amount misappropriated in the month of February: K99,450.86 (Appendix A)

1.3 Speaker Pomat misapplied K100,000.00 for a Church building in Manus dated 23 January 2019 (Sanapim Church Building). (Appendix A)

1.4 Speaker Pomat misapplied K60,000.00 between February 2019 and July 2019 for purchase of fuel in Manus from Mastrados and M&G Sapau Enterprises – political cronies. (Appendix C). Any payments to Mastrados and M&G Sapau Enterprises must be investigated)

1.5 Double Dipping: Speaker Pomat rents an Airways Hotel Apartment which is paid for by the Parliament for K24,000 a month (K288,000/year) whilst also receiving his fortnightly accommodation allowances. This is double-dipping. (SRC determination of the Speaker and current pay-slip need to be checked to confirm this).

Note: This amount stated was expanded between 2018 and May 2019. More evidences can be uncovered through an audit investigation and the amount misappropriated is expected to increased. Legal Counsel, Richard Whitchurch is responsible for all illegal movement of funds.

2. Funds expanded on Unofficial Trips to Speaker’s Electorate

Speaker Pomat, after taking control of the Parliament Finance and Accounts, through appointing his own relatives, has been making frequent electoral trip by him and his officers. Such trips are unofficial personal trips; hence, Parliament is not responsible for the costs. However, Speaker Pomat has used Parliament Funds for his personal electoral trips (Evidences can be obtained form accounts cashbooks and payments vouchers for tickets and allowances).

3. Questionable purchase and use of Vehicles by Speaker and his Officers K2, 108,000.00

3.1 In 2018, Parliament bought a Toyota Prado VX and a 5 door Toyota Land cruiser. In 2019, Parliament bought a 4 door Toyota Land cruiser 10 Seater. These Parliament vehicles are in Manus except for the Prado which was sent back to Port Moresby and was given to Vela Konivaro (Nature of transaction needs to be confirmed with Speaker and Konivaro). Each valued at approx K600,000 & K200,000 x2 totaaling K1.2million. (Appendix D)

3.2 The Parliament Tenders Board Secretary Mr. Kimai's 5door Toyota Land cruiser, bought by Parliaments, has been on hire by the Parliament CFO since June 2018. This vehicle is on hire for K34,000 per month or K408,000 a year and is still on hire by Parliament to date. Mr. Kimai and Mr. Douglas are both Speaker’s relatives mentioned in Section 1 who replaced Substantive Senior Officers (Appendix D).

3.3 Speaker's First Secretary, now Executive Director Parliamentary Services, Hillary, bought himself a latest White 4WD Double Cab Toyota 6th Element and a Blue Toyota Land cruiser 10 Seater in July 2019. He keeps both vehicles in his house and not at Parliament. Both vehicles were bought with Parliament funds and both vehicles are not Z Plated and still have private plates and are used as his private vehicles (Appendix D).

3.4 Speaker’s relative now CFO, Johnson Douglas, bought himself a latest white Toyota Hilux 8th Element with Parliament funds in July 2019 and uses this vehicle as his private vehicle, whilst at the same time hires Mr. Kimai’s vehicle. This vehicle has not been Z plated and still has private plate numbers and is kept and used as private vehicle (Appendix D).

4. Speaker’s & Relatives Medical Bills K1.5Million

Last year (2018), Parliament paid huge medical bills for Speaker’s medical treatment in Philippines. Parliament paid medical bills for Speaker's wife who underwent treatment for cancer in Philippines. Parliament paid for overseas medical treatment for people from his (Speaker’s) Electorate.

Note: Payments inclusive of all associated costs – example, travel allowances, airfares, accommodation etc. All MPs and Parliamentary Service Staff have no Insurance Policy. Parliament has been reimbursing huge medical bills incurred by MPs. Neglecting his duty to fix this issue, the Speaker capitalizes on this weakness for his own gain.

Evidences: The Parliament Clinic Nurse (Male) Mr. Seta and CFO Mr. for details.


Allegations Involving Speaker, Clerk & Executive Management

Abuse of Office by former Clerk (Konivaro), Acting Clerk (Aufa), Acting Deputy Clerk (Kambuleagin), and Legal Counsel (Whitchurch).

In excess of K24 Million is observed to have been fraudulently applied through illegal and questionable contracts, fees and personal payments perpetrated by the Top Management Executives, approved by Speaker in collaboration with “corrupt” purported “Service Providers” and political cronies of the Speaker.

1. Parliament Lift Services K1.5million

Port Moresby Lift Services did not bid for the Parliament Lift Tender but just a monthly bill approval by Acting Clerk, Kala Aufa, since 2016. A monthly bill of K125,000 per month or annual bill of K1.5 million is currently still being paid as approved by Speaker and Acting Clerk for nil services. When you find out who owns POM LIFT SERVICES, you will realize why Speaker and his Crime Partners are paying this free money.

Speaker and Clerk have conveniently allocated a free office space within the National Parliament House to Port Moresby Lift Services to operate in. This company operates its business from the Parliament House office.

2. Water Coolers & Finger Print Access System K2million

Sungwoo International (SWI) provided Water Coolers and Finger Print Access System worth K2 million. No tenders were advertised. Only approval by Acting Clerk Kala Aufa with Legal Counsel Richard Whitchurch.

3. Water Coolers

Aufa engaged Neira Contractors to install the Water Coolers at a whooping fee of K800,000. They were to fix 8 non existing water coolers. They have been paid K0.8million already however they still claim to be owed K200,000 more. No tender was advertised for this project

4. Purchase of Used Vehicles for Speaker K1million

Two official vehicles (a Range Rover and a Toyota V8) were bought by the Parliament for the Speaker during the 2017 General Elections. One of these vehicles was bought from a car dealer, Freeway Motors, in the city while the other was bought from a private individual. It is believed that the car dealer paid cash to Basil Kambuleagin and Kala Aufa. Speaker Pomat refused to drive these 2 vehicles so a third brand new Toyota V8 was bought from Ela Motors. Both vehicles were valued over K500,000.00 each.

Note: Sam Taison, the owner of Freeway Motors, in a court decision handed down by Justice Ambeng Kandakasi on 28 October 2019, has been declared a “corrupt fraudster who has ripped off the public through illegal dealings”. Mr. Robert Kimai, Speaker’s relative who currently is the Secretary for Parliamentary Tenders Board, was a salesman at Freeway at the time Mr. Aufa and Mr. Kambuleagin are believed to have conspired with Mr. Taison and Mr. Kimai to defraud the Parliament. Investigate into kickbacks benefited by Mr. Aufa, Mr. Kambuleagin, Mr. Whitchurch, and Mr. Kimai, and further locate the two vehicles.

5. Opening of the 10th Parliament K6million

K6 million for the Opening of the 10th Parliament in July/August 2017 disappeared between Acting Clerk Kala Aufa, Acting Deputy Clerk Basil Kambuleagin and Legal Counsel Richard Whitchurch. No acquittals have ever been submitted. No audit has ever been conducted into how this K6 million was used. The three (3) senior Executive Officers have to acquit where they spent this amount.

6. Medical Evacuation K80,000.00

Vela Konivaro, was paid K80,000.00 on 22nd March 2019 cheque #67922 for a purported medical evacuation. Evidences: Check with Parliament Nurse and CFO).

7. Questionable Salary Payout (Undisclosed Amount)

Vela Konivaro paid himself substantial amount of monies from Parliament funds for his “purported service to the Government of PNG. (Check his final pay out from Emolument Section of Parliamentary Services) Mr. Richard Whitchurch Parliamentary Counsel deliberately cleared this illegal payout.

8. Parliament Fountain K7million

Parliament Fountain (Lake rehabilitation) was valued at K7 million. No tenders for this project were advertised. Project was just given to Project Consultant Anthony Poliap from 2degrees North. Poliap was contracted by Speaker and his cohorts (Vela Konivaro, Richard Whitchurch and Kala Aufa) Poliap is from Manus. The project was not tendered and Mr. Poliap did not complete the Project (Check Parliament Projects Account).

9. Parliament Boulevard Lighting and Unity Pillar Project

Parliament Boulevard Lighting and Unity Pillar Project. Speaker’s Consultant James Ninau of NDranu Consultants from Manus, was awarded an illegal Contract valued at K4.4 Million. Draw down of this amount was as follows:

o First payment – 5% of the total contact was K220,000.00 dated 12/0/2/19 chq #264376
o Second payment K299,995.00
o Third payment K299,999.70

Note: Clerk’s approval limit is K300,000.00. K299,999 figures for same project looks highly suspicious hence needs investigation. Approved by Speaker. (Refer Appendix B1)

10. Double Dipping by James Ninau K4.4million

In addition, Mr. James Ninau is still on consultancy services contract valued at K18,000.00 per month (K216,000.00). This contract expires in June 2019. While still on this contract K4.4 Million contract was awarded to him in February 2019. (Refer Appendix B2)

11. Catering Services K1.2million

National Parliament Catering Services (Parliament Mess). Funds for operation of the Parliament Mess are being paid into the personal Account of the Catering Manager.

12. IRC Tax Evasion K28million

Salary: IRC Tax Evasion and using these monies to fund extravagant life-style.

The total misappropriated by the Speaker, Clerk and the Executive Management Team is K59,539.300.86. This is after appointing relatives/cronies to key finance and administrative positions, the Speaker is hastily squandering Parliament funds without administrative restraint, aided by top executives Vela Konivaro, Aufa, Whitchurch and Kambuleagin. These top executives including the Speaker’s political cronies/relatives who now hold key finance and administrative positions constitute, what is clearly a ‘crime syndicate’!


1. Nepotism

There is sufficient evidence to support the allegation on the subject of nepotism. The claim that the for (4) relatives of the Speaker have replaced the experienced substantive position holders of the Parliamentary Services, can be readily substantiated by:

· the unattached senior officers who are substantive holders of those positions.
· interrogating those Officers who now occupy those positions; and
· accessing records from HR and Parliament Payroll.

Speaker Mr. Job Pomat can be questioned to confirm whether or not those officers who replaced the substantive position holders, came with him in August 2017 and are his political staff and relatives.

2. Misappropriation

Available records show that Speaker has siphoned large amounts of Parliament funds for electoral programs. Witnesses also have reported on the kick-back arrangements with service providers. It was further reported that Speaker and his Officers required part of the monies donated to schools and churched to be paid back to the Speaker or the Officers. This allegation in particular is criminal in nature.

It is strongly recommended that recipient agencies, individuals, organizations and businesses in Manus and their bank accounts be investigated. With respect to awarding of Contracts illegally to wantoks of both the Speaker and the Clerk needs to be investigated.

Concerning the questionable deals with Car dealers and illegal possession of Parliament vehicles, 3 important tasks need to be executed: (a) take stock of all Parliament owned or bought vehicles, and recall all vehicles to Parliament. (a) Charge the officers in possession of the vehicles. (c) Investigate the nature of transactions and deals with car dealers and Clerk.

3. Conspiracy

There are overwhelming and damning evidences that, the Executive Managers Mr. Vela Konivaro, (former Clerk) Mr. Kala Aufa (Acting Clerk), Mr. Richard Whitchurch (Legal Counsel), and Mr. Basil Kambuleagin (Acting Deputy Clerk) conspired amongst themselves and with the Speaker Job Pomat to defraud the State. The Speaker has (and is) grossly abusing the high office and administration for his own gain by conspiring with the executive management and has taken full control of the Parliament Finance and Accounts.

4. Incompetent Parliamentary Counsel

Good governance and management practices are enabled by sound advice from technical experts. In the case of the National Parliament it is the Parliamentary Counsel who ensures that the Speaker and Clerk are privy to good advice. However, Parliament continues to be a hive for corruption due to the failure by the Acting Parliamentary Counsel Mr. RICHARD WHITCHURCH.

Mr. Whitchurch (Parliamentary Counsel) is a very lousy and incompetent lawyer. He has no understanding of the Constitution and the Parliamentary Services Act 1997:

4.1 K2.95million Consultancy Contract that got former Clerk Vela Konivaro suspended.

The Parliamentary Services Act 1997 provides K300,000 as the limit for the Clerks expenditure approval. Public Finance (Management) Act 1995 sets the internal commitment threshold at K500,000. Contrary to both laws, Mr. Whitchurch cleared former Clerk (Vela Konivaro) to sign a K2.95 Million consultancy contract for one Joe Steven Kudada without Parliament Tender Board approval which eventually got Mr. Konivaro suspended by the National Executive Counsel (NEC) and faced the Leadership Tribunal. Mr. Whitchurch also signed on that contract together with Mr. Konivaro and Mr. Kudada.

There is a separate Fraud Complaint on this matter that is afoot but it is believed that the Police Investigators were compromised not to pursue this investigation. The complaint was lodged by the former Speaker, Hon. Theodore Zurenuoc, MP. The former Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia in making a ruling on Konivaro Judicial Review case recommended Mr. Konivaro and the team to be criminally prosecuted for fraud and related charges. Attached is copy of Complaint letter to the Fraud Squad.

4.2 Double Deeping (Whitchurch)

Mr. Whitchurch conspired with Speaker Pomat and got the Speaker to sign a lucrative Consultancy Contract for himself to the SRC Secretariat whilst still on payroll of the National Parliament as a Public Servant (Acting Parliamentary Counsel). This is a typical case of “double-dipping” and conspiracy to defraud the State. This issue was brought to the attention of the Parliament by the Member for Rabaul Hon. Allan Marat, MP on the floor of Parliament through a Question Without Notice directly to the Speaker.

4.3 Official Corruption- Parliamentary Counsel

Mr. Whitchurch lives in a house belonging to Peter Kuman, the Principal of Kuman Lawyers, drives Mr. Kumans Ford Ranger Double Cab (Light Green) utility and in return gives out legal cases to Kuman Lawyers. Millions of kina or rather bulk of the yearly appropriations for the National Parliament is expended on legal bills alone. These intellectually challenged human beings (Pomat, Konivaro, Whitchurch, Aufa and Kambuliagen) each have a law firm aligned to each of them to milk Parliament funds; all thanks to an incapable Parliamentary Counsel Mr. Whitchurch who happily facilitates to cover up his own incompetency.

Everything form drafting of simple letters to Court duties are assigned to external lawyers. Also, note how Mr. Whitchurch features prominently in all of the allegations made in this report. He is the main culprit that is facilitating the abuse and misapplication of Parliaments funds.

The Police Fraud Squad complain was already acknowledged by Director Fraud Mr. Mathew Damaru through a letter dated 29th January 2020 that:

“Your complaint has been assessed by the Initial Action Team of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate (NFACD) and has established that there is a merit to persue criminal investigations into the matter.”

The file was given FCR Number: 273/2019 and now a full blown Fraud Investigation. For the sake of our beloved Nation, the Police and Ombudsman Commission must diligently execute their duly mandated duties to expose the rot and deeply rooted corruption at Parliament and bring the perpetrator (Speaker) and his crime partners to justice.

End the corruption in Parliament NOW!


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