The shocking arrest of former Prime Minister and Member for Ialibu Pangia Hon Peter O’Neill, CMG  came about when the SOE Order for 14 days quarantine law was violated by the Special Investigation Team operating at the Police Headquarters.

The Special Investigation Team was using a warrant issued by the Waigani Committal Court from a Magistrate whose jurisdictions is in question on whether or not the Magistrate has powers under the Arrest Act or Search Warrant Act to issue warrants.

It appears the Magistrate that issued the Warrant was a level 4 Magistrate thus contrary to law as the powers to issue warrants only authorized and sanctioned by law to be signed of by the Chief Magistrate, Deputy Chief Magistrate and Senior Provincial Magistrate (All Level 5).
Interestingly this Magistrate is from East Sepik Province and the policemen involve from East Sepik Province.

The blame game will now continue, in amidst of confusing there are fake social media news circulated lately blaming Hon Philip Undiali Governor for Hela Province and Hon William Powi Sothern Highlands Governor for instigated the move to the arrest of former PMPO and intended to do so on PMJM. The both Governors are from the Highlands regions and such move will not be allowed by both men.

Hon James Marape PM was also shock to learn from the shocking arrest of PMPO and he was not either involve to interfere with Police to cause the arrest on former PMPO.

On a recent trip to Central Sepik early this year the Minister for Agriculture & Livestock Hon John Simon MP was in his electorate in accompany of Telefomin MP and Forest Minister announce to the People of Central Sepik that they are the ones that placed Hon James Marape in the Prime Minister sit and not long the post will be given back to them the Central Sepik. This was the statement made by Hon John Simon in his electorate in earlier this year after his tribunal victory.

Hon John Simon was with the NA party when elected as MP for Maprik and he is now under Pangu Party. Interestingly one would note that who is the Minister in the current Government that uses Police a lot and that is non other then Hon John Simon Minister for Agriculture & Livestock
Hon John Simon Minister for Agriculture & Livestock Office at the CGO Level 3B is becoming an extra office for the Special Investigation Team Policemen that frequently visits his office on requested basis.

Hon John Simon Minister for Agriculture & Livestock used those policemen that now arrested PMPO and same Magistrate to tarnish and arrest the Secretary for DAL Daniel Kombuk in early January 2020 but the Secretary for DAL took the matter to court for the warrant being defective as the Magistrate lack jurisdictions and the Court ruled later that the actions of police is illegal and the warrant was defective.

The same Minister for Agriculture & Livestock  Hon John Simon then uses the same police after failing to arrest Secretary DAL to interfere with the OPIC Board of Directors powers and functions by illegal appointing a Acting Chairman from his electorate. He was using Commodity Boards funds to pay those policemen mainly from NAQIA funds and OPIC Board funds last year whilst under suspension.

Interestingly Hon John Simon Minister for Agriculture & Livestock is now intending to diver the Agriculture Funds to support his NA party members in the likes of former Member for Ambunti Drekkier Tony Aimo company namely Aimandu Agriculture Commodities Ltd and directed the CEO for Spice Board to enter into an agreement with his company to transfer financial grant to him for personal or political  use for 2022 Elections. This a paper company or paper famers.

This is the rise of Sepik Mafia to spoil this current Government to topple the Hon James Marape PM. The same network might also arrest the current PMJM by the look of it in the looming court decision on 29th May 2020.

The Hon Prime Minister James Marape must now decommission the Sepik Maifa surrounding his cabinet and decommission the Hon John Simon Minister for Agriculture & Livestock for the better of his Government as this particular Minister will spoil and break his Government.


  1. Lol it says rise of sepik mafia but it's all political shit, writer pleads rename your header lol

  2. Meri Blo PMJM Blo wer,think think she is mix central Sepiks ...find for yourself... don't hate Sepiks ..


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