Foreign Plunders Lurking Around Scheming to Loot By Con Tactics.


Two years ago, Morobe Governor signed a MOU with a Philippines based American company for whopping US$100 billion. Not long, Rembo Pita signed another US$1 billion for his electorate (Finchafen) for hydro project to light up his electorate under BOT (Built Operate & Transfer) arrangement.

The earlier signing MOUs haven't gotten off the ground yet and EHP Governor has signed another MOU for K45 billion. The company in question is alleged to be in USA.

Should one pays close attention to this, you will notice or glean that individuals behind these entities, supposedly US based companies, are ASIANS. With the former, they are from Philippines and latter is from South Korea.

Both groups are claiming, entity they represent is American base company.

Colossal volume of money earmarked to undertake major projects in the respective host provinces (Morobe & EHP) is beyond anyone's wildest dreams. PNG has never budgeted and never will in the foreseeable future such staggering amount in astronomical figures.

Projects in Morobe, the ten story monumental landmark building and other projects including the hydro project in Finchafen, haven't started and project recipients are waiting in limbo to date, at least public know this by Governor Ginson's own testament.

I am tempted to believe, K45 billion project in EHP will experience the same fate as Morobe. People of EHP must not be led to believing that their world will change for the better.

I want to bring the readers back to Moresby. All these has come about with the dawn of money schemes (U-V streck of Noah Misungu from ARB & Money Rain of Sam Pepena from Central).

There are numerous groups operating in Moresby. They are claiming, someone, some decade plus years ago, made an investment in Treasury Bill in the Central Bank and the dividend rolled over to astronomical amounts (few billions) and payout is eminent.

I can attest to this. Have heard and seen in pockets of cell groups, people assembled. Others meet in homes and two groups l have seen, one group at the park next to Maipang Missionary Home from the road leading down to Pom National Stadium from Boroko Lahara Service station. The other group met under the trees at Waigani market.

It was arranged in a sophisticated way but you have layers and layers of people in the scheme. Majority feed off from one appointed leader and few of these leaders operate from various locations. He gathers information and conveys to the majority investors waiting payout.

The main man at the pinnacle of the hierarchical structure of the money scheme, the unit leader on the ground tells waiting throng, he is in a secluded location no one knows because of the sensitivity of large sum of money involved. He is conversing with the Central Bank Governor and key officials and even mentioned, because it is a huge money, it ought to be meticulously done covering legal technicalities and Judges are involved to sign off to sanction the transaction from Central Bank to the Commercial Banks prior to payout. The professional con artist sell their story more convincingly to suck money from ordinary citizens.

Some public servants, they deposited all of their retirement payout, thinking they would collect millions. Some clergies, paid their little savings in these schemes and continued to contribute from their monthly pensions and some died in waiting a blissful and splendid life.

Why am I narrating this? There are team of professional con artists lurking around preying to exploit on the vulnerability and naivety of our people that including the politicians. It is pertinent that this needs heightened and exposed.

These money schemes are myth and it is a CARGO CULT in practice. It is important to make it known and circulate as widely as possibly can be. These professional con artist are nothing but LEECHES sucking off others to see the next daylight.

These Asians, who seem to have all the answers for financial woes PNG has, coming in the name of GREAT AMERICA, is a nothing better than a deceptive MYTH and FALLACY. These are professional CON ARTIST and our politicians are willing to fall for anything in the name America and Dollar ($$$$$$$$$) in billions.

Why are our politicians willing to listen to lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, and more billion lies? Why are our leaders become easy targets by foreign con cartel operatives? Why are our leaders become subservient to the nearness of worshipping them?

Who the leaders meet, where they are met, how they present themselves with charmingly choreographed words, THE REALITY ISN'T THE SAME AS WHAT MEETS THE EYES.

It is humiliating as a corporate entity (as a nation). Actions of few leaders in PNG is painting a bad image and making ourselves a debacle and become subject of ridicule. It isn’t a laughing matter or a joke to giggle to pass the time. Regarding as trivial in passivity with laidback attitude and don’t become vigilant, unscrupulous people lurking around to prey on the country will leave the people high and dry should our leaders and the government slumber on the drivers seats.


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