"Sir" John conspired & appointed unqualified wantok as Director

One of Sir Pundari’s long-time supporter, one Jude Tukulya from Ambum Kompiam, Anditale Village in Enga Province was appointed Corporate Services Director with Centre for Environment Protection 
Authority (CEPA) without a degree in accounting where he claims to have one when Sir John Pundari was the minister for environment and conservation. The current evidence surfaced confirms this fact.

 He was enrolled in UPNG’s master’s in business administration program with a fake degree qualification (see attached) however he also failed to complete it. He now claims to be a law student.

This is a bad precedent set by the University of PNG in enrolling someone without a bachelor’s degree. From the evidence attached, he only completed a Diploma in Accounting. These kinds of people should be referred to the police fraud squad for criminal investigations because this is a criminal offence. Such practice questions the integrity, the checks and balances of the Premier University of the Pacific’s enrolment system headed by the registrar. There are loopholes that need strengthening and tightening for quality control to avoid fraudsters like Jude Tukulya.

From day one, this is the kind of technique employed by Sir Pundari, a senior statesman who long to grip onto power without due diligence by appointing political cronies for his survival. Over so many years, this has been the game plan Sir Pundari employs to clinch onto power since 1992. 

He is known for appointing unqualified, fake and criminals to take up positions for his own benefit and this is an example. This is corruption and raises few eyebrows in the manner which this case has been handled.  Sir Pundari is also known for election rigging over several years, and these people whom he employs with questionable character, and questionable qualification helps him for their survival. Fraudsters like Jude Tukulya stretch’s Pundari back to remain employed without required and competent qualifications and skills. 

Is this the same MP lately crowned by her majesty, Queen Elizbeth II to be one of PNG’s statesmen?
On the other hand, Mr Jude Tukulya is an accomplished liar and a conman, very little knowledge, no skills to handle high positions with added responsibilities within the CEPA as a Director Corporate Services. He is an unqualified person who preys on politicians for a favour.

 He is a committed fraudster, a very cunning individual and works behind people’s back to destroy people’s reputation and this is reflected in his fraudulent activity by faking qualifications from the University of PNG to remain in that position for many years. He claims to be a Certified Practising Accountant and a Member of the PNG Internal Auditors. He has not only lied and forged his qualifications including certifications from CPA and PNGIA; he stole from PNG’s taxpayers over a number of years and this is a criminal offence. 


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