HMS Ted Diro left POM for Bula/Torassi, South Fly Western Province on Tuesday 3rd of November this week, that same Tuesday Jamie Pang the drug dealer put on a show on TV by offering a room key at Sanctuary Hotel to a roadside market couple. He was creating the perfect alibi. The NAVY Boat that went to Daru had Cocaine packed by the storeman and labelled as medicine for HMS Tarangau and was put on the boat. The cargo is not medicine but Cocaine. HMS Ted Diro is the new craft recently handed over to PNGDF by Australian Government. So a perfect diversion was cooked up.

The captain was sidelined for some reasons and stayed behind, a new captain was appointed for this run. A perfect plan. All the permanent Ted Diro Crew were left behind and a few selected crew boarded the boat. All pre-planned. They said the boat was doing a run for National Fisheries Authority, yet again another decoy. Several people called the captain to find out the location and mission and the captain gave different information to different people. None in the army knows exactly what is going on that boat. They posted news saying they caught an illegal fishing boat, again another decoy cooked up by those on board HMS Ted Diro for media.

On October 7th Gorethy Kenneth writes about the Border Intrusion, Barbara Age Secretary confirms the occurrence and Commander Toropo is aware and sends the Navy. What's surprising? They are all in one team, this news is cooked up to send the cocaine to site.

Jamie Pang runs PNGDF as the shadow commander, if you don’t know, please find out. Lt Col Begsy Karaki who is Director Maritime Operations works for Jamie Pang, Begsy has been organising with foreign vessels and submarines bringing in the cocaine and internally he organises the navy boats and navy divers to go and pick up the cargo. This has been ongoing for some time.

Papua New Guinea Defence Force is under siege from foreign interest and drug cartels. Are there any good men left, who are loyal to the uniform and to this country? The x military retires and other street people know about this Navy involvement in the cocaine operation but are tight-lipped because the military hierarchy is compromised. Is the Commander aware of these exercises? He can’t be blind or he can’t turn a blind eye to this? Military intelligence supersedes civilian intelligence and they were supposed to pick this information a long time ago. Why are they not reacting? Secretary John Akipe, where do you stand? You are supposed to inform NEC and PM about this NAVY drug business that is crippling the military. It’s a real shame, the new boats donated by the Australian Navy is transporting cocaine for Jamie Pang.

Jamie Pang runs the Police Force as the shadow CoP. DCP Donald Yamasombi is his henchmen and the head of the security operation for the cartel as well as in charge of the Police Drug investigation. So he sits in a perfect position to just SIT on it. He organises the police to support this drug operation. The Police knew about the ongoing activities but are tight-lipped because again they do not where the hierarchy stand. Why is CoP Manning and Brian Kramer silent on this drug issue? If they don’t open their mouths and take control of the Police Force, it simply means they work for Jamie PANG. If CoP and Minister can’t terminate YAMASOMBI and investigate the rest of the Policemen involved with the Drug operation, it means CoP and Minister Kramer are compromised. They should resign or be terminated by PMJM. This drug operation has choked Kramer beyond recovery, Kramer will never be the same person because he is now tongue-tied. He delivered 4 part posts on social media on the Plane Crash and Cocaine which was all but cooked up scam. PM should sideline him like yesterday. 

Why is this ONE MAN by the name of JAMIE PANG allowed to cripple the Government and the Security Forces of this country? This country is bigger than this one man. He is a drug fugitive, he ran away from the BANDITOS in Australia, he was wanted by them for loss of business because he reported all their drug operations to AFP. AFP is keeping him in PNG to catch many others. Secretary Barbara Age gave him the citizenship approval to keep him here and continue. Jamie operated through Secretary Age to involve many other public servants. JAMIE PANG is involving many senior public servants and top police and military officers, thus crippling the country. PMJM, what are you waiting for?

Interpol, Australian Army and AFP were alerted and started a trace on the boat, that’s why PNGDF Commander was under pressure and issued instructions for HMS Ted Diro to make a U-Turn, and specifically instructed to return with the Cargo. The boat arrived on Friday evening without the cargo. The Cargo was delivered to Bula/Torassi to the waiting party. The LANCRON was under lockdown. All media outlets that went to LANCRON to capture the news of the Statecraft used as Drug transport were turned away. During the 6 o’clock news on Friday, the Commander of PNGDF said he instructed the boat to return but be believes that there is no cocaine on the boat. The boat was checked but nothing was found. The cargo was offloaded to its intended mission. Inside sources said standard search procedures were not carried out, even Police cocaine sniffer dogs were not allowed to sniff the boat. Why is the Commander trying to cover up? It’s a shame. Interpol, Australian Army and AFP intel know the undercover activities that are going on and know that the Commander knows about it but is covering up. 

It’s a shame that PNGDF and RPNGC are in this state. It’s really a sad day for this country. Prime Minister, the ball is in your courts. It's now or never.

Lt Col Begsy Karaki and his colleagues committed a crime that is beyond Treason. He and his colleagues should be hanged, the boat captain and crew should all be terminated from Military and subjected to criminal trials.

Jamie Pang operates his shady business front as Sanctuary Hotel and pretends to be a community concerned person, but he is not, he runs the biggest drug Cocaine - ICE Import Export operation in Papua New Guinea, that has crippled Government, the Courts and the Armed Forces. AFP knows about Jamie Pang, but they said they are waiting to catch the big fish. While they are waiting, Jamie’s operation has paralysed the PNG Government system and will continue to do so. The Cocaine drug sold by Jamie and his army of peddlers is having a profoundly negative effect on the young people on the streets of Port Moresby, the recent being Bhosip Kaiwi and Jennelyn, Bhosip is a user and peddler of Cocaine.

To Prime Minister and NEC, ALL IS NOT WELL. Why is the government incubating this operation? Are we supporting this drug operation? Or is Jamie Pang working for us? Jamie PANG should be immediately arrested and sent to Australia to be prosecuted. Everyone involved should be brought to justice. The Australian Government and the Indonesian Government are watching and waiting on what action PNG will take.

One thing is for sure - the people involved in the cocaine operation work for one Power Hungry person -  PO, who wants to change the government so that such drug operations will continue, AND HE CAN GET BACK TO RANSACKING THIS COUNTRYS COFFERS. This is just one of Peoples National Congress (PNC) fundraiser activities.


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