In his poorly crafted last-ditch effort to save James Marape, Bryan Kramer is totally out of control.
Bryan Kramer now faces a harsh reality if Marape is defeated by the courts or Parliament.
Job Pomat is a weak MP, who out of greed has siphoned a lot of funds from Parliament to his own use. He has actually misused millions of kina and now under immense pressure from being arrested and prosecuted.
Bryan Kramer is therefore taking advantage and blackmailing Job Pomat to go against the opposition MPs. Job Pomat reckons that going against Kramer is a fatal choice so he already recalled the parliament against a legitimate adjournment.
The same Job Pomat is now required to chair the December 1st Parliament sitting.
What has now transpired is that Bryan Kramer has asked him to go to Madang and personally showed Job Pomat his criminal files.
This was deliberately done to force him to agree on a strategy. Speaker Job Pomat will need to create something in order for the 1st of December sitting not to proceed.
Job Pomat is now confused apparently on what he should do to stay away from the big chaos. His phones have been getting messages from the Opposition telling him to move to Vanimo.
All Job Pomat has left is to take the risk and chair the parliament sitting on the 1st of December 2020. He knows deep down in his heart that Deputy Speaker Koni Iguan is right.
He is equally aware that the clerks have advised correctly on the adjournment. The explanation of standing orders being suspended is very clear.
So now James Marape and his team cannot run anymore. For Bryan Kramer, it is all about using the police to bring charges against the opposition MPs.
So far 12 MPs have had their files done and warrant of arrest being planned. This will be executed as soon as they arrive from Vanimo.
William Duma got trapped too and returned to James Marape simply because of Manumanu deal. His arrest was very imminent as per Bryan Kramer's hint.
The Speaker Job Pomat is also on the list of those who would be charged. In the last couple of days, Sasindra Muthuvel has been the target of Bryan Kramer in the same manner.
The Provincial Member for West New Britain has been given the same treatment and coerced by Bryan Kramer himself.
Bryan Kramer has forgotten that the police department is not his private security firm to dictate all he wants. The idea of using police is all about his survival.
His continuous interference with the Police Department is now being realised by many, including the members of the police force.
Now if Bryan Kramer thinks his idea of blackmailing will work then he is destined for a major disaster. The reason is simple. All MPs don't like him because he has not voted for James Marape.
His appointment as a minister has attracted enough attention and disappointed many who voted for Marape.
So, in essence, Bryan Kramer is only digging his own grave. On the 1st of December 2020, the Vanimo camp will take parliament as per the current adjournment.
If Job Pomat is not available then Deputy Speaker Koni Iguan will chair the house.
Even if Prime Minister James Marape tries to stop the parliament from the meeting, he will definitely fail. The courts do not have the luxury to decide before the 1st December 2020 on this particular matter.
Parliament has adjourned by the advice of the clerk as per the standing order and it remains the order of the day.
The idea of harassing Members of Parliament and arresting them by Bryan Kramer is too childish.
The more Bryan Kramer is intimidating Members of Parliament, the more they are becoming stronger, solid and united.
The fact that Opposition MPs will meet in Parliament is going to create chaos. Those in government will obviously move to be part of the new government.
This is where the issue will boil down. In the recent days so much has transpired. But James Marape and Bryan Kramer have shut the door too early.
Opposition MPs will eventually move to submit the notice on the Vote of No Confidence to the Parliamentary Private Business Committee.
The parliamentary process requires Parliament to be adjourned for 7 days and then the vote will be taken on who should be the next Prime Minister.
So if Bryan Kramer is singing praise as per his posts on Facebook regarding himself as the "Scientist" he will seriously emerge as one of the biggest laughing stock.
Bryan Kramer takes pleasure from sarcasm that not only confirms his dodgy character but removes him from the class of mature politicians.
His own hands have become the pillar of James Marape's impending demise. Just from observing the government's ability to counter the opposition, they are all over the place.
James Marape has treated fellow MPs as if they are all from Hela. What a disgrace! He is even calling the Opposition Leader "mate" in his Facebook post.
He cannot see the benchmark used in making the best comparisons correctly. Using Huli platform to ridicule MPs is a major embarrassment.
James Marape now stands to be dumber in a period of the political crisis created by Bryan Kramer and himself.
He knows that Members of Parliament are tired of him already with his ongoing nonsense.
His handling of the economy is one of the worst. So he has no choice but to submit to the spirit of Parliamentary democracy.
As James Marape once said to Job Pomat, and if I can rephrase, "in the same way you were elected by Parliament, will be the same way you will be removed" so he made the best call on record.
In his case, he talks like he is championing the Huli crusade. Papua New Guinea is not Hela and Members of Parliament are not from the Huli tribes.
In all fairness and honesty, James Marape has 2 places right now. One is using the dumb Minister Bryan Kramer to facilitate a crack in the Vanimo Camp.
In this option, all the police officers vying to intimidate MPs will definitely be caught in their own graveyard. There is no escape route except your life.
The other place James Marape will resort to is the court. James Marape is emotionally determined to stay in power but the timing will not change the course of his exit. The courts have observed a cargo cult leader of the highest acumen.
A Prime Minister who is recklessly sinking this nation with huge borrowing of K8 Billion with no sign of any development project to date.
The biggest Covid 19 scam engineered by James Marape and Bryan Kramer resulting in billions of kina going missing are a cause for judicial concern.
The court has inherent powers to consider the welfare of this country's citizens. The courts are encouraged to question the legitimacy of this very pretentious government.
Above all, Bryan Kramer is the real psychopath living inside a political skin. He has no idea on managing the economy. He can not facilitate any development.
He is wasting too much time doing Facebook and probably watching porn. He talks about fighting corruption but he has never addressed the issues honestly.
He knows that corruption is so rife under Marape government but turns a blind eye.
If he wants to be honest then we the public ask that he scrutinies the contract awarded to James Marape's company doing the Tabubil Telefomin Road under the Ok Tedi Tax Credit scheme.
If that is not enough Rachel Marape got paid K10 million for her catering company. Now isn't that serious corruption?
But if Bryan Kramer is being ignorant and selective over who he picks as his next target then he is just a coward and national hypocrite.


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