1. On Friday 04 June 21 all ballot boxes for Ward 7 were stored at Murray Barracks Ben Moide Club before counting began on Tuesday 08 June 21. At approximate timings of 2000 - 2100 hours an unmarked vehicle 10 seater white in color drove into BMC. The driver of the vehicle approached one of the Military Police Guards and asked for the key of the container the boxes were stored in. There were 3x MPs guarding the ballot boxes locked inside the container at that particular time.

 The MP’s responded that they don’t have the key. One of the MPs reported that after asking for the key he jumped back onto his vehicle and drove off. It was plain darkness as all lights were off due to the blackout from PNG Power and the guards could not recognize the person fully as well as the vehicle registration.

2. On Saturday 05 June at between 0200 hours – 0500 hours an unmarked vehicle 10 Seater was sighted inside the BMC. The vehicle is identified to be a FOX 103 Unit vehicle. The vehicle was sighted by a unanimous source who was monitoring the Storage of the boxes that night on 04 June – 05 June 21.
3. Eyes witness statements from Sir John Guise Stadium on 04 June 21 confirms there’s movements of ballot boxes for ward 1 (Hanuaba) and ward 7 (Hohola) at approximately early hours of morning before polling at 0500 hours. Police, ARO’s, and Counting Officials were directly implicated.
4. The Key witnesses to the events as per para 1-3 requested anonymity based on the seriousness of the issue and in concern of their employment career.

[1]. The white 10 Seater that drove in to BMC on Friday night 04 June 21 is alleged to be owned or used by Mr Rex Buka. It is mostly likely that he himself was driving or his cohorts as they entered BMC and asked for the keys to the containers holding the ballot boxes. There were several people (unconfirmed number) inside the vehicle. Rex Buka is the ARO for Ward 7 which cover Murray Barracks and Hohola.

[2]. It is known allegedly that police from Central and Fox Units have been collaborating with candidates in rigging the election to their favor. This was clearly exposed when police involved earlier were replaced last week in midst of the counting. The lengthy presence of one particular police unit of FOX 103 in BMC on that Friday night 04 June 21 is very suspicious. Fox Unit were not engaged in the Election of POM NW.

[3]. The alleged movement of boxes as per paragraph 3 of the Facts is likely to be reliable as boxes were moved and replaced before the counting started on 08 June 21. This can be related to the power blackout on Friday night, the entry of the white 10 seater by Mr Buka and the lengthy presence of police Fox Unit 103. [END OF COMMENTS]

It is assessed that rigging of the election has been going in the POM North West By-Election and that the events outlined shows clearly that there are events of foul play in between Ward 1 counting area (Hanuaba), Ward 7 (Hohola/ Murray Barracks) and the Central Election, distribution and Counting venue at Sir John Guise Stadium between the period prior to 04 June 21 to 16 June 21.

It is also determined that illegal ballot boxes which are the duplicate of the originals of Ward 1 and Ward 7 containing ballot boxes were removed earlier on Friday morning at 04 June 21 at 0506 hours (See attached witness statements and claims signed by candidates).

Rex Buka is implicated in the rigging activities most likely by either the ruling political party or an individual candidate given the support of the Acting Electoral Commissioner. Hence Rex Buka is compromised to be involved in this election.

The duplicate ballots papers were marked and apparently replaced the original boxes and ballot papers. This activity of replacing was controlled extensively and slowly from polling to the storage at each Counting venues (Hanuaba and Murray Barracks) in order to avoid detection. The Power was deliberately switched off on Friday night between 2000 – 2100 hours to facilitate the movement of the boxes and extra ballot papers into the storage containers. The police fox 103 patrol station at the venue allegedly also indicated that they’re LIKELY to be involved facilitating movement of the illegal boxes or ballot papers.

As 2022 election is unfolding in, security of NGE 2022 is at stake as this assessment can determine. A compromised security aspect of especially of Police Force will drive the entire NGE into a failure costing the state more money and resources.
As also can be determine the North West Election is failing as clearly shown through the facts identified above, although these are circumstantial it can prove beyond reasonable doubt about the government rigging its own election



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