Tukaha Mua (Fijian TVWAN boss) TV Boss & Hennah Joku (petite sex dynamite) TV Reporter

PNGBlogs exposes former TVWAN TV Reporter and well known Womens Rights advocate Ms. Hennah Joku is a fraud, a liar and home-wrecker. We can reveal now that Hennah Joku was unceremoniously dumped and terminated by TVWAN for having a sexual relationship with her Fijian boss, Mr. Tukaha Mua over a period of 1 to 2 years.

Given the nature of her work on TV and the media – Hennah Joku demands the spotlight on her.  Publicly on social media she claims to be a victim of an abusive relationship with a former partner.

We can reveal now that Hennah Joku is a serial home-wrecker and a liar who shifts blame away from herself.  She has damaged so many loving relationships and has wrecked so many homes - it is actually difficult for us to establish the exact number of marriages she has destroyed over many years, as a direct result of her sexual escapades with the husbands or boyfriends of too many women.

This is the reality with this petite sex machine.  She uses people sexually at the workplace or outside of work, to get what she wants, when she wants it, using the old cliché, ‘pussy power’ or the power of the vagina! 

We can reveal to our readers that Hennah Joku is a sexual deviant because she uses sex to get what she wants and sleeps around with many high profile men in PNG so that she can maintain that high maintenance lifestyle that she demands for herself bearing in mind Journalists or Reporters are not highly paid.

Here are some mind-blowing facts about Hennah Joku:-

She is half West Papuan (Indonesia) and Central Province (PNG).  She is a crafty con-artist who sleeps her way with most of her bosses in nearly all of her jobs in the media industry in PNG.

Our reliable sources (more than one) have suggested that she got the job at the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) after sleeping with the bosses at NBC. The sex takes places during lunch hours or after hours at different locations around Port Moresby in vehicles or in cheap hotel rooms for convenience.  

She left NBC in 2018/19, and started work with TVWAN in Port Moresby.

While working with TVWAN, our sources (more than one) have confirmed that she started another love affair with her boss, Mr. Tukaha Mua (Fijian).

Tukaha Mua is a Fijian national who was Hennah Joku’s manager at TVWAN.  We understand from our sources from the media fraternity that he was a happily married family man.  Unfortunately, it appears that within a short period of time after joining TVWAN, Hennah Joku pursued her boss until she got into bed with the naive Fijian.  

Sadly, or not, Tukaha Mua did not realize that Hennah Joku was using him to get what she wants and get him to do her favors for example getting her timesheets signed off and approved even if she was absent from work.  While she was happy to provide the sexual pleasure and satisfy his hormonal needs, the trusting Fijian fell head over heels under her fornicated spell.

Over a period of 1 to 2 years the love affair got in the way of the boss’s professional judgement and decision-making and the affair became very obvious to their work colleagues at TVWAN.  Other TVWAN staff members noticed that Tukaha Mua was biased in his decisions and did unusual favors for Hennah Joku.

The issue with the approval of Hennah Joku’s timesheets even when she was absent from work became a sticking point for other TVWAN employees.  Hennah Joku was entertaining the boss sexually, and the boss got his eyes off his job responsibilities as the manager.

By July/August 2021, TVWAN staff members protested to the Digicel HR because they had enough of this workplace sexual relationship between the boss and the employee.

Eye witnesses have confirmed that TVWAN staff members marched to the Digicel HR to protest and produce documents of the affair.  Having realized the seriousness of the sex scandal that was about to explode in TVWAN, the Digicel HR promptly summoned Hennah Joku and Tukaha Mua to appear before the top management.

When asked about the affair by the HR, Tukaha Mua admitted to having a sexual relationship with Hennah Joku and we have been told that he cried for his job and his family for committing adultery with Hennah Joku because he didn’t want to sacked by Digicel and return to Fiji.  We understand that Digicel have given a final warning to Tukaha Mua and he still keeps his job at TVWAN.  On the other hand - when the HR asked Hennah Joku, she vehemently denied the infidelity. It is understood that the HR staff had a great laugh about it, knowing who she is.

To avoid any more scandals, Hennah Joku was formally asked by top management to leave TVWAN by the first week of September 2021.

Hennah Joku was formally terminated by TVWAN on the Tuesday 7th September 2021.  She is currently unemployed and we understand she is trying to go back to NBC.

TVWAN, PNG’s premier TV station has finally seen the true colors of Hennah Joku and the TV company has decided in its wisdom that they do NOT want to have anything to do with Hennah Joku.

Technically, it wasn’t really about the sexual relationship between the boss and his workplace mistress that the TVWAN staff members protested about.  Rather it was the fact that the boss’s professional judgement and decision-making were clouded because of his sexual relationship with the adulterer Hennah Joku.

 The key issue that the TVWAN staff members had with this sex scandal was that Hennah Joku still got paid her salary because of the affair she has with the boss even when she was absent from work for long period of time.  Eye witnesses have confirmed that Hennah Joku was never at work.  She was involved in so many extracurricular activities outside of work, but she still got paid.

She does not have any academic qualifications in Journalism – she has never been to any university to study Journalism. With younger Papua New Guineans graduating from universities with Journalism degrees coming into the media industry, she needs to stay relevant and keep on top of everyone else given the fact that she doesn’t have the right type of academic qualifications. We believe that is probably the main reason why she has to sleep her way through with all her employers.  It is not unusual for Hennah Joku have discreet sexual encounters with her bosses to keep her job, and get what she wants.

The petite sex dynamite is in her mid/late 40s. She has five (5) children to five (5) different biological fathers.  She has never held down a loving long-term relationship with any of the fathers of the children. All of her relationship ends very badly from what we understand.  

She is never loyal to anyone in any relationships either at work or outside of work. It is possible she has some underlying mental challenges that causes her to behave in that manner.  Our sources (more than one) have confirmed that Hennah Joku has singlehandedly been responsible for destroying so many marriages through her infidelities and adulterous relationships many PNG men and foreigners.

The self-proclaimed advocate of Womens Rights is in-fact a serial home-wrecker and an adulterous sex maniac.  She is the female version of a ‘predatory sexual deviant’ at the workplace who is capable of pouncing on her vulnerable bosses whenever she wants to – as we have seen with the sex scandal at TVWAN - she uses them for sex and over time she pretends to develop a genuine love relationship with these men.  What these men don’t realize is that Hennah Joku pleasures them sexually to get what she wants and to keep her job.

Hennah Joku attracts trouble wherever she goes, and she steps on peoples’ toes to get to where she wants to get to, and she doesn’t mind getting into bed with whoever she wants for her own convenience! She is trouble! 

PNGBlogs will watch very closely to see which media organization or company executives within the media fraternity in PNG will become the next victim of her sexual conquest, in an effort to get herself a new job with a new organization.



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