SETTING THE STAGE for a Psych-ops in Papua New Guinea

Paul Amatio

I am disgusted that two so-called experts namely Adrian Prouse of the Red Cross and Stefanie Vaccher of the Burnet Institute who live in my country and have the nerve to regard my country as “the next place where a new variant emerges.” This is not about burying my head in the ground and pretending in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It is about people who deliberately chose to hide behind and deny the existence of facts to the contrary in order to push an agenda that is being resisted. It also appears to be an intention to set the ground work in order to justify any future declaration of a “variant” being found and declaring it as having originated from PNG making my country an international pariah.

Lets get the facts right here. There is a very high level of vaccine hesitancy in this country and it is not linked to “concerns around sorcery, concerns around being stigmatized” as Prouse says. That absolute rubbish is centered on the colonialist belief that all PNGeans cannot read, cannot process information or indeed cannot reason logically. PNGeans including me are hesitant because the jabs do not do what they are supposed to do. At the beginning of this situation, we were told that unless everyone got vaccinated rapidly enough to build herd immunity, we would be falling down and dying like flies on the streets. Well, as can be clearly seen, vaccination numbers are nowhere near herd immunity requirements and the numbers of deaths is very low with the majority of deceased being the elderly and those with pre-existing health issues or lifestyle conditions. The blame shifting onto the Australian government is stupid. Australia did what was internationally the norm at the time. Somehow the change in the narrative justifying the injecting of the old and young appears to have slipped by here. What this report also fails to mention is that PNGeans have seen with our own eyes people who have been injected multiple times dying. How does that inspire trust? So why should I allow you to inject a foreign substance into me that does not do what you say it will do? That is the question that is not being answered. As and when it gets answered, you will see people change their minds. Not before.

Curiously there is no mention of the simple fact that the level of change in virus variants is only 3% meaning any immune system that has been exposed to it previously can recognise and defeat it. Yet the “new variants” are being treated like a completely new disease! Why is that?

The other point they raised is that “right now PNG is dealing with a surge in Delta.” Really? How can you justify that when you say “the true scale of the outbreak is hard to define” in the first place? Have they checked if the “24% of health care workers at Port Moresby General Hospital [who] already had antibodies to Covid-19” are still alive now because covid was supposed to be a fatal disease with high morbidity hence the justification for mass and rapid vaccination in the middle of a pandemic.

Herd immunity was the goal and yet reports of “new variants” appear to be centered in heavily vaccinated populations who should have achieved herd immunity by now. How is this possible?

In my view this report is meant to set the ground for justifying the sudden “discovery” of a new variant in PNG ostensibly to be caught by some white fellah who came here with good intentions but got infected because we are not jabbed. This then is a psych-ops situation designed to soften the ground before the assault. We are neither fooled nor amused!


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