Parliament today debated the amendment to create 7 new Districts in the country.
And I must say the Opposition Leader raised some very important, serious and pragmatic concerns around the rationale behind such an amendment and its associated impacts.
I will leave the post-parliamentary debate to constitutional law experts and others who know the technicalities better to dive deeper into the pros and cons of such an important change.
What I could not help notice was that the majority of the debate was staged on a misconception and flawed understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a member of parliament.
Parliament in the 3 arms of government is known as the Legislature or the Legislative Arm of Government. And a member of Parliament by that definition is a Legislator!
In my layman understanding, A legislator’s role and responsibility is to introduce, debate and pass laws, amendments, reforms and other changes. Again, I will accept the correction of subject matter experts here.
But the manner, motive and rationale debating for the creation of new districts was based on service delivery and DSIP funding limitations for larger districts in terms of demography.
And in my view, therein lies one of the core reasons why services and development don’t reach people. Because instead of being LEGISLATORS, MPs have evolved into District ATMs!
If you remove the DSIP/PSIP attraction from the control of MPs, Parliament will become boring and less profitable a business venture for opportunists. They will focus on their career, businesses and leave the Legislature for Law Makers!
The involvement of MPs if any should stop at the appointment of Competent and Qualified District/Provincial Administration whose CEOs are the Administrators and let these bureaucratic machinery deal with and coordinate the delivery of such important developments and services such as health, education and law & order.
You want to look after DSIP, apply for District Administrator and don’t run for parliamentary office!
We have OUTDATED & ALIEN LAWS that need Legislators to look at and change or abolish and new ones enacted! We have reforms to Tax, Public Service and other changes that need Political Will and Support to introduce and make work!
Whose going to look into this if the Legislature’s Focus is DSIP/PSIP? We waited for a drug bust to happen so that Parliament and Legislators could realize we didn’t have contemporary laws to deal with Dangerous Drugs! Because MPs were chasing DSIPs, Ministers were busy appointing MDs, Secretaries and Chairmans etc…. Where are our Law Makers?
For a member of parliament (Legislature) to be district ATM and Project Delivery Manager is like Magistrates and Judges (Judiciary) becoming Policemen and CIS Warders. And so who will preside over our Courts and oversee the dispensation of justice?
The House Debate today clearly revealed the misconception and flawed understanding by our elected representatives on their primary roles and responsibilities and clearly revealed their primary focus and motive for office…. Which is the control of DSIP! Only Belden Namah was a Legislator - everyone else were either confused as to why they were there or simply didn’t know their roles and mandates.
Just an observation and ready for corrections!


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