Who is Dr. Lino Tom? Which planet did he come from? What are his superpowers?

Well, Dr. Lino Tom is the MP for Wabag and Minister for Fisheries and Marine in the Marape/Basil Government. Dr. Lino is arguably the right man pursuing the right job at precisely the right time. 

Physically, he exudes a presence that is calming, suggestive, promising and hopeful, of wisdom based not on ideology but the facts on the ground. Dr. Lino is a Realist. He is an example of how great one can be, if you stay true to your promise.

Dr. Lino’s eyes and face project ease and warmth and sincerity; nothing about them is hard or inscrutable. Some say he is from a faraway planet. Sent to exterminate corruption and rescue his people for good. 

Dr. Lino Tom is unlike any MP in the history of PNG. He has been MP for only a term. But transformed Wabag forever! Dr. Lino Tom is already a household name all over PNG.

And what drives him? A keen interest in issues enslaving his people, and how to solve them in the quickest most effective manner, so his people pursue their dreams in life with little or less complication, is what motivates the young surgeon.

He is a man on a mission to empower his people for economic, social and political freedom. Dr. Lino is driven by an ambition to restore the spirit of service delivery, and empower the lives of his people in every corner of his constituency the best way he knows.

And he has done that in lightning speed, above and beyond the call of duty.

After decades of setbacks and doubts, and broken promises by previous MPs, Dr. Lino Tom losses sleep thinking about his people’s struggle for progress at a time when the world has catapulted into the space age. 

The man doesn’t eat when a mother in Maramuni is sick and can’t find medicine. The humble surgeon refuses to sleep knowing a struggling farmer in a remote village in Sirunki can’t transport his hard labored potato bags to Market because there’s no road network. 

Born to save lives, Dr. Tom feels sick when a young mother dies from post-delivery complications because the bridge linking her to the nearest health center was washed away.

Dr. Lino’s heartbeat rises and falls on the hopes and dreams of his people. And history will decide who the best MP who ever lived, but currently Dr. Lino Tom is on a mission to transform the capital of Enga in ways never imagined by any MP, past or present. 

From Sirunki to Akom, from Sangurap to Ambum, the pace and magnitude of service delivery in the Wabag Electorate has been unprecedented, unexpected and unimaginable. 

Machines and operators work deep into the night like ghosts, simultaneously to reach the unreached. Connect the unconnected, and equip the ill-equipped.  Dr. Lino’s uniform service delivery method and non-politicized approach to liberating his people makes him a cut above the rest.  

Dr. Lino’s leadership, like a surgeon’s scalpel, has sliced off the “neng naneng” mentality that has characterized Enga politics, and crippled it for far too long. The ‘’them and us” mentality. The “connected and the not so connected’’ destructive syndrome. 

The young surgeon has created an equal playing field for every abled citizen, by providing the tools every willing soul needs to work the Engan Dream a reality in their lifetime. 


IF Dr. Lino had told us in his campaign speech in 2017 that if he won, he would build more than 300 Kilometers of access road network, build more than a dozen bridges connecting economic hubs, build half a dozen New Clinics, a dozen more Double Story Classrooms, Doctors Houses, Build the Modern Wabag Market, and also a chain of concurrent services.

If Dr. Lino had told us he would connect the lost people of Maramuni back to civilization, which was dubbed an impossible dream, and all these whilst also being a State Minister, we would have said the guy is crazy, out of his mind and he’s dreaming a lot. We would have said he’s trying to accomplish the impossible. 

We would have said no Wabag MP could ever achieve that, no MP could achieve that, let alone in only one term, or in one lifetime. 

But truth is, Dr. Tom achieved all this! Dr. Lino didn’t only dream. He actually won Wabag MP, became State Minister, and achieved all these feats and much more in only one term. Yes! Dr. Lino Tom achieved the impossible dream!

How does a first time Medical Doctor with no Political Experience whatsoever, becomes the most performing MP in the Nation’s Political history, becomes State Minister, not only leads in service delivery, but captures the hearts and the imagination of a nation? 

How does a MP achieve all this in a single term? Sounds like a political fairytale story. Some fairytales do come true.


Enga, once the last frontier for early European explorers, now presents itself as a growing force that pushes the boundaries of Leadership, Service delivery, and Human Capital Development to its limit. 

And for Wabag to be the Rome and engine room for Enga, the district needs a sound, solid and airtight leadership platform that sets the tone for the entire province to function.

A province that is undergoing massive unprecedented change beginning with the Level 5, State of the Art Hospital, Tertiary Institutions, Colleges, Modern Market, and other works in progress.

And more importantly, for an Enga having a veteran Grand Chief, Sir Ipatas has its eternal governor of the province, Dr. Lino Tom intuitively captures his wishes, and compliments the Knight’s Vision

by offering that level of strategic leadership and broader Engan perspective of collective Hope, that Wabag and Enga requires to stamp its signature as an emerging power player in regional politics, as well as an economic springboard for every Engan’s quest for a better life.

Wabag, under Dr. Lino Tom is experiencing once in a lifetime progress on a massive scale, and the people of Wabag, whether they realize it or not, need to protect Dr. Lino’s leadership at all cost. Because Dr. Lino Tom is a rare, once in a generation type of leader who passionately believes in the greatness of Wabag, Enga, and the economic liberation of his people.

However, because we live in a democracy, any random Mathew, Mark, Luke or John has the inalienable right to run for office, and it is everyone’s constitutional right to do so. But it would be injustice to do knowing someone is doing so well, and had won the love and affection of the nation purely on heart and good leadership. 

Someone who at least guarantees a future the children can safely believe in. 

Even if Superman himself decides to run for Wabag Open Seat, and guarantees us he’ll build a eight lane highway to the moon surrounded by rainbows and roses, if Superman got elected, I reckon Dr. Lino already demonstrated to the people of Wabag, Enga and PNG his superpowers. 

Dr. Lino Tom already achieved the “impossible dream”. And people with this kind of stale political agendas are the biggest stumbling blocks to the prosperity of Wabag District. It is the destructive critics, the naysayers, the pessimists, the wishful thinkers and the penguins, who wish they could fly high like eagles.

But Penguins only fly in Hollywood. In the real world, penguins don’t. And eagles dominate the skies. 


Dr. Lino Tom will be re-elected beyond a reasonable doubt, because he represents the Next Generation of Leaders the nation is hungry for. Dr. Lino’s Leadership is mission critical to the future of this nation. 

PNG needs more Dr. Linos. We just cannot gamble with our destiny. Because the humble surgeon adds so much needed ingredients to the success recipe of this nation.

And in this defining moment in the history of Papua New Guinea, we at the crossroads of destiny, the leadership mechanism of PNG needs complete overhaul and change. We need to replace the aged and the diseased. 

And just like the Elijah needed Elisha and Joseph needed Joshua and Caleb, the Somares and Morautas needed the Dr. Linos and the Paita’s to carry on the shinning beacon of hope to the future children of this land. 

Dr. Lino Tom has been the rare Golden ticket for the people of Wabag and Enga to the Papua New Guinea’s Chocolate factory of Leadership. At the District level, we all know the wonders he has achieved for his people in only one term. He has hit the ground running same speed for five years now! And now look where Wabag is in terms of Infrastructure and Human Development Index, compared to where it was before Dr. Lino got sworn. 

And as State Minister for Fisheries and Marine, upon many projects like the PMIZ and others he achieved, Dr. Lino successfully signed the Trade Protocol Agreements for the export of live marine products to the giant Chinese market with the general administration of customs of the Republic of China (GACC). 

This essentially means, our people’s profits can no longer be diluted, but our people unlike in the past, now have direct access to a large market is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our people. 

Who wouldn’t want to elect a Dr. Lino back into parliament? 

All in all, most MPs in their lifetimes are yet to achieve the possible, but Dr. Lino in his 1st term, has achieved the impossible. 

And especially, in a time when the nation has unceremoniously lost its founding fathers; the Somares and Moruatas and Micas, and many others, who also believed in the magic and prosperity of PNG 

as a nation to be truly independent and to carve our own identity, the baton is now upon our young Lions like Dr. Lino Tom, the Rainbo Paitas, at the National Political Level, who gives us that bit of hope and strength, courage and determination. 

The firm belief that our fathers have gone before us, the onus is now upon us to continue the walk.

Dr. Lino Tom is a name we can trust to project further that red, black and golden flag for the future generations of Papua New Guineans to come.

Long live Dr. Lino Jeremiah Tom, Member for Wabag and Minister for Fisheries and Marine.

Write Up by Elizah Yane


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