A Habitual liar or in Pidgin, Kusai man


I don't support Peter O'Neil, any other political parties, and any elected individual to be the Prime Minister, let alone the people-mandated leaders choose.

However, it is seriously disgusting and so frustrating every time to see this Prime Minister always making the sweetest cargo cult empty promises after promises that he can't even deliver at all to any extent. Oh, alas! How shameful..What a total disgrace should common sense should prevail in any God-created human being fell.

Just this morning the Prime Minister tells the nation the prices of goods and services will be cheap in price reduction...For goodness sake, since when did that ever happen?.. When exactly will the government's announced plan just a few months before the election to reduce prices on basic goods and services ever be implemented? Literally, nothing to show for it. Are you out of your mind PMJM. Instead of any price drops, there were massive price increases on all goods and services within just two (2) months just after your announcement before the election and still continue to increase thus the silent suffering majority of us continue to suffer, an everyday reality. There is not a single sign of improvement because of the forex issue, inflation, Russia Ukraine War, and Covid 19 amongst many other contributing factors which we understand would take ample time to fix if appropriate workable policies are identified by leaders and implemented putting the nation and its people to heart than playing petty politics all the time.

Since your government closed down Porgera Mine, you made thousands and their families suffer from bad to worse, not to mention the contractors, spin-off projects, and stakeholders associated with the mine suffer also big time apart from the national revenue in tax loss..The next regain for LOs, EPG, and the govt if ever works will be after ten (10) years, not as soon as the mine resumes operation. Yet you continue to preach year after year, month after month that Porgera would resume. (Promise after promise after promise)..

Half of our Salaries and Wages have been forcefully taken by the government. We are paying 30-40% on income tax, probably the highest and worst crime ever committed against poor citizens of a nation in the world by a national government. 

Our hospitals are out of drugs and much-needed medical equipment. Whilst you and your bunch of greedy corrupt politicians enjoy your peaks and privileges at ease, increased your Vice Ministers at the taxpayer's expenses. Our poor people are dying from curable diseases. Since when did you buy a Cancer Machine for PMGH, Lae Angau, and Mt Hagen hospitals? There are no CT scanning machines or other such machines in the hospitals. 

Many parts of the country are still living in the dark with no basic services. Their roads and bridges are in no man's land while you continue to preach about your beautiful slogan "Take PNG to make it the richest black nation, not in the Pacific (which we are no way near) but to make it the richest black nation in the world, Oh, for heaven's sake)...

Your slogan "Take back PNG" will only work when you walk the talk to eradicate corruption at all levels including starting with yourself, your Ministers, and leaders which many you know very well protected at all costs.

Stop the bullshits. Just shut up and do what you want to do and tell us to show the concrete evidence. Already fed up with your sweetest cargo cult promises after promises. Enough is Enough. You borrowed too much in your short-term in office. No tangible developments.  Your slogan is only the sweetest Cargo cult, fairytale, legend, and sweet like big roaring thunder without rain


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