Killer & Crook: Pangu's mission to take back PNG


Pangu's long mission to Take Back PNG started with this catch cry borrowed from Oro Governor Garry Juffa. James Marape had to find something to resonate with the people of PNG, he until recently was in the inner sanctum of the PNC-led government covering up and doing the dirty deeds for Peter O'Neill. Seeing that the country was not going anywhere to his liking and having the financial backing of three provincial governments (Enga, Southern Highlands, and Hela) he wrestled the powers off Peter O'Neill. 

Remember it was not smooth and easy at first for him, he had to prove his worth, in the secret ballot that took place that night, Patrick Pruaitch and William Duma were the eventual winners, he never came close, they say in politics there is no permanent friend or permanent enemy, what does the Igiri man do? He crawls back to Crown Plaza begging the support for PNC, the kingmaker here is Michael Buku Nali who has since lost his Mendi Open Seat, Nali is rewarded with a cash-infested Works Ministry. Pruaitch kept his dignity even after he was stabbed in the back by James Marape.

Looking back not so far, Members were realising their mistakes in their earlier support for him. He did not have the number in the Laguna Camp to win the Prime Ministership, he had double-crossed Belden Namah, Patrick Pruiatch, and William Duma and walked away from the agreed deals that he had signed, often after praying over these deals with the Leaders he double-crossed. He lied to each one of the Laguna Camp Leaders and they worked him out to be a liar and a fake man, so he left in the middle of the night. He went to Peter O’Neill on his hands and knees and begged for O’Neill’s support to have the number to form a Government. Then when he had the number it was only a week before he double-crossed O’Neill.

Meanwhile, William Duma, on the other hand, is a political survivor so he is not worried about Marape becoming Prime Minister, there was a photo taken at the Government House during the swearing-in ceremony of Marap where Duma is seen giving the Judas kiss to Marape. Duma had a lot to lose after his fallout with O'Neill so he had to make the move to be in government, even at this stage swallowing a bitter pill and seeing his mate become Prime Minister that is okay, his URP has the standing within the coalition at that time as a major partner in government and they were rewarded with 3 key ministries.

Going into this election the choice of candidates for Pangu has been limitless, to win the coveted endorsement of the Party is seen as winning the lotto, I am sure all the candidates who stood for the party were vetted by James Marape himself, he as stated recently "I know how to make government and form numbers" so with that in mind and with the long time involved in vetting candidates who stood for the party, it is now coming to light there are many questionable characters that have been endorsed and some even winning in this year's Nationals elections.

Some examples are:

  • JIMMY MALADINA. (WINNER ESALA OPEN )The fraudster involved with NPF and the man with PNC's Peter O'Neill ransacked the National Provident Fund (MASFUND)
  • LOHIA SAMUEL, The sitting MP for Port Moresby North West, until recently this electorate was represented by Sir Mekere Morauta, the man who single-handedly saved PNG from the brink of financial disaster.
  • ANO (Incest) PALA, (WINNER, RIGO) who took over his son's wife, chasing out the son and taking over his wife marrying her and becoming the father to his grand-kid and now fostering a healthy relationship with his son's wife.  
  • JIM SIMINTAB Pangu endorsed candidate for Wewak Open seat, and former MP, A man with very high sex drives and has a porn video made of himself and a girl who is old enough to be his granddaughter

Something else that is very troubling is that never before in the history of our Nation have we had a Prime Minister who has misused and exploited the devotion of our people to Christianity for politics as we have seen with this man. This Prime Minister constantly uses the name of our Lord to justify his positions and is expecting our people to blindly follow him. He uses his position in the Church of the Seventh Day Adventists, a very good and wholesome Church with a proud history in our Nation and around the world, to claim he has some kind of divine calling. But what the people do not know is that he has been sanctioned by the SDA Church in the past because of his personal conduct, and now with his new indiscretion he is at risk of ex-communication. We are all Christians, we observe our faith and respect our Lord, but we as Leaders should never use the name of our Lord or our Christian faith for political gain.

PNG's Debt to GDP is hovering over 60%, without Australia PNG would be declared bankrupt. Taxes are at their highest ever. In what was supposed to be the richest decades in PNG's history driven by the boom brought on by high commodity prices during Somare and O'Neill's regimes, GoPNG managed to get into massive debt courtesy of bad politicians. Marape being the key player as Finance Minister in both regimes and now as PM, he is responsible for the record debt. He is still orchestrating and increasing PNG's debt through loans and more loans. The sad thing is the 2022 national elections have failed and as always were rigged to protect the Pangu and its business model for PNG's incorrigible politicians and Australia and other development partners will be asked to finance the cesspool in Waigani. 


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