We challenge you to explain to the 10 million people of PNG the following Foreign Policy Activities you have conducted so far as per your "Ministerial Determination" without an Act giving your corporate sole powers to sign bilateral treaties, including military that impinges on national security and constitutional sovereignty of PNG.

1. The Australian-sponsored Fragility Act that the USA is championing. Did you and your Department, together with all security governance institutions and research bodies do a thorough implication of this Act which would have informed Cabinet and Parliament for its educated and informed decision? Did the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs fully appraise of its adverse implications on the independent state of PNG, let alone State Solicitors' legal clearance?

2. Did the recently signed Shiprider Agreement with the USA undergo similar scrutiny and vetting by responsible bodies such as in 1 above?

Ship rider Agreement would allow US Coastguard Cutters to enter PNG jurisdictional waters from international water limits. The Cutters will freely access local Seas and waters that ordinary artisanal fisherfolks use for sustaining their everyday living. Did you consider the implication such a gunboat with sophisticated weaponry and technology would have on the lives of ordinary people, let alone the constant fear and insecurity that will persist? USCG is the global hegemons' 2nd Navy and military and national defense and security are adversely implied in the Shiprider Agreement.

3. Third but not least, explain to this nation and its people the meaning of Articles Agreement 505 that your Department signed with the Government of the USA. Article 505 Agreement entitles the USA and its super military to place "MILITARY ASSETS" of any kind in designated places within the jurisdiction of PNG. Answer directly this question Minister JT. Have you gone beyond your political fiduciary duty to protect and safeguard the Constitution of PNG and all its intent and letter when you agreed to sign all the above life-changing treaties/ Agreements? Answer another question. Have you undermined the PNG Constitution? If you think you haven't, did you not by exercising powers you do not properly have, subjugated, and abrogated the reign of the PNG Constitution that jealously guards PNG Sovereignty and statehood? What gives you reason you cannot be taken as an alleged double agent that entitles you to political immunity from being charged for high-level treason, sedition and sabotage, and other related crimes against the PNG Constitution?

Are you also certifying and authorizing AUKUS/QUAD militarization of PNG and by extension the entire Pacific Islands region?

We believe you have hoodwinked Cabinet into agreeing to some fundamental treaty-related agreements that are frightening the national sovereignty security of PNG.

Your questions on Australia's covert intrusion into PNG and the cumulative effect her interventions have in causing PNG State to become a VASSAL Littoral state unto which PNG would become an obvious puppet state where Australian extended jurisdiction would preside are yet to come.

Please answer the above questions first Mr. Hot Cake


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