A Fraudster and unqualified person has been shortlisted for NEC submission for the position of CEPA Managing Director. The candidate in question is Jude Tukulyia. His academic credentials are subject to scrutiny. Further investigation is required to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of his qualifications, particularly the reported diploma in accounting, Bachelor of Laws, MBA from Divine Word and UPNG respectively. It is very suspicious and unprofessional  when the Minister for Environment Conservation and Climate Change, Hon Simo Kilepa, wrote to UPNG Vice Chancellor asking to confirm Jude’s questioned education qualifications. This very due diligence work is the core responsibility of the Public Service Commission and Department of Personnel Management. What authority does the portfolio minister have to write to the Universities? Dumbfounding indeed if one asks. Ulterior motives written all over the letter. This amounts to Questionable Academic Qualifications of Mr Tukulyia.   


Despite claims of holding the position of Corporate Services Director, he seriously lacks demonstrable experience as a qualified officer within the organization. A comprehensive review of his work profile during this alleged tenure is recommended. This will compare what he actually stated in his Resume. This amounts to Lack of Relevant Work Experience that disqualifies him at a moral level. 

Serious concerns surround allegations of financial impropriety. The reported defrauding of estimated K10 million within a period of eleven months (February 2023 - January 2024) necessitates a thorough investigation by the relevant authorities. These are monies that belong to CEPA’s recurrent and operational money, donor funded projects, and Environment Permit Holders’ deposits. No financial reports have been given to respective authorities and parties. He has been signing cheques to his own names too.  All leave warrant funds were misused in 2023 resulting in officers not paid their bi-annual leave entitlements, for instance. Hence, the Misappropriation of Funds will widen if he is appointedThese are provided for in the Police Fraud, ICAC and Ombudsmen Commission lodgments.

Mr. Tukulyia’s appointment to the position of Corporate Services Director reportedly bypassed established procedures and minimum requirements per the Public Service Management Act, CEPA Act and other administrative apparatus. It was the work of the former Minister, Sir John Pundari because Tukulyia is his core political pimp in their district, Kompiam Ambum. He was only bearing the title of the Corporate Services Director. The portfolio was removed from him and parked under the Deputy Managing Director's office. Former Deputy MD and current MP for Kerowagi Hon Dilu Muguwa can afirm this.

Additionally, in his tenure as acting MD, allegations of nepotism are concerned with him employing family and relatives as highly paid consultants without proper vetting or documented qualifications. They are paid cash and not through the IFMS or Kundu Pei system to avoid traceability. The number of Engans and Simbus working at CEPA as short term contractors is more than the establishment itself of 192 positions. Added expensive consultants are hired to review staff and management briefs, and industry and intergovernmental correspondents. You read that right!! Review Consultants laughing at the bank at the demise of CEPA and staff welfare. Trust, Moral, confidence has jumped out of the 7-floor building. Low productivity has hit a different level of bottom. Adding fuel to the fire and salt to the fire-wounds, Tukulyia has appointed  uncertified and unqualified people to the Finance Manager positions, Human Resource Positions and other senior managerial positions. For instance, Finance, Revenue and HR managers are all graduates of some Theological colleges in preaching. Their substantive score is Grade 8, which is the 2nd lowest in CEPA's pay grade scale, who are now occupying grade 12 positions. The lowest point of CEPA since Department of Environment and Conservation Days has been the past 12 months and continuing. This Irregular Appointment Process and day light Nepotism is publicly promoted with no shame.

There is evidence of Unauthorized Appointment undermining the appointment authority of NEC as per RSA 2017, PSMA and CEPA Act 2014. The reported appointment of Michael Kaiglo Bongro as Acting Deputy MD, an individual who contested the 2022 General Election under electoral commission registered candidate number 77 while holding a position within CEPA, raises significant concerns regarding adherence to proper protocol and potential conflicts of interest. Although this has been reported to DPM, no action has been taken. This is unfair to other public servants like the Medical Doctors who could not come back to Public Service regardless of the critical need until after 5 years. What is special about Michael Kaiglo Dagema Bongro? The subsequent financial burden of K146,000 (refer to 2024 national budget paper under CEPA) incurred by CEPA due to this unauthorized appointment requires further examination. It's the first of its kind since CEPA was established in 1985 as the Dept of Environment & Conservation. 

Leaders and Managers have the capacity to read technical and non-technical correspondences with ease and communicate the same. The regretful situation at CEPA is that Mr Tukuklyia has communication Deficiencies leaking to Misuse of Resources, especially financial. Jude's shortcomings in English comprehension necessitate clarification. Heavily Relying on expensive consultants to review CEPA communications (briefs from staff and management, Environment Permit Holders and intergovernmental correspondences) raises concerns about the efficient use of operational funds. The reported selection of consultants based on provincial origin rather than qualifications merits investigation. Those who have had speaking in high level conferences know him well. He avoids those meetings. funny character. 

The Operational funds and donor-funded project monies have been depleted through unnecessary consultancy contracts that require a comprehensive audit. Recurrent and Operational funds are those paid by Environment Permit Holders, development partners like JICA, GEF, UNDP, UNEP and so forth. These funds support the management of Environment Compliance Monitoring and Biodiversity Conservation initiatives. The lack of transparency and accountability surrounding these expenditures is troubling. Instead of driving Organisational vehicles, a huge fleet of Toyota Landcruisers – troopers, v8 SUVS, etc – have been hired since he commenced as acting MD in February 2023. The total per month is anyone’s guess. By the end of September 2023, money ran dry in the CEPA bank accounts. All cheques raised to clients were denied by banks because of insufficient funds. Even the K2 million that was given to CEPA in December 2023 by the national government disappeared by 2nd week of January. 2024. Department of Finance officers from the consolidated revenue division can confirm the transaction details. Troubling is an understatement.


The Inadequate Investigation into Allegations is a matter of concern. The reported filing of formal complaints with the Fraud Squad, ICAC, and Ombudsman Commission, followed by an apparent lack of updates or action, necessitates a review of these agencies' handling of the allegations. These reports were lodged in July 2023. Hence, the Potential Lapses in Due Diligence. Tukulyia's reported ability to bypass established screening processes conducted by the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) and Public Service Commission (PSC) warrants investigation. Reason being the above allegations and reports were submitted to these two organisations and to the Office of the Chief Secretary.



1.      Environment Council - Was recruited before his time in 2022. Was waiting Cabinet’s approval. That’s not his work. Jude Tukulyia and Michael Bongro were corrected by EC members and was asked to retract the first news article. 

2.      Protect Area Bill – Bill was before DJAG & CLC. He was never part of any work related to this bill drafting or workshops. The purported media release through a small time online francis by his own tribesmen can't give you the accolades because the brains of Conservation in PNG and development partners spent 15 years to develop this.  

He is so desperate trying to gain favor over past MD's work. He actually failed to deliver on the 3 KPAs he signed up for initially as per the gazettal notification.

3.   CEPA Restructure – No Restructure happened. Expensive Consultants, Ms Asa Awiata, recent former CEPA HRM Manager and her husband, were engaged but no results to date after 1 year.

4.      Moitaka Housing Project – He failed and colluded with his cronies and issued titles to private individuals and companies. This needs further investigations. He has engaged an expensive consultant, Jeffrey Kamen, who has no academic qualifications to lead the project. Another expensive contract for street buddies.  

3. CEPA BOARD NOT ESTABLISHED. Expensive Consultants walked away with hundreds of thousands of Kina with no product. He and his pimps cannot go on social media to promote what is not there.  



DEAR National Executive Councils alas Cabinet,

The aforementioned allegations constitute serious breaches of conduct and raise concerns regarding the candidate's suitability for the position of CEPA Managing Director. A comprehensive and impartial investigation is essential to ensure transparency and accountability within the organization and the recruitment of a Fit & Proper Candidate for the MD Position.


Honorable Ministers, you will have to do the most honorable thing by appointing either of the two technically and academically qualified candidates in the short list you have before you. Messers Maino Virobo and Michael Wau. Both are qualified. Save this sinking ship!

Dear Prime Minister,

Messers Wau and Maino will deliver your Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation policy roadmap. They will also deliver on the bigger economic projects like LNG and Mining projects because both are technocrats and outstanding leaders. They’ve been overlooked for far too long over the years. You now have the best two to choose from. Seek your Mining Minister, Hon Dilu Muguwa's views first. He was CEPA's first recent past Deputy Managing Director. 


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