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by PETRUS DANIEL  NA's intention to win the election will come at any cost, even when it involves public funds and the Treasurer and Forest Ministers are involved.  Logohu Capital is owned by James Gore a very close business associate of Treasurer Ian Stuckey and Forest Minister. They are using a front company in Singapore (husband and wife owned) as a service management company to redirect all monies from Forest Levies to PNG. The Directors you see here are only used as covers. If its true that they've used Cayman Island Offshore account, then Walter Schnaubelt and ILS must have used an account offshore to setup the accounts for them and listed here are the accountants.(attached) below.  Ling-Stuckey and Schnaubelt had managed to do one thing that others in the past have failed to do for National Alliance. They have managed to bring their stolen Public Funds into Papua New Guinea. This was done when Ling-Stuckey had taken control of the Bank of PNG and Schnaubelt as Forestry M

Ling-Stuckey and Flanagan make Marape look jumpy and weak

by : Andrew Arthur Prime Minister James Marape had one of his worst performances in the last parliament session jumping from one place to the other over the Dominate Player Levy. One moment he pushed hard in NEC for the new tax on the advice of Ian Ling-Stuckey and Paul Flanagan and as is the case, he flips his decision when met with some resistance in Parliament. Everyone knows Marape has a real problem with being decisive- but his performance on the 2022 Budget has now left PNG with a k190 million hole by shelving the ‘Dominate Player Levy’ that his Treasury Ian Ling-Stuckey and highly paid failed Australian advisor Paul Flanagan had craftily written into the budget for additional taxes on banking and telecommunication. The budget preparation is a culmination of 12 months of planning and works for Politicians, Public Servants, and advisors that ended in a major failure and refusal by legislators in Parliament. An embarrassment to those who had worked hard to put together the 2022 Mon


INTELLIGENCE REPORT: DETECTION OF FOUL PLAY IN THE POM NW BY-ELECTION AT MURRAY BARRACKS COUNTING VENUE FACTS 1. On Friday 04 June 21 all ballot boxes for Ward 7 were stored at Murray Barracks Ben Moide Club before counting began on Tuesday 08 June 21. At approximate timings of 2000 - 2100 hours an unmarked vehicle 10 seater white in color drove into BMC. The driver of the vehicle approached one of the Military Police Guards and asked for the key of the container the boxes were stored in. There were 3x MPs guarding the ballot boxes locked inside the container at that particular time.  The MP’s responded that they don’t have the key. One of the MPs reported that after asking for the key he jumped back onto his vehicle and drove off. It was plain darkness as all lights were off due to the blackout from PNG Power and the guards could not recognize the person fully as well as the vehicle registration. 2. On Saturday 05 June at between 0200 hours – 0500 hours an unmarked vehicl