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Why we do not believe Minister Bryan Kramer latest Explaination

by PAUL AMATIO As a Papa New Guinean, I take serious offence at the statements made by Mr Kramer explaining and justifying the high speed arrest, trial and conviction the drug pilot. It stinks of misinformation, misdirection and cover up. In an effort to gain credibility, Mr Kramer paraphrases Assistant Commissioner Lesa Gale of the Australian Federal Police stating that this was a 2 year multi-agency operation involving Australian law enforcement agencies and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) and that they had been tracking the flight as it left Australia en route to PNG. ACP Gale is credible so that’s fine. His falsehoods start in the following statement that: “At the time Police had yet to obtain any direct evidence of drug smuggling. No witnesses had come forward and no drugs were found at the crash site.” It clearly contradicts his assertions that he had been kept informed of what had been happening. It was a suspected drug run so why weren’t the P

RPNGC Siding with Corrupt Politicians to Suppress Citizens, Met Sup Turi involved with Asian Organised Criminals, has side businesses apart from Police pay

by KEALI POKA Papua New Guineans are genuinely informed that contempt charges regarding non-compliance of the National and Supreme Court Orders were served on Police Commissioner Gari Baki and he refused to accept it.  However, Mathew Damaru had it successfully served on Mr. Baki's lawyer. Baki's other rogue officers in the likes of David Manning, Samson Kua and Jim Andrews have had their Court Orders served already on them. These rogue police officers will have their field day at the courts and justice will decide where they stand and what they should do and should not do. Meanwhile both Mr. Raphael Huafolo (the buffalo) and Mr. Victor Isove are on the run hiding away from Fraud Squad Officers of being served their contempt charges. Both of these rogue police officers will be served their contempt charges when they are found. Any Papua New Guinean who sights them must report them at the nearest police station or go on social media and post their whereabouts so Fraud Offi