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Reinstitute Rausim Illegal Aliens Taskforce


Parliament reconvened on Tuesday the 24th of January. It was during this sitting that the Governor of Oro Province, Hon. Gary Juffa during Parliament’s Question Time alerted the Minister for Labor and Industrial Relations to a syndicate operating in the country. Hon. Juffa is perhaps one of the most qualified law-makers in this country. He has standing in Parliament to highlight issues of national security. Prior to going into politics, Governor Juffa was the Commissioner of Customs where he led a professional intelligence-gathering and investigative team. His close relationships with other law-enforcement agencies in the region disrupted transnational criminal entities and personalities. More importantly, Hon. Juffa demonstrated that serious application and enforcement of PNG laws is a profitable endeavor. Through fines and penalty fees to breaches of PNG laws, much-need revenue is raised for the government coffers.

With his background in law-enforcement and nationa…