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by NAIK MALCOLM I as an Imbongu Citizen Would like to call for Mr Francis Awesa to Step Down.  This is to the Works and Implementation Minister Mr Awesa, How much lives have you saved from the tribal fights in Southern Highlands Province. How much securities have you provide for those who suffered in the name of tribal fight.   Mr Awesa has saved no live in the most tribal fights in Southern Highlands Province. Yet, Mr Awesa is asking the VC to save the lives of the students during the time of trouble while the poor VC and the Unitech administration trying their very best to protect the students.   And Mr Awesa should be blamed for the death of the student because Mr Awesa as an Imbongu MP, he did not take responsibility to warn his student to return to class when the tension is very high.  Mr Awesa even failed to send police to protect the Imbongu students when he knew that his students are at risk in the campus. Yes, Mr Awesa and all the Member of the parliament and the Unitech administr…