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RPNGC INSIDER Some new information from three journos on Jacob Ivaroa, the personal pig-dog of Jimmy Maladina and Peter O’Neill. Two have confirmed that Ivaroa, now deputy director of the Fraud Squad, was responsible for the threat to a senior journalist last week, as revealed by a senior EMTV journo. Now a third journo has come forward to PNGBlogs to say that they were also a victim of a threat from Ivaroa last week. Ivaroa is one of the puppet policemen appointed by Commissioner Gary Baki to stop the investigations being carried out by the Fraud Squad and destroy evidence that incriminates the Prime Minister and his cronies. The journo also revealed to PNGBlogs that Manning was one of the police puppets used by O’Neill to try to arrest Chief Justice Salamo Injia, and was probably part of Baki’s plot to get rid of Port Moresby Met Supt Andy Bawa. Baki is also personally corrupt, when he stole funds to be used for LNG operations, and deceived the Somare NEC about its LNG

Restructuring, realignment or Re-positioning? A Practical Exercise in Intelligence Collation and Assessment

by PAUL AMATIO The recent reshuffle of the senior police hierarchy and command should not really surprise many. It was mooted earlier by Mr. Baki and has finally been effected. That includes the restructuring of the command structure. I guess that given the expansion in the population of the nation, such a restructuring is timely and beneficial to the constabulary. There only remains the task of finding enough men to fully outfit the various commands – not to mention the infrastructure and logistics required to maintain them and sustain them. But that is a political problem. Will the government give enough funding to ensure that this initiative by the Commissioner indeed fulfils its intention? With the 2017 General Elections around the corner, this structure also makes it much easier in terms of coordination, command and control. The movement of senior officers is also a good move, one would think. Many of those who have been in PHQ need to be moved out so they can effectively imple