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by PETER BALOS 1. Introduction. My first piece was focused on public funds being covetously diverted to one big bowl. This second piece covers a wide range of alleged fraud now under investigation by relevant public authorities. 2. K8m paid to Tage Pimana Yakin Investment Ltd during the eve of this election. Reliable sources from the Departments of Treasury, Finance and Works had revealed that about K8m was recently paid to Tage Pimana Yakain Investments Ltd 1-63724 (TPYIL). This K8m is one-quarter of the K32m that the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had allocated for upgrading and sealing of Ambum road from Takawas to Monkam in the Ambum LLG, Kompiam-Ambum Electorate, Enga. The Prime Minister publicly announced this in September 2016 during a public gathering at Monkam. Despite directives issued by the Ombudsman Commission (OC) to the abovementioned Departments not to release public funds meant for public services and infrastructures, this money was paid out under the guise of mo

Combining Corrupt Rulers, False Prophets, Ungodly Priests and Judges Bought with Bribes

by YAKAN LEPAKAILI Combining Corrupt Rulers, False Prophets, Ungodly Priests and Judges Bought with Bribes – Foolishness Prevails and People Perish: We are world apart in terms of time line but similarities make PNG no unique on contrast. I make this comparison in the light of unprecedented level of corruption and proliferation of gross misuse and abuse unhindered by politicians and bureaucrats at massive scale contrasting with successive governments. Corrupt rulers (both politicians & bureaucrats), false prophets, ungodly priests and paying bribes to Judges were norm during the reign of King Jotham (739 - 731 B.C) in the ancient past can’t be ignored as historical facts for school of thought. Corruption riddled infamous O’Neil regime is well and truly aided by members of the judiciary adding new dimension in the fight against corruption and in so doing, institutionalising corruption and weakening the agency’s (Fraud Squad) efforts to fight corruption whilst minority few (OC,