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THE DECEPTION: Little Mongoloid Treasurer And His Bandit Of Caucasian Advisors

by Therow Zuaru ▪️IMF Structural Adjustment Politics The global economic and financial system is a system of lies, deception and predation on a large scale. The World Bank, IMF keep the public in a position of indentured servitude, through perpetual debt, inflation and interest. The basic scam is simple: Put a country in debt either by its own indiscretion - or through corrupting the leader of that country - than impose "conditionalities" or "structural adjustment policies" often consisting of the following: • Currency devaluation - when the value of a currency drops, so does everything valued in it. This makes indegenious resources available to preditor countries at a fraction of their worth. • Cut social programs - large funding cuts for social programs. This usually include education and healthcare - compromising the wellbeing and the integrity of the society - leaving the public vulnerable to exploitation. • Privatization - privatization of state owned enterpris…



Prime Minister Peter O'Neill’s infamous lawyer Ms Tiffany Twivey and for-hire political publicist Ms Merrell claim the recent arrest of Deputy Secretary of Treasury Mr. Aloysius Hamou was carried out by rogue cops though intimation and based on political motives.

Director of National Fraud & Anti-corruption Directorate Mathew Damaru and his Deputy Timothy Gitua laid formal charges against Mr. Hamou on Thursday 28th January 2016 under Section 92(1) of the Criminal Code (Abuse of Office). He was charged for his alleged part in the illegal procurement (purchase) of two turbine generators for K50 million paid to Israeli company LR Group by the Department of Treasury.

I broke the story on social media on Friday afternoon (29/1/16). An immediate response was issued from Ms Merrell and Ms Twivey. This was expected on account that their client, Peter O'Neill, is heavily implicated in the unlawful transaction. Ms Merrell posted a rather convoluted re…