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  A new twist in the PNG cocaine trade investigations has identified 30 new names as “persons of interest” – big fish identified.   These include names of politicians including government ministers, senior public servants, senior police officers, senior military officers, and senior citizens and businessmen involved in planning and moving of cocaine from wherever they are into PNG, portion of it to be used here in PNG and the rest sent to Australia.   These 30 are additional to ones already arrested and charged for their part in the July 26 “black flight” Cessna 402 crash at Papa Lealea outside Port Moresby.   “Dominic Terupo and Morgan Mogu are errand boys, they drive, move cargo and clean up, they have no idea about the type and value of the concealed cargo (cocaine) they were dealing with. They work for cash, their names are not mentioned in any of the conversations we have been watching. They are generally referred as “village people”. They are wrongfully arrested and convicted by