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Dumb Minister continues to screw PMs Legacy

by MARTIN SAPE  Minister Raminai used the provisions of the 2014 Higher Education Act which was repealed in 2020. When repealed the Ministers powers were removed!; allowing all state universities to function independently.  Wesley Raminai made the same blunder in April 2021 when he unilaterally removed not only the Council of the University of Goroka, but also the Vice Chancellor. The UOG case is before the Supreme Court as an Appeal questioning them powers that the Minister doesn't have since their revocation in August 2020. The new amended provisions of Higher Education General Provisions (Act 2014) was Gazetted came into effect in January 2021.  The Prime Minister James Marape was once more misled to belief in acts that are contrary to law. The Minister's powers were removed from the repealed law, something that the state universities wanted since 2014. With the a rogue individual in position of power; being manipulated as has been the case of UOG in 2021; and most recently


by DANIEL POLONSKI IEA school system has been hitting the headlines on the dailies in the last few weeks, and all for wrong and dubious reasons, it would seem. In doing so they may have unwittingly exposed a greater evil that belies IEA. It was only a matter of time anyway. IEA and its Board, admitted its Chairman, Mr Mea Ravu, (Post Courier 1st Dec 2017), has voluntarily made press statements to a female National Newspaper journalist who published under the headline “ K7 Million Gamble Hits IEA”.  That article was published by Mr Ravu and Mr Joe Lali the CEO, to explain why National IEA teachers had to suffer pay cuts and reduction in terms and conditions, while the Chairman himself, the CEO and Management, and expatriate teachers enjoyed pay and benefits increases at the same time. The level of exchanges in the media has sparked my interest in this organisation and I started digging and asking around. I have an interest in this school system because I am a fee-paying parent, and o