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by PNG BLOGS 1. Marked Boxes in Kandrian Gloucester in West New Britain were set aside and not counted for Sunday polling WHEREAS all boxes containing votes cast on Sunday for Ialibu Pangia Electorate in Southern Highlands were counted and the winner declared. 2. NCD Election Manager was caught red-handed with more than K180,000 cash and marked ballot papers with a purported agreement between a candidate. Secretary for Finance who administered funding for elections stated that all payments of allowances for electoral officials were directly remitted to their bank accounts WHEREAS Gamato claimed the substantial cash was for allowances for election officials (in a metropolitan area where most have their personal bank accounts???). 3. Joseph Tonde’s declaration for the Port Moresby North East Electorate was rejected because the Returning Officer was not the one on duty WHEREAS Nick Kuman’s declaration by a dead Returning Officer for Gumine Open was accepted. 4. William Duma’


by BRYAN KRAMER I was informed when the same question was put to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill he responded more than 50. On 21st April 2017 I published part 2 of an article "Will Peter O'Neill return as PM" Where I explained that PNC were likely to return upto 15 to 20 of the 53 sitting Members of Parliament following the elections. "This will be largely due to those members winning on their own popularity and having actually delivered some form of services to their electorates. Add to this the fact they will also be heavily financed by their party (PNC)" "There will also be some PNC members who may retain their seat relying on wide scale bribery and vote rigging." You may click on the link below to read full the article. So far two PNC candidates have been returned are the Members for Moresby South Open Justin Tkatchenko and Tari-Pori Open James Marape. Now I expecte


by SAMSON  S. ALPHONSE Have you ever wondered about what our children (or their children) down the line will look back at our generation of citizens of this beautiful country, and our generation of leaders, and say? What verdict do you think they will pass? Just ponder on that for a while. After you have so pondered, also ask yourself what the children will think and say if we vote the current leaders back, or set up PNC Party to win and make Peter O’Neill the Prime Minister again? The next generation, and generations thereafter will desecrate our graves, and those of our current Political Leaders, and that of Peter O’Neill definitely! WHY would generations and generations of our future children do that you might ask? 1.      They would desecrate our graves because in the year 2017, we made another monumental mistake and as a nation voted PNC back into power. 2.      Because we did not learn from 7-year history of open stealing and corruption of public offices by


PNG BLOGS There seem to be a huge conspiracy among those so called bureaucrats and the government of the day. This election is already compromised and it's another scam. This illegal PNC led government will still come out victorious and form the next government because it has already voted itself. Your votes cast on the polling day is just for formality sake and won't hold any water. We all know they have printed 10 million copies of ballot papers in Indonesia, when our population is only 8 million. Out of the 8 million population, less then 6 million will vote. So where do you reckon the rest of the 4 million plus ballot papers would/has gone? According to reliable sources from within the electoral commission, those remaining ballot papers have already been marked and placed in separate ballot boxes containing identical serial numbers of those that would be distributed to specific polling centers. After polling, those ballot boxes taken from the polling sites will be rep

Better Kandep Beyond 2017

by FASA GIMA STANLEY DAVID Polye as a veteran politician, needs to step aside from active politic to maintain his personal and family integrity. I expect some opposition and negative comments on this post by some fake and real conservative minded people by taking the truth as political gimmick. But as a citizen of Kandep I have to speak out the truth. As a saying goes "The triumph of evil is fo r the good man to keep silent and do nothing". When Don Polye was elected to parliament in 2002 to represent the very humble but yet strong people of Kandep, all tribes and clans of Kandep valley came to a stand still to salute his victory. Polye was seen as a savior of the 21st century. All hopes and dreams were casted on him because he was a well educated person who won the Kandep seat. Though he was a first timer to parliament, he was given works, transport and civil aviation minister (other ministerial portfolios added in the same term later). That particular ministerial p