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  by PNGBlogs Special Correspondent In the 2017 Election Patilias, Gamato made an unpopular decision with regard to Section 175 1A)(b) which cost him numerous criticism and plunged his career into a downward spiral so rapidly that and eventually dumped Simon Sinai.  He made the first ever "special circumstances " declaration of William Powi as Governor of Southern Highlands due to the chaotic civil unrest, the burning down of the newly built million Kina National complex, and also the burning down of the Dash 8 aircraft. William Powi was then declared as the Governor based on his lead in the first preference counts. The matter was immediately filed and tried in the court of disputed returns by three candidates trailing behind  Joe Kobol, Pr. Bernard Kaku and another I cannot recall.  Joe Kobol lost his fight but Pastor Benard Kaku's petition was successful in that on 24th August 2021, Judge Cannings ruled that Powi's win and the declaration were wrong and therefore a

Hela to Form a Formidable Team in PANGU Party

by DAVID KAWAGE So much has been left to be desired for PANGU's hasty election victories in HELA. Tari Pori, Komo Hulia, Magarima and HELA Regional. The highly contested question is; Is the United Resource Party Member elected Hon. William Bando triumph a genuine win for the Party? There are a lot of unanswered questions floating around. Why are 12 boxes disputed not counted? Why is the newly elected Member without even consulting his URP Party Leader William Duma suddenly moved into the PANGU camp? Zooming down and widening the space surrounding these election victories in HELA, it is noticeable that the aim of Prime Minister James Marape is to form an immovable HELA team. Who is William Bando? MP Bando is the maiden Provincial Administrator for Hela and was instrumental in building HELA to where it is today. He is a household name and a big Kwila in Hela, if he loses, he has the potential to divide Hela and cause instability in Hela politics. The win for Koroba Kopiago is undenia

The tale of two knights

by TAENG KA The is the tale of PNG’s two newest Knights, or Sir’s as the Brits would have you say. It makes for a frighteningly intriguing tale of two MPs that hail from the same Province, Enga. One is the current governor for Enga, Sir Peter Ipatas, and the other is the current MP for Kompiam Ambum, in Enga Province. Both are long serving Members of Parliament. Both were knighted, same time, in 2022. Fascinating! This is probably where their similarity ends. So how did both become Knights? One is a true son of Enga, widely recognised in the country as the best Governor the country has ever seen. A truly remarkable and visionary leader who had the foresight to develop Enga’s intellectual capacity. He figured education held the key to the success of its people. His ideas are now being copied by other provinces, albeit a little too late. This is truly a tale of two contrasting people; one a leader that arguable deserves the knighthood more than any other person in PNG’s history, if servi