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by  Therow Zuaru ‎ The economy of the world and the way money is valued, is one of the biggest scams of the universe. Money and wealth are naturally backed by mineral resources, land, and basically physical commodities such as precious metals. But in Papua New Guinea, it is not so. It has created a view on national success as putting priority budget areas on financial assistance. It is amusing to watch our politicians continue to become researchers researching into international financial schemes like WB, IMF, Exim Bank, ADB, EU, Ausaid, UBS, EU for soft loans development funds, financial aid to survive. Virtually for almost 45 years these financial institutions have been the proud sponsor for Papua New Guinea existence. Papua New Guinea has been recipient of foreign assistance since independence and prepare our budgets factoring the aid dynamics into them. Important issue we must look at is the financial assistance has obviously been a primordial source of income for many Papu


PRESS RELEASE by  Rt. Hon SIR MEKERE MORAUTA MP Former Prime Minister and Member for Moresby North-West Sir Mekere Morauta said today that at last some members of the PNC Government have admitted that the Papua New Guinea economy is in difficulty.  Sir Mekere referred to the media statement by Deputy Prime Minister and Caretaker Treasurer Charles Abel, who said that the focus of the government in its first 100 Days would be on “economic recovery”. Sir Mekere noted that this was an interesting admission and use of words by Mr Abel, because the Prime Minister has consistently refused to recognise that the economy is in recession, and has mismanaged public finances in such a way that has allowed the recession to intensify. “My advice to Mr Abel is that before he launches into any “recovery” measures, he needs to repair the budget and reform his Prime Minister and curb his extravagant and uncontrolled spending and borrowing,” Sir Mekere said. “The non-mining sector, on which the


  NIUGINI OUTLOOK  JOHN PUNDARI HAS FINALLY EMERGED FROM THE STINKING SWAMP OF CORRUPTION FOR ALL TO SEE AND WHAT A MIGHTY PRESENCE HE HAS CREATED IN THOSE STINKING WATERS! No, the taxi service that recently put Pundari's name out in the social media wasn't corrupt. What the taxi company represents is a conflict of interest that represents the tip of the iceberg in displaying John Pundari's private businesses. Private businesses, here, there, everywhere. However did John Pundari find the time to serve his people? We review here the multiple corruptions of John Pundari, one of the most impressive sets of allegations we have ever come across at Niugini Outlook. As background, Pundari is a high school dropout whose sly maneuvering led him to become Speaker of Parliament during the corrupt Bill Skate's time from 1997-1999. Even his first election to Parliament in 1992 was the result of a strong competitor's (Cornelius Kakale's) ballot box being hijacked at fr


by LUCAS KIAP IS PETER O’NEILL GOING TO DO BETTER THAN SIR MICHAEL SOMARE? Ten (10) years political stability under NA party and SIR MICHAEL SOMARE has resulted in the disappearance of billions of kina (from high commodity and mineral prices) without traces. Will political stability under PNC party and PETER O’NEILL look after the PNG LNG revenues well? Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O’Neill and his PNC party are becoming more powerful than ever in the political history of this small country as more and more MPs from other political are abandoning their parties to join the ruling party and others are lining themselves up for the PM to marry them into his ruling PNC party. Any possible chances of a successful vote of no confidence against the PM are now seem unlikely, at least for now. The movement of MPs from other political parties into the major ruling party is not happening for the first time in the history of this country. When the government of Sir Michael an