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by ROLLAND JAMES Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s decision to have his two senior Ministers sidelined and a dozen heads of government organisations suspended in connection with the controversial Manumanu land deal is welcomed. In announcing his government’s decision at a media conference Monday, Mr O’Neill said “We want to clearly demonstrate to our country and to our people that our Government is committed to the principles and practises of good governance.” And I thought –really? Is this the joke of the century? Since when did this corrupt government commit to observing the principles of good governance? Is it not a case of convenience and saving face exercise? My suspicion is like a situation of a bank robbery going wrong where the criminals shoot at each other after robbing the bank. Is O’Neill not more concerned about Duma and United Resource Party being resourced for the elections, than a genuine concern to protect the interest of the public? I am led to lean to the former.