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by JAMES PEREYAP The name “Rogue Police” is synonymous with Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), a stigma that other innocent and hardworking cops have to also live with. Today, civilians are more fearful of the police than criminals. Police ill-discipline is part of a bigger problem that had been neglected for a long time and grown to be inherent in the RPNGC. The consequences of it are manifesting. These inherent problems are now being sustained and exacerbated by the current O’Neill Government’s use of RPNGC as a political tool to suppress opposition. With the added ‘political will’ of the current government, the Police will use it as a ticket to go all-out and abuse their powers and commit more crimes. PNGBlogs published a number of stories concerning O’Neill’s interference with the police force including this one. But nothing could be more worrying than this one. In order to create blindly fol