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Proliferation of Corruption Unhindered has Raised its Ugly Head in the Courtroom Resulting in Impaired Judgments and Normalization of Corruption by Venerate Judges

by LEKEM LAKI The Deputy Chief Justice his Honour Gibs Salika rightly said in the national paper dated 14th March 2016 titled “Graft a disease” and he referred to the level of corruption rampant in the country cutting across every sector of PNG society. In that he meant to say, corruption isn’t “growing but is overgrown”. The concern raised is alarming in nature but it doesn’t become a cause of concern or raises goose bumps. The corruption is entrenched and deeply embedded in every stratum of government bureaucracy and agencies. The practice is normalised and given the longevity in continued practice, it has become a norm or second nature if you like to people who practice. With the proliferation of corruption, people aren’t remorseful or let alone raise goose bumps. The Department of Justice and Attorney General Secretary Dr. Lawrence Kalinoe refused Damarua’s request to engage private law firm. Damarua and the entire Fraud Squad team aren’t fighting tooth an


by BRYAN KRAMER The news of O'Neill Government's decision to adjourn Parliament to March 2016 brought a smile to my face. A decision that was very much anticipated and welcomed. As predicted Peter O'Neill would do so to avoid facing the motion of vote of no confidence. It's my view it is typical of O'Neill to act like a coward demonstrating weak leadership by manipulating democratic processes to serve his own interest. Evidence of this fact was when Fraud squad members served him a warrant of arrest in June 2014. They kindly asked him to accompany them to be interviewed, he instead fled like a common criminal to hide out in Parliament House. Section 155 (Parliamentary Privileges) Constitution states Members of the Parliament are free from arrest for civil debt during meetings of the Parliament and during the period commencing three days before, and ending three days after. At the time Parliament was not even in session but nonetheless it didn't stop O


by SONJA BARRY RAMOI IN THE SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE of Papua New Guinea, Attorney General & Minister for Justice Ano Pala’s application for orders to restrain the then Commissioner of Police Geoffrey Vaki and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary from arresting him was heard by His Honour Justice George Manuhu earlier this week, over a two day period, on Tuesday the 27th & Wednesday the 28th of October 2015. In the matter listed as ‘SCM NO. 26 OF 2015’, His Worship Presiding Magistrate Cosmas Bidar was named as First Respondent, the then Commissioner of Police Geoffrey Vaki as Second Respondent, and The Independent State of Papua New Guinea as Third Respondent. In handing down his Ruling, His Honour Justice Manuhu cited the following cases: Wari Mugining v R [1975] PNGLR 352, Rimbink Pato v Anthony Manjin (1999) SC62, Eremas Wartoto v The State (2015) SC1411; and stated: “This is an application by the Appellant made pursuant to Section 5 (1) (b) of the Supreme Court


by BRYAN KRAMER DISTRICT COURT REFUSES TO HEAR APPLICATION FOR WARRANT OF ARREST AGAINST DAMARU, GITUA & THEIR LAWYER. This morning Officer-in-charge of Special Police Internal Investigation team Inspector Jacob Ivaroa set up under the authority of Commissioner of Police appeared in District Court before Senior Magistrate Cosmar Bidar seeking three warrants of arrest against Director of National Fraud & Anti-corruption Directorate Mathew Damaru , his former Deputy Timothy Gitua and their Lawyer McRonald Nale of Jema Lawyers. Inspt. Ivaroa filed the motion yesterday (Wednesday 30/9/15) seeking the warrants of arrest against three gentlemen on the charges they committed perjury, a criminal offence under Section 121(2) of the Criminal Code The provision states that perjury is a person who in any judicial (court) proceeding, or for the purpose of instituting any judicial proceedings, knowingly gives false testimony concerning any matter that is material to any question t


By GK, an Insider at Police Headquarters Police Commissioner Gari Baki is a dangerous man running the Police Force. Baki, who has a history for controversy such as doing business with hire car companies, is a FAILED POLITICIAN. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill appointed Baki when former Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki was about to be convicted and sentenced for obstructing the arrest of Mr O’Neill. There is no room to guess what Baki’s mission was –look after the interest of his master.   Upon taking office, his first business was to request a brief from the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate (NFACD) to provide a brief on PM O’Neill’s case. That is understood to have been done. Upon his request, the NEC appointed an Acting Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Mr Raphael Huafolo who is also a failed politician but a faithful lieutenant to Baki previously. Both Baki and Huafolo are politicians and ‘outsiders’ (meaning they left the force long time) running the pol