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The Secret Government Plan To Defeat PNG University Students

by WAIGANI INSIDER The PM and his advisors aren’t dumb.  As it became more apparent what an economic mess the government had gotten PNG into, they were clear that more people would start speaking out. When anticorruption activist Noah Anjo organized his protests last year and MP Don Polye followed, the PM knew that he had to act fast.   The word was sent out not to allow any protests that were against the PM (this did not extend to TI protests. PM believes that TI protests aren’t any threat to his power and by allowing them to continue, he can say that he supports efforts to fight corruption).    The PM effectively keeps his MPs bought off but he fears public outrage.  Last October was the first serious threat to the PM’s authority, when Noah Anjo organized a protest march from Jack Pidik park to Parliament to support a vote of no confidence on the PM.   Anjo’s request for a protest permit was also turned down.  When Anjo got a court order allowing the protest, the PM knew tha


by MICHAEL JOSEPH PASSINGAN The recent and continuing actions by Police Commissioner Gari Baki have got deeper intentions than what appears to the public. Gari Baki is part of, and executing a conspiracy to completely set Peter O’Neill free from all corruption charges relating to the Paul Paraka Lawyers payments, LR Group-PNG Power Generators Deal, K3 Billion UBS Oil Search Deal etc and many other complaints of frauds that is currently investigated by the National Fraud And Anti-Corruption Directorate. If you have been watching closely, Peter O’Neill is running out of defences. He knows that you don’t have to benefit financially from the fraud to be guilty of the crime (Paul Tiensten being the example). He latest lowest point was when he said words “mi paulim meri blong ol na ol laik karabusim mi oh”, a reflection of a primitive mentality of Wiru Pangia. Peter O’Neill’s popularity is evaporating very fast. Prominent citizens including the two former Prime Ministers, Sir Mekere


by  BRYAN KRAMER   Director of National Fraud & Anti-corruption Directorate Mathew Damaru was formally charged by Police under Section 197 of Criminal Code for allegedly making a false declaration and statement. The provision is in the following terms; "(1) A person who, on any occasion on which he is permitted or required by law to make a statement or declaration before a person authorized by law to permit it to be made before him, makes a statement or declaration before that person that is to his knowledge false in a material particular is guilty of a misdemeanour." "Penalty: Imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years." "(2) A person cannot be convicted of an offence against Subsection (1) on the uncorroborated testimony of one witness." The charges relate to Contempt of Court proceedings filed against the Commissioner of Police Gary Baki by Damaru and his Deputy Director Timothy Gitua. Both Damaru and Gitua filed the pro


  by JOSEPH MOREA Peter O’Neill’s purging of opposition exercise reached its new height. Yes, it happened to be the Chief Magistrate Ms Nerrie Elliakim this time. In his latest attempt to remove all opposition, Mr O’Neill directed his Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc to direct his Attorney General to suspend the Chief Magistrate. This comes after the District Court refused to entertain an application by stooged Police Officers to arrest Director of Fraud Squad Mathew Damaru, Timothy Gitua and lawyer McRonald Nale concerning some drummed up charges of perjury. In a series of events leading up to today, the public at large witnessed the following:  Two lawyers Greg Egan and Terence Lambert acting for Task-Force Sweep members     were banned from entry. Two high ranking police officers namely Thomas Eluh and Timothy Gitua were terminated in the most dishonourable way. Unsuccessful attempt to obtain arrest warrant against Mathew Damaru, Timothy Gitua and McRonald Nale


by BRYAN KRAMER Today's post Courier ran a front page story suggesting the Commissioner of Police Gary Baki is querying how confidential investigations by National Fraud & Anti-Corruption ended up being posted on Social Media. The daily paper quoted Baki having concerns as to why there was a need to go to media on public matters which are supposed to be confidential police investigations. He added that the actions of Mr Damaru and Mr Gitua undermined the integrity of the office of the Commissioner of Police. "This is a serious breach of discipline and amounts to insubordination. In fact they are treating the office of the Commissioner of Police with contempt. Why wasn't I briefed prior to the securing of the warrant of arrest?" Mr Baki said. "Why wasn't I briefed in the three days prior to my directive for the briefing after having read this matter on Facebook?" he said. In response I would like to clarify that I never obtai