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by  Kafu Peg For an Highlander who cannot aggressively drive changes in this country is nothing more than a fake or weak person. Perhaps it's the cultural thing to be lenient on wantoks, tribesmen or cronies. Compared to Peter O'Neill (although O'Neill is worst corrupt) PMJM cannot shake the system hard enough to ensure PNGs expectations of changes are effected within the entire government systems. "TAKE BACK PNG" is just a sweet sugar flowery words from a deceptive orator who has weak drive. Adolf Hitler was a deceptive orator but he had a heart of steel to achieve Dictatorship in Germany so if PMJM wants to take back PNG then the heart to action must follow your flowery oration. Yes we heard you uttered these words: Take back PNG Equal opportunities for all No Child left behind PNG food bowl of the Pacific Level playing fields Fight Corruption Porgera workers- hang in there for short term pain, long term gain So what effective changes Happened? Nothing really, e


by JAMES PERAKIN Has Pangu Pati is becoming another Highlands Party? Pila Niningi seems to be calling the shots to support his son Nale McRonald law firm - Jema Lawyers and his controversy partner Jeffrey Kennedy. McRonald Nale the Principal of Jema Lawyers and Sam Koim are close buddies. How can the PM appoint such questionable inexperienced law firm with less expertise and the dad is the Minister in Government. William Duma's ManuManu land deals funds are kept by Jema Lawyers Trust Account. They are involved in the land-grabbing business. How is that possible? Be your own judge! Jeffrey Kennedy, former controversial Vice-Chancellor of UPNG that was removed unconditionally is a mixed-race from Surunki, the same area where Deputy Chief Justice Ambeng Kandakasi is from, he was one of the principal partners of Jema Lawyer but is now locked up in a Sydney prison for assault and raping his Hanuabada girlfriend's daughter, a 15 yr old minor for canal knowledge. He is in prison

Minister appoints crony as UPNG Chancellor to steal UPNG Land

by MARK TUPAI A little boy who happens to have gotten lucky by spivying Leo Hannet of the airport land to build his property estate is now the Chancellor of PNG's premier University. Kennedy was appointed by the Minister for Higher Education as Chancellor of UPNG. Don't we have other statesman with credibility to be better candidates for this job? This is suppose to be PNG's Premier University. The appointment of Jeff Kennedy is a joke. Aside from that. It's a conflict of interest case. Apparently the Minister is still a director of Jema lawyers. Jema lawyers is owned by Jeff Kennedy MacRonad Nalle. The appointment of Jeffery Kennedy is therefore very fishy and at best a setup by the Minister to squander all University funds and resources, take over all project works and more so to steal all unused University land to extend their real estate business. Obviously its a shakeup for the worst, as reported on paper today, instead of good because this appointment has