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Husait rausim pekpek bilong husait?

by JAMIE MAIGAU In every comments or statement a supporter or admirer of PM Hon. James Marape when he/ she argue in defence of PMJM he/ she would say PMJM is cleaning the mess created by Hon. Peter O'Neil. I find it hard to comprehend and always beg question 'is the person commenting knows what he/she is saying?'  Peter O'Neil employed the same people that are now being employed by PMJM. They all created the mess together and now PMJM tries to clean it. While in the process of cleaning it PMJM is careful not to hurt his own foot. That something we all citizens should know and understand. For us to praise PMJM and denounce PO is not a right thing to do. To avoid shooting his own foot PMJM would change and shift his strategies to deviate our attention from the real corruption issues that he vowed to fight when he took over from PMPO. Fighting of Coronavirus, approval of Superannuation funds, Sapotim Wantok Foundation and his other actions and deeds are mechani


by BRYAN KRAMER MP While Post Courier published the front page headline "Yes We Did It'! the rest of the international media reported No we didn't! For the first time in APEC Summit history, leaders of 21 Nations were unable to agree on a formal written declaration. The purpose of APEC is to enhance economic growth and prosperity for the region and to strengthen the Asia-Pacific community. The Guardian reported O’Neill denied the failure to agree on a declaration was a humiliation for his poverty-hit country, which was hosting the annual gathering of the 21 nations for the first time. So how did it go so wrong? Look no further than the Chairman of APEC Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, while in PNG politics where he divides others in the pursuit of his own personal interest this time round it back fired on him. Never in the history of APEC has the host country made the blunder of staging a State visit at the same time. In this case O'Neill knowing the d


CHANGING PORT MORESBY CITY LANDSCAPE WITH INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, COMPLACENCY IN COMPLIANCE AND STANDARD COMPROMISED. INCOMPLETE STADIUMS: by LEKEM LAKI The metropolitan city of Port Moresby is booming in construction in all form and shape. Contrasting with rest of the country, the scale of construction happening in Port Moresby is unprecedented. The economic values of all gigantic infrastructure developments are in alarming proportion. If not doubled, it is tripled the factual cost of putting up the projects. Should independent expertise is engaged to study and do variation on the costing; surely extravagance unscrupulous spending would be revealed. Particularly sporting venues, in haste, trying to meet the deadline and delivered incomplete jobs and remain as such. Sir Hubert Murry stadium is progressing at snail’s pace. The sport’s Minister exaggerated and today date, he over exaggerate claiming, under his ministry, he has delivered world class stadiums