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Twisted tale into corruption [Excessive Legal billings and corrupt state officials]

by MELL LAKA The Attorney General is empowered to brief private lawyers/counsel to act for the State. This occurs when there is need for particular expertise or the Attorney General is unable to undertake the work itself. From Finance Department records a Commission of enquiry found that over the period 2000 to 2006 the State incurred liability in payouts of approximately K100 million in legal fees. The Inquiry saw that there has been no compliance with the Public Finances (Management) Act procedures of expenditure for approval prior to engaging in those brief outs. A  Commission of enquiry after making extensive examination of these payments with ready assistance from all the law firms concerned except Paul Paraka Lawyers which has been the recipient of at least the K41 million in brief out fees for January 2003 to August 2006 noted in NEC records.  Let me illustrate what I mean by excessive legal fee with our so called Chief Secretary of the National Government, Mr. Isaac Lupari


POST COURIER Department of Finance officials received more than K2 million in “consultation” fees in a case that has landed a private lawyer in hot water. According to documents tendered in the Waigani National Court, the payments were made by the lawyer to facilitate the release of two cheques, which were the payments for the East Awin land in the North Fly District of Western Province. This land was bought by the National Government in 1983 to resettle the West Papuan refugees and the payments were made in 2008 with the first K4 million released in January and another K6.8 million in December, from which the landowners received K1.4 million. The landowners from the Homuku, Pesegai, Witigi Kukub, Witime, Yesa. Ukya, Kuse Ide, Kuga and Modia Kuga clans sued their lawyer Felix Kange of Kange Lawyers early this year for the balance of their money. The matter had gone before National Court Judge, Justice Ambang Kandakasi who ordered the Kange and another defendant,