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A Habitual liar or in Pidgin, Kusai man

by CHARLES BILISING I don't support Peter O'Neil, any other political parties, and any elected individual to be the Prime Minister, let alone the people-mandated leaders choose. However, it is seriously disgusting and so frustrating every time to see this Prime Minister always making the sweetest cargo cult empty promises after promises that he can't even deliver at all to any extent. Oh, alas! How shameful..What a total disgrace should common sense should prevail in any God-created human being fell. Just this morning the Prime Minister tells the nation the prices of goods and services will be cheap in price reduction...For goodness sake, since when did that ever happen?.. When exactly will the government's announced plan just a few months before the election to reduce prices on basic goods and services ever be implemented? Literally, nothing to show for it. Are you out of your mind PMJM. Instead of any price drops, there were massive price increases on all goods and se


by PETER BALOS 1. Introduction. My first piece was focused on public funds being covetously diverted to one big bowl. This second piece covers a wide range of alleged fraud now under investigation by relevant public authorities. 2. K8m paid to Tage Pimana Yakin Investment Ltd during the eve of this election. Reliable sources from the Departments of Treasury, Finance and Works had revealed that about K8m was recently paid to Tage Pimana Yakain Investments Ltd 1-63724 (TPYIL). This K8m is one-quarter of the K32m that the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had allocated for upgrading and sealing of Ambum road from Takawas to Monkam in the Ambum LLG, Kompiam-Ambum Electorate, Enga. The Prime Minister publicly announced this in September 2016 during a public gathering at Monkam. Despite directives issued by the Ombudsman Commission (OC) to the abovementioned Departments not to release public funds meant for public services and infrastructures, this money was paid out under the guise of mo


by KEVIN TEMO PETER O'NEILL SEEMS TO EXCEL IN CONVINCING PEOPLE HE IS WHATEVER THEY WANT HIM TO BE: This is a standard tool of successful politicians. They start out as followers of the people's will, which is exactly what elected representatives should be in true democracies. The question we must always ask, of course, is whether when the politician says what they think we want to hear, if they will put all their energies into achieving the objectives that we the people lay out for them. Or are they actually trying to serve their private interests using their public position when they're out of site of the people? Are they lying or manipulating the people who elected them by what they say, using their words to achieve nothing more than to secure the people's support, in the shortterm at least, with no care at all to actually serving the people's needs, but with total concern to hanging on to power? Whether or not Peter O'Neill is a genuine, God fearing

Peter O’Neill’s arguments do not stand scrutiny

by DILU GOMA Peter O’Neill’s argument against stepping down or resigning as Prime Minister in order to allow law enforcement authorities to do their job of investigating allegations of crimes or misconduct in office is that there is no ‘evidence’ of any wrongdoing on his part. Based on this, he has fought tooth and nail, both in court and out of court, to stay on in the office of Prime Minister of PNG. The out of court tactics he has used (killing the Task Force Sweep, changing justice minister, removing police commissioner, trying to remove the chief magistrate, etc) are clear signs of a power-hungry individual. The in-court battles he has fought will not come out in his favor in the end, because lawful processes of the Police, Prosecution, Leadership Tribunal, etc are all guaranteed under the Constitution, and the Supreme Court is likely to uphold this clear principle of good governance. Two fallacies of O’Neill’s argument concerning ‘lack of evidence’ are as follows. One,


by STEVEN ANDRE Many have described our Prime Minister, right honourable Peter O’Neill as “O’Liar”, “Pathological liar”, “serial Liar”, etc and I refused to be one. But it has come to a time when I have to sit down and analyze whether those words hold true. The following is what I managed to dig up from the internet. On 9 th August 2013 at 5:36pm , Peter O’Neill has the following conversation with Jonny Blades of Radio New Zealand: “JOHNNY BLADES: Some of the people in your own cabinet might be looked at. You're happy with that? Anyone can be investigated? PETER O'NEILL: I've told cabinet from day one and members of parliament from day one, no-one is above the law, including the prime minister. No-one is above the law. Where they're answerable for their actions they must be held accountable. And they all know the rules that are there. We all know the laws that are there, and I think it's important that the right message is given to our leaders and our


by BRYAN KRAMER The Prime Minister's office released a media statement " Prime Minister Hon. Peter O'Neill Highlights the Importance of Political Stability - Notes Supreme Court Decision on Constitutional Amendments" Author of the press statement said the Prime Minister has received the Supreme Court ruling and parties respected the decision but it is important that the reasons behind the amendments are understood as it is an issue that will likely return again in the future. "This legislation was designed to further enhance the stability in the Government of the nation,” Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said. “This was for current and future Governments. “It should be noted that since the passing of the integrity law that came into effect in 2002, and these further amendments in 2012 and 2013, the country has enjoyed sustained economic growth averaging 8 per cent. “This is largely because of the political stability that is in our country. "As